woensdag 14 december 2011

2011 The Heart-Shaped Experience - The Symbolism of Ignorance

the problem we face here with regards to the heart shape is not the heart shape in itself - but the fact that we humans participate and believe in something of which we are not even aware of how, when and why this specific red heart shape was introduced, together with the word 'love'.

This red heart shape and the word 'love' has become a widespread commonly accepted symbol that is used by pretty much everyone as if it is a natural expression of who we are, when in fact it is something that has been introduced to us by god-knows-who for god-knows-what-reason.

And the fact that we use this heart shape together with the word love, within a feeling/emotional experience within ourselves, being swept away by this word and this symbolism, within complete ignorance as to where this whole 'love-experience' based on the heart shape comes from - shows us that we are so susceptible to brainwashing and that we in fact have no idea what so ever of who we are and what is real and what not.

What are the symbols that we are really living out here? And where do these symbols come from? Isn't every image that we see with our eyes and then react to with an emotional/feeling energetic experience within ourselves brainwashing and ignorance? Because the truth is that we have no idea where all that we see as the pictures that are and have been presented to us comes from, we simply react to everything and then we go and trust this feeling and we allow ourselves to be blindly guided and directed by this feeling/emotion that we experience within ourselves.
We have always, since we were born into this reality, trusted our inner reactions towards the images that we saw with our eyes, in this way believing that we know what reality is which is either 'bad' as emotions or 'good' as feelings - when not even realizing where all the images originate. Not realizing that all that we see within and of reality as what is here comes from somewhere, it has all been created at some point with a certain reason and purpose - and as long as we are not fully aware of the purpose and point of that which we participate in daily, we cannot trust feelings or emotions or any form of automatic reactions to images/symbolism.

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