maandag 30 januari 2012

2012 Who is Burzynski and Why is it illegal to cure Cancer?

Burzynski is a medical doctor and Ph. D biochemist who has a clinic in Texas, USA that specializes in curing people who have cancer by means of his own self-designed medications called 'antineoplastons' - I stumbled upon this documentary 'Burzynski - Cancer is serious business' and that is how I came to know about the curious case of Dr. Burzynski.

This documentary aims to show that in spite of his clinic having saved many people's lives by curing cancer through the use of these 'alternative' drugs, he has continuously over many years been sued and 'attacked' by the FDA, the National Cancer Institute and many other traditional medical practitioners.

When I first saw the documentary, I was shocked to see that this was going on as the documentary clearly shows these National Institutes, who are supposed to be there to do what is best for the people, suing and attacking him for no apparent reason, trying to stop his business only because it does not follow the traditional way of practicing medicine.

The documentary stated that chemo-therapy, which is basically bombing the body through chemical radiation and hoping that the 'bad cells' die and that the person still lives through it, is the generally accepted way of treating cancer, wherein there is still a high risk that the person does not survive the treatment - yet this alternative treatment and drugs of Dr. Burzynski that uses a non-toxic concoction of peptides that serve to add certain elements that the body needs to prevent cancer from forming gets shot down and immediately put off as 'bad' for reasons yet unknown.

He was often sued on grounds that had nothing to do with whether or not his medicine actually worked, but rather because of having apparently broken some paperwork-law - and this is the reason why he had to be shut down by the National cancer institute and the FDA. When having viewed this documentary one would tend to believe that something fishy is going on here and ask oneself the question 'Why does the traditional medicine see this alternative medicine as such a threat? - What is going on here?'.

Then I did some more research on Dr. Burzynski and his Wikipedia page had nothing but negative news about him, basically the opposite of what the documentary showed. It was clear that Wikipedia was in defense of traditional medicine.

However I am not going to discuss or try to prove whether or not Dr. Burzynski's method works, or who is right and who is wrong, what is real and what is not - because how would I know?
Yet, I would like to address the underlying problem that is at the very bases of this entire discussion and conflict between these two parties within the world of 'curing people from illness'.

Because it is clear that what this is about is money - the reason why medical practitioners don't get along, the reason why there is speculation of 'foul play' from either the medical board or from Dr. Burzynski. There is always this feeling/experience of distrust and suspicion, like a question in the back of our minds going 'Can I trust this person? - Who can I trust?'. And the reason for trust to be so unstable in our world, is because of money, it is because trust can be bought and that means that no one in this world has real true integrity that can be trusted unto eternity.

Money is what moves people in this world, money is what decides our lives, money is God in this world and the problem is that the system that coordinates the money towards people is not set up in an equal way. The money system is founded on the principle of competition rather than mutual support and this implies that people will lie, cheat, manipulate and twist the truth to be able to get their hands on that which apparently grants us life, which is money.

So, just because the FDA and the National Cancer Institute are institutions that are presented by society as these 'solid' structures that we can apparently trust and invest our money in, doesn't mean that they can in fact be trusted, because even at the 'official' level there is money at play - and money moves invisibly, as money is that which is invisibly always in the back of everyone's mind but that no one ever voices.

In this world it is very possible to be screwed over by your own government due to money, or by someone claiming to have found the cure for cancer - bottom line is that there is no certainty in this world as to who and what is really to be trusted because the reality is that it is each one for themselves in this system, each one providing for their own family. And the willingness of human beings to then turn a blind eye to those that suffer the consequences of this system of competition is evident as we are faced daily with images of millions starving to death but apparently no real solutions found or applied as of yet.

And we've found no solution to these types of problems, be it starvation or curing cancer, because we have not yet been willing to look at the real problem, at the real cause of this problem - which is the fact that at the moment the human being does not care about life, the human does not really care about its fellow being except for its own blood-relations, and the reason for that lies within the design of our monetary system which is that of capitalism as competition, 'survival of the fittest', 'dog eat dog', 'individualism' and the pursuit of personal happiness instead of collective happiness, which only supports the selfishness, self-involvement and the ability to shut itself off from the world and live in a self-created bubble world of luxury within the human being.

