dinsdag 3 januari 2012

2012 The Road to Happiness is Paved with Lies and Deception

"Never let old shames keep you spinning in a stagnant sea of regrets. And never, ever let them sink you. For Life didn’t show you your mistakes so you could stay stuck in misgivings. It showed you where you went wrong so you might patch your vessel, pick up your lessons like Linkoars, and row yourself down a more trustworthy route to happiness." ~ by Sandra Kring

So, the bottom line in this previous statement made by Sandra Kring is that 'life' wants for us to be happy, and happiness is apparently our 'goal in life', therefore 'life' will subtly give us hints and clues to gently lead us to the path of happiness.
And the things that we have done in our life that we feel ashamed about and that haunt us in our mind are the ways that 'life' is showing us where we 'took a wrong turn' so we may learn a lesson to not go down that road again, so that we may find happiness as what life apparently wants us to find.

Though this statement was specifically used to make human beings feel good about themselves and 'life' - it is showing us a shocking truth about 'life' that we seem to miss when we allow a statement like this to guide us into experiencing a state of bliss. And that truth is that 'life' apparently wants us to be and remain dumb, ignorant, blind and inferior - because it seems to determine what 'road' our lives should take by 'showing us our mistakes', thus it is basically dictating us what is 'right' and what is 'wrong', where 'happiness' is 'right'. This 'life' that Sandra Kring speaks of expects us to follow some kind of road to a glorious experience of 'happiness' as what all should apparently reach - without even telling or showing us why. We should just follow.

What is life then actually supporting and creating but beings that will not be able to take responsibility for life as what is here - as these beings want to be guided and expect to be guided and shown what is 'right' and 'wrong' and who they are and what is 'real', they will just follow like slaves, in search for some 'wondrous', addictive experience such as 'happiness', of which they know nothing about. They've simply come to accept this 'happiness experience' as 'the ultimate truth' as what has been presented to them by 'life' without having ever investigated for themselves if what is being presented can be trusted or not.

Something that for instance should raise the alarm that this 'life' as the 'happiness experience' cannot be trusted is that Real Life would not want to guide us or show us anything or to anywhere in the first place - because Life, as the animals and nature as the physical reality that is here, needs Self Responsible beings that actually know what they are doing in every moment of breath, beings that stand as Life, one and equal. Life definitely does not need beings that stand inferior to Life, looking for guidance and fixated on this one-dimensional experience as these junkies looking for a fix of 'bliss' and 'happiness' that don't see what is happening to life right in front of their faces.

Life does not need the Human as a creature that does not want to stand one and equal to life as God as the Physical reality as Animals and Nature, but that would much rather run around like a headless chicken, looking for answers to an 'unfulfilled' existence instead of taking responsibility for its existence and for the consequences of its own actions.

For some reason the Human sees itself as this 'special child' of 'life' that deserves a 'special treatment' as 'special guidance' to a 'special experience' of 'happiness' and 'bliss' - while it simultaneously ignores the absolute pain and agony as the hell that is happening to Life as the physical reality at the hands of Human beings, that is the result of the unwillingness of the human to stand one and equal to Life itself and direct itself within complete Self Responsibility to in every moment do what is Best for all Life, and not just what is best for its own personal 'spiritual path of enlightenment'.

Join the Desteni Forum and learn to siff out the deception in the pretty words of Human beings - find out what is Real and What is not and become a Self Responsible being that stands within and as oneness and equality with all life.

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