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2012 Who is Burzynski and Why is it illegal to cure Cancer?

Burzynski is a medical doctor and Ph. D biochemist who has a clinic in Texas, USA that specializes in curing people who have cancer by means of his own self-designed medications called 'antineoplastons' - I stumbled upon this documentary 'Burzynski - Cancer is serious business' and that is how I came to know about the curious case of Dr. Burzynski.

This documentary aims to show that in spite of his clinic having saved many people's lives by curing cancer through the use of these 'alternative' drugs, he has continuously over many years been sued and 'attacked' by the FDA, the National Cancer Institute and many other traditional medical practitioners.

When I first saw the documentary, I was shocked to see that this was going on as the documentary clearly shows these National Institutes, who are supposed to be there to do what is best for the people, suing and attacking him for no apparent reason, trying to stop his business only because it does not follow the traditional way of practicing medicine.

The documentary stated that chemo-therapy, which is basically bombing the body through chemical radiation and hoping that the 'bad cells' die and that the person still lives through it, is the generally accepted way of treating cancer, wherein there is still a high risk that the person does not survive the treatment - yet this alternative treatment and drugs of Dr. Burzynski that uses a non-toxic concoction of peptides that serve to add certain elements that the body needs to prevent cancer from forming gets shot down and immediately put off as 'bad' for reasons yet unknown.

He was often sued on grounds that had nothing to do with whether or not his medicine actually worked, but rather because of having apparently broken some paperwork-law - and this is the reason why he had to be shut down by the National cancer institute and the FDA. When having viewed this documentary one would tend to believe that something fishy is going on here and ask oneself the question 'Why does the traditional medicine see this alternative medicine as such a threat? - What is going on here?'.

Then I did some more research on Dr. Burzynski and his Wikipedia page had nothing but negative news about him, basically the opposite of what the documentary showed. It was clear that Wikipedia was in defense of traditional medicine.

However I am not going to discuss or try to prove whether or not Dr. Burzynski's method works, or who is right and who is wrong, what is real and what is not - because how would I know?
Yet, I would like to address the underlying problem that is at the very bases of this entire discussion and conflict between these two parties within the world of 'curing people from illness'.

Because it is clear that what this is about is money - the reason why medical practitioners don't get along, the reason why there is speculation of 'foul play' from either the medical board or from Dr. Burzynski. There is always this feeling/experience of distrust and suspicion, like a question in the back of our minds going 'Can I trust this person? - Who can I trust?'. And the reason for trust to be so unstable in our world, is because of money, it is because trust can be bought and that means that no one in this world has real true integrity that can be trusted unto eternity.

Money is what moves people in this world, money is what decides our lives, money is God in this world and the problem is that the system that coordinates the money towards people is not set up in an equal way. The money system is founded on the principle of competition rather than mutual support and this implies that people will lie, cheat, manipulate and twist the truth to be able to get their hands on that which apparently grants us life, which is money.

So, just because the FDA and the National Cancer Institute are institutions that are presented by society as these 'solid' structures that we can apparently trust and invest our money in, doesn't mean that they can in fact be trusted, because even at the 'official' level there is money at play - and money moves invisibly, as money is that which is invisibly always in the back of everyone's mind but that no one ever voices.

In this world it is very possible to be screwed over by your own government due to money, or by someone claiming to have found the cure for cancer - bottom line is that there is no certainty in this world as to who and what is really to be trusted because the reality is that it is each one for themselves in this system, each one providing for their own family. And the willingness of human beings to then turn a blind eye to those that suffer the consequences of this system of competition is evident as we are faced daily with images of millions starving to death but apparently no real solutions found or applied as of yet.

And we've found no solution to these types of problems, be it starvation or curing cancer, because we have not yet been willing to look at the real problem, at the real cause of this problem - which is the fact that at the moment the human being does not care about life, the human does not really care about its fellow being except for its own blood-relations, and the reason for that lies within the design of our monetary system which is that of capitalism as competition, 'survival of the fittest', 'dog eat dog', 'individualism' and the pursuit of personal happiness instead of collective happiness, which only supports the selfishness, self-involvement and the ability to shut itself off from the world and live in a self-created bubble world of luxury within the human being.

The only reason why people would screw another person over is because they have money on their mind, of which they only want more and more and more - to eventually become the ultimate winner in this game of capitalism, leaving all others behind to starve to death with no money. And we've actually come to believe that this kind of attitude/mentality is who we really are, this 'survival of the fittest' wherein we are able to sacrifice another so we may live as the apparent brutal 'primitive' nature of the human being - though if we were to really have a look and investigate the very foundations of reality, we may come to an interesting conclusion, which is that the 'survival of the fittest' has got nothing to do with anything but with money. Money is that which determines the 'game of life' wherein one is able to loose all or win all - in a system that does not care about the beings participating in it.

However what we seem to have forgotten, is that capitalism is not life, it is not 'nature' - capitalism as our monetary system and our society is a system that has been created by human beings' participation in it over time. Therefore it can be changed and therefore our entire experience and view of ourselves and life can be changed - all it takes is to change our money-system from one of competition and fighting each other, to one of support and equality.

And this is a realization derived from the 'fact of life' that the output of a being equals the input - this means that children who are born in a system that supports them in equality with all living beings, will become the living application of that equality.

So, in terms of finding cures for cancer - in a system of equality, where the support of life is the primary concern, human beings may find themselves to actually care about what they do instead of allowing money to determine their every move. There will be no more excuses to lie, cheat or twist the truth towards another, because there is no more point of struggle and fighting to survive, no more fear that makes us only think about our own personal future and our personal belongings.

Cures will be found for all sorts of diseases that we now see as 'incurable', because research will no longer be bound to money, and everything will be taken into consideration - it will no longer be like what we have now, where medical practitioners fight each other because the whole thing evolves more around money than around actually assisting and supporting humanity.

Check out The Equal Money System and consider the solution that is inevitably becoming reality because there are no more excuses to the abuse of life that we have been allowing to exist in this reality - it ends here!

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