The only reason why people would screw another person over is because they have money on their mind, of which they only want more and more and more - to eventually become the ultimate winner in this game of capitalism, leaving all others behind to starve to death with no money. And we've actually come to believe that this kind of attitude/mentality is who we really are, this 'survival of the fittest' wherein we are able to sacrifice another so we may live as the apparent brutal 'primitive' nature of the human being - though if we were to really have a look and investigate the very foundations of reality, we may come to an interesting conclusion, which is that the 'survival of the fittest' has got nothing to do with anything but with money. Money is that which determines the 'game of life' wherein one is able to loose all or win all - in a system that does not care about the beings participating in it.

However what we seem to have forgotten, is that capitalism is not life, it is not 'nature' - capitalism as our monetary system and our society is a system that has been created by human beings' participation in it over time. Therefore it can be changed and therefore our entire experience and view of ourselves and life can be changed - all it takes is to change our money-system from one of competition and fighting each other, to one of support and equality.

And this is a realization derived from the 'fact of life' that the output of a being equals the input - this means that children who are born in a system that supports them in equality with all living beings, will become the living application of that equality.

So, in terms of finding cures for cancer - in a system of equality, where the support of life is the primary concern, human beings may find themselves to actually care about what they do instead of allowing money to determine their every move. There will be no more excuses to lie, cheat or twist the truth towards another, because there is no more point of struggle and fighting to survive, no more fear that makes us only think about our own personal future and our personal belongings.

Cures will be found for all sorts of diseases that we now see as 'incurable', because research will no longer be bound to money, and everything will be taken into consideration - it will no longer be like what we have now, where medical practitioners fight each other because the whole thing evolves more around money than around actually assisting and supporting humanity.

Check out The Equal Money System and consider the solution that is inevitably becoming reality because there are no more excuses to the abuse of life that we have been allowing to exist in this reality - it ends here!

dinsdag 24 januari 2012

2012 - David Icke's Truth - Do we desire mind-control?

"Then I kind of looked at this economic system that controls the world. An economic system that is so sane, that the more successful it is in its own terms, the quicker it destroys the planet. It’s the perfect environmental and human assassin. It insists every year that we take more from the earth even quicker, turn it into more things, sell even more things, consume even more things, throw away even more things, to worship the real god of the modern world – economic growth.It insists that every year 20% of the people of the world consume 80% of the resources while leaving the other 80% to get by on the other 20%. Crazy? Of course it is! This economic system; take, make and throw away -- that controls your life and mine, and of the 6 billion people here."-- David Icke, 1994

David Icke has got a real point here with what he is saying - indeed this is the dire position that we find ourselves in at this moment with our capitalist monetary system. And he has been saying these types of 'hidden truths' about the world for many years now, gathering a lot of followers along the way. People go to his seminars to listen to him talking about the apparent 'truth about the world', and these people may or may not call themselves 'truthseekers' or 'knowers' - and once they have received this knowledge from David Icke, they've filled themselves up with knowledge and information that they're never really going to practically use in this world but only for the purpose of feeling somehow more in control of the world through knowledge, feeling somehow more powerful because they now know more about what is really going on in this world.

Though what is interesting about David Icke, who is still talking about these things, calling out to whomever will hear him - is that he has never done or mentioned anything that will in a practical way put all his knowledge and information that he has about the world into a common sense practical answer and solution for how to in fact change the world into what it has to be. He has rather been dis-empowering people by giving them information-overloads that only feed the mind as self-interest and self-involvement, that actually make people get lost in all of this information about the world, eventually not seeing the forest through the trees anymore.

People have a 'natural tendency' to always want to know - people want to be able to define the world, to put names and definitions on things, and to have an explanation because they experience a form of safety and security when they know what is going on and what is going to happen as knowledge and information in their mind, which is due to a world that has, since the moment we were born, proven itself to be untrustworthy, unstable and confusing. So we then seek our 'security', 'safety', 'power' and 'control' in being able to classify, define, understand, reason and categorize everything that exists in this world.

