dinsdag 24 januari 2012

2012 - David Icke's Truth - Do we desire mind-control?

"Then I kind of looked at this economic system that controls the world. An economic system that is so sane, that the more successful it is in its own terms, the quicker it destroys the planet. It’s the perfect environmental and human assassin. It insists every year that we take more from the earth even quicker, turn it into more things, sell even more things, consume even more things, throw away even more things, to worship the real god of the modern world – economic growth.It insists that every year 20% of the people of the world consume 80% of the resources while leaving the other 80% to get by on the other 20%. Crazy? Of course it is! This economic system; take, make and throw away -- that controls your life and mine, and of the 6 billion people here."-- David Icke, 1994

David Icke has got a real point here with what he is saying - indeed this is the dire position that we find ourselves in at this moment with our capitalist monetary system. And he has been saying these types of 'hidden truths' about the world for many years now, gathering a lot of followers along the way. People go to his seminars to listen to him talking about the apparent 'truth about the world', and these people may or may not call themselves 'truthseekers' or 'knowers' - and once they have received this knowledge from David Icke, they've filled themselves up with knowledge and information that they're never really going to practically use in this world but only for the purpose of feeling somehow more in control of the world through knowledge, feeling somehow more powerful because they now know more about what is really going on in this world.

Though what is interesting about David Icke, who is still talking about these things, calling out to whomever will hear him - is that he has never done or mentioned anything that will in a practical way put all his knowledge and information that he has about the world into a common sense practical answer and solution for how to in fact change the world into what it has to be. He has rather been dis-empowering people by giving them information-overloads that only feed the mind as self-interest and self-involvement, that actually make people get lost in all of this information about the world, eventually not seeing the forest through the trees anymore.

People have a 'natural tendency' to always want to know - people want to be able to define the world, to put names and definitions on things, and to have an explanation because they experience a form of safety and security when they know what is going on and what is going to happen as knowledge and information in their mind, which is due to a world that has, since the moment we were born, proven itself to be untrustworthy, unstable and confusing. So we then seek our 'security', 'safety', 'power' and 'control' in being able to classify, define, understand, reason and categorize everything that exists in this world.

People desire information, they desire being informed as indicated by the existence of the media, they desire having a 'message of hope' as indicated by the existence of all the various religions in this world and they want, need and desire explanations as indicated by the existence of science - and that is in essence the reason why human beings have been mislead to the extent that David Icke has discovered as to what is really going on in the world and what is the truth, and it is also the reason why humans are so easily influenced by information, which is then called 'mind-control' by David Icke.

This is the vital point about the human existence that David Icke seems to have missed in his 'exposing the truth' - that point is that basically what he is doing at this moment is exactly the same as what the religions, the media and science are doing and have always been doing, which is to simply give people some information that they can trust on, that they can put their faith on and that feeds their desire to have information and knowledge about the world to experience control, power and security. Whether or not this information is 'the truth' is actually quite irrelevant, because the human way of existing clearly shows us that human beings will simply make up their own truth according to what they choose to believe in.

Therefore some people may listen to what David Icke is presenting and recognize it as 'the truth' because for some reason it is something that they want to hear and believe in, and others will discard it and call him a 'liar'. Because in essence, what David Icke's messages boil down to is just another 'message' that is presented to human beings as knowledge and information, that people will just take on as they would any religion and they'll believe in it, trusting that this information is accurate and believing that they now hold the ultimate answer to the world, the one and only truth because they 'feel' as though this is the truth - though doesn't that sound a lot like what religious people believe of themselves in relation to their religion as well?

The only truth that can obviously ever be real, is the one that is self-realized and self-investigated, that stands eternal as a living expression of who one is. The truth is that which cannot be disproved, that which is in fact real and can be trusted eternally. If this is not the case, then you're dealing with a belief, as something you'd like to be true because it 'resonates' with you, yet you haven't actually seen or realized it for yourself. A belief is everything and anything that comes from 'out there', that we have heard from other people and that is based on 'right' and 'wrong'. As long as 'right' and 'wrong' exist within you, you're existing in belief systems as 'right' and 'wrong' and 'good' and 'bad' are concepts that we've learned from parents, religion and culture.

David Icke at this point, has become another prophet in the system of profit in this world, wherein he earns a living with his 'message', connecting with a certain 'audience' of people who are interested in hearing him - yet he hasn't seemed to have looked at what it would take to in fact, for real, change this world so that this messed up capitalist system with it's powerful elite that mislead humanity would not exist anymore - because it has always stayed with filling people's heads with knowledge and information that give them the feeling that 'they now know the truth about this world', which makes them feel somehow good about themselves though it never changed their application in this world to for instance actively start looking for practical ways to change the world in fact. Because knowledge and information only serves the ego and not life itself as all that exists here, life doesn't need information to care for life, and we do not need information to care for life. It is this desire to have information that messed up our existence here in the first place as we never realized that we exist, we have become these information-robots and therein dis-empowered ourselves to ever apply ourselves effectively to direct this reality according to what is best for all life here.

At Desteni, we learn the tools that each being can use for themselves to find out what is real as who self is as existence - which is based on the realization that human beings and the human experience in this world will never change simply through trying to make people 'aware' by handing them knowledge about what is apparently 'the truth' as this easily turns into dogma and belief. change only happens when each being takes the responsibility for themselves to get to know who they are here within and as existence, because it is only when each human for themselves understands and realizes its existence here as responsible for the earth, that we can all individually take responsibility for the earth and start directing it in the best way possible.

without establishing this point of self-responsibility, human beings will never change and consequently the world will only get more and more destructive as nobody really knows what they're really doing here.

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