People desire information, they desire being informed as indicated by the existence of the media, they desire having a 'message of hope' as indicated by the existence of all the various religions in this world and they want, need and desire explanations as indicated by the existence of science - and that is in essence the reason why human beings have been mislead to the extent that David Icke has discovered as to what is really going on in the world and what is the truth, and it is also the reason why humans are so easily influenced by information, which is then called 'mind-control' by David Icke.

This is the vital point about the human existence that David Icke seems to have missed in his 'exposing the truth' - that point is that basically what he is doing at this moment is exactly the same as what the religions, the media and science are doing and have always been doing, which is to simply give people some information that they can trust on, that they can put their faith on and that feeds their desire to have information and knowledge about the world to experience control, power and security. Whether or not this information is 'the truth' is actually quite irrelevant, because the human way of existing clearly shows us that human beings will simply make up their own truth according to what they choose to believe in.

Therefore some people may listen to what David Icke is presenting and recognize it as 'the truth' because for some reason it is something that they want to hear and believe in, and others will discard it and call him a 'liar'. Because in essence, what David Icke's messages boil down to is just another 'message' that is presented to human beings as knowledge and information, that people will just take on as they would any religion and they'll believe in it, trusting that this information is accurate and believing that they now hold the ultimate answer to the world, the one and only truth because they 'feel' as though this is the truth - though doesn't that sound a lot like what religious people believe of themselves in relation to their religion as well?

The only truth that can obviously ever be real, is the one that is self-realized and self-investigated, that stands eternal as a living expression of who one is. The truth is that which cannot be disproved, that which is in fact real and can be trusted eternally. If this is not the case, then you're dealing with a belief, as something you'd like to be true because it 'resonates' with you, yet you haven't actually seen or realized it for yourself. A belief is everything and anything that comes from 'out there', that we have heard from other people and that is based on 'right' and 'wrong'. As long as 'right' and 'wrong' exist within you, you're existing in belief systems as 'right' and 'wrong' and 'good' and 'bad' are concepts that we've learned from parents, religion and culture.

David Icke at this point, has become another prophet in the system of profit in this world, wherein he earns a living with his 'message', connecting with a certain 'audience' of people who are interested in hearing him - yet he hasn't seemed to have looked at what it would take to in fact, for real, change this world so that this messed up capitalist system with it's powerful elite that mislead humanity would not exist anymore - because it has always stayed with filling people's heads with knowledge and information that give them the feeling that 'they now know the truth about this world', which makes them feel somehow good about themselves though it never changed their application in this world to for instance actively start looking for practical ways to change the world in fact. Because knowledge and information only serves the ego and not life itself as all that exists here, life doesn't need information to care for life, and we do not need information to care for life. It is this desire to have information that messed up our existence here in the first place as we never realized that we exist, we have become these information-robots and therein dis-empowered ourselves to ever apply ourselves effectively to direct this reality according to what is best for all life here.

At Desteni, we learn the tools that each being can use for themselves to find out what is real as who self is as existence - which is based on the realization that human beings and the human experience in this world will never change simply through trying to make people 'aware' by handing them knowledge about what is apparently 'the truth' as this easily turns into dogma and belief. change only happens when each being takes the responsibility for themselves to get to know who they are here within and as existence, because it is only when each human for themselves understands and realizes its existence here as responsible for the earth, that we can all individually take responsibility for the earth and start directing it in the best way possible.

without establishing this point of self-responsibility, human beings will never change and consequently the world will only get more and more destructive as nobody really knows what they're really doing here.

zondag 22 januari 2012

2012 The Inalterable law of love and hate

Hatred does not cease by hatred at any time; it ceases by love. This is an inalterable law.
~ Buddha

We all know Buddha as that really good guy who has all of that insightfull, intelligent and wise stuff to say to for a moment lift us up with his words that make us consider that the world could be a better place. He is generally seen, considered and praised to be one of the 'do-gooders' in this world, as one of the very very very few people who seem to have a clue of who they are and what is real.

So, there he sits in lotus position, spreading out his wise words to those who will hear them, filled with love, compassion, understanding, peace, happiness and wisdom as apparently the living example of how each human being should be.

What is strickingly interesting though is that this point of there existing 'a Buddha' as 'the chosen one' that is destined by fate to be 'the wise guy' among men is accepted and seen as apparently 'normal' - when really we should be asking ourselves "why the hell are we so damn ignorant and evil - that we would have such a being existing here who seems to only exist here to show the rest of us how we will never be like him because the very definition of being 'the Buddha' implies that you'd first have to walk through multiple lifetimes, learning many lessons, to eventually reïncarnate as 'the one' in the billion who gets to finally after all that time realize who he really is as his apparent 'inner wisdom'?"

Yet, this is obviously never questioned or looked at because it is something that we have simply come to accept as 'normal' and 'just the way reality is' - which is in fact this belief of there being some 'divine plan' from some 'divine being' that apparently invisibly rules the earth and has 'divine reasons' for everything that exist here, as a convenient excuse for us to never truly have a look at what is really going on in this world and to rather simply accept everything as how it is presented to us.

let's take this quote here for example, as one of the many apparently wise, insightful, profound and great quotes made by 'the great' Buddha that never get questioned:

Hatred does not cease by hatred at any time; it ceases by love. This is an inalterable law.

This is one of those typical statements that then eventually end up on a wall in someones home to apparently represent that they care about the world because Buddha cares about the world and they care about what Buddha has to say - and also mostly because it is words that make us feel somehow good inside of ourselves as it justifies the love that we experience inside - because now we can believe that we are making this world a better place by loving rather than hating, blaming everything that goes wrong in the world on those that 'carry hate in their hearts' which is basically those in power making all the decisions at the moment and creating wars.

Let us however, if only for the sake of arguement, have a closer look at the practical nature of this quote - because it is rather interesting that there are so many beings in this world who claim to have love in their hearts, so many religious people, Guru's, spiritual healers and leaders and their followers, though the destruction of earth, the animal kingdom and ourselves among each other is still going on even more than ever. How is this even possible with so much love here today to counter all the 'hate' - war should have been erradicated by now.

so, why is it still here? - could it be that maybe what the Buddha is professing and sending out into the world is only pretty words that sound nice at first glance, though not practically liveable in this reality when investigated further?

Because isn't love just the opposite polarity point of hate in the first place? - therefore doesn't that mean that love cannot even exist if hate doesn't exist, as they are both two sides of the same coin as this energetic game that human beings play to occupy themselves with, pretending as if they don't know what they're doing?

In reality love will never cease hate, love only perpetuates it because 'love' in essence is the energy that balances out the energy of 'hate' like the positive and the negative end of a battery that need each other to keep the energy going - and aren't we humans but 'energetic entities' that obviously require this battery-type experience within ourselves as a positive and a negative polarity construct that generate that energy?

Furthermore - to actually end wars, starvation, poverty, abuse, murder, rape and all other atrocities in this world as the physical manifestations that represent the hate that exist in mankind, no energetic experience of 'love' is required, only common sense consideration of what is acceptable and what not in existence, and to then direct this reality accordingly.

Yet, we don't seem to be willing to in fact direct this world to what is best for all living beings, to be the 'love made visible' as physical action - we only want to experience love as an invisible experience inside ourselves that makes us believe and feel as though there's something 'more' and 'special' to life, when it seems to be just that feeling that makes us not move ourselves and create a world that is best for all in fact. It is the energetic experience of love that numbs us, that blinds us, that keeps us in a bubble of personal experience and cause us to not actually see what this world is really about.

Learn to stop yourself as the energetic system that you have allowed youself to become that only perpetuates the extensive amount of abuse that goes on in this world in the name of love and hate, visit Desteni

and support an Equal Money System as the love made visible that consider what is necessary for all living beings to exist in dignity here on this planet earth.

woensdag 18 januari 2012

2012 why I heard to the Desteni Message

Desteni and their message can create much controversy in the realms of the internet, especially back when they had all their video's of Sunette as the interdimensional portal 'channeling' all conceivable beings in existence on youtube - these channels have been taken down by youtube because they were being flagged by beings who felt that the Desteni message wasn't 'resonating' with them, they felt threatened in some way - so, like I said, the Desteni message has created some controversy. Mainly because it is such an unusual message, that is brought in an unusual way - and human beings feel threatened by everything that is unusual, which we then all too automatically judge as 'weird', 'strange' and 'freaky', all words that we have assigned a negative emotional charge, so based on these judgments we will often decide that something is 'bad' and 'negative', not ever really fully understanding what is being presented to us because we're not really willing to investigate with an open mind.

This is something that I have noticed when I brought up Desteni in a conversation with friends and family and in the way that people sometimes react to the Desteni message as what those who are walking the Desteni process of self-change are expressing to the world. So what made me then hear the Desteni message? How come the Desteni message 'resonated' with me and not with many others?

The reason I ask myself this question is because if one were to fully investigate what Desteni is about and apply the tools that is being presented such as self forgiveness, self honesty and self-corrective application, one would come to the realization that what Desteni shares is the most important message that has ever been expressed in this reality - a message that would save us all, as something that we as all of humanity have been waiting for since the dawn of man. They present the ultimate solution to this world, a solution that is based on actual real life investigation and application of these tools that has proven its effectiveness through time and that has been brought forth by the people behind Desteni.

Looking back at when I discovered Desteni and the 'state of mind' that I was in that made me 'susceptible' to their message - I can say that I was in a general feeling of lostness, despair even, I felt like I had no sense of direction. Ever since I got out of high school I had been attempting to 'make something of my life' as what was apparently expected of me by my family and society, though all of my attempts ended up in me basically giving up within this feeling that I simply don't see the point. I didn't see the point of why I had to do all these things with my life, what is the purpose of life anyway.

this experience within myself, a sense of dissatisfaction with my life and not really knowing fully why or how I got to that point of feeling like I did, led me to start investigating into spirituality as the feeling that there must be something 'more' to life than what I was experiencing, a reason behind it all that I must have always been missing. I read books, I meditated, went to a meditation course (Vipassana), tried visualization, got into 'The Secret' (Law of Attraction) and eventually started doing research on the internet about various topics that seemed to go into the 'hidden reality of this world' like all the conspiracy theories, unexplained events, the paranormal, the supernatural, UFO's, cropcircles, etcetera in which I could dig deeper and deeper and deeper yet it never seemed to end. And I was just looking for something, some kind of answer, some kind of purpose, anything - because I had this experience within myself on not understanding who I am or what life is or why I am here.

And even though I meditated and participated in all the spiritual beliefs, I still didn't quite 'get it' - as to the 'why?' of everything, of this entire reality. Then I came across a video of Sunette 'portalling' Hitler from the afterlife - and the first thing that struck me was that this was definitely unlike anything I had ever come across. It's funny that even though here was this girl who could apparently leave her body completely and Hitler as a demon from the 'interdimensional existence' could step into her body entirely and speak to us on this youtube channel, as something that is in fact totally out of the ordinary - I still felt like this was the most real, honest and direct expression that I had ever seen/heard, maybe even in my entire life.

I immediately started investigating the Desteni material and found that their message was exactly what I had been looking for - because what they shared was not just one of many spiritual messages of love and light and divinity that is mostly based on belief, hope and pretty words, which had only seemed to be instilling this inner confusion only further. What they presented was an actual practical solution, a tool to work with, which is self forgiveness and writing to freedom - that anyone could apply for themselves to truly find out who self is. the only necessity was for me to find out for myself whether or not what they shared was real or not by applying the tools. And so I did - I started applying self forgiveness and I started writing myself to freedom and instantly I could see, within applying myself, that this 'works'.

I saw that this was the answer that I had always been looking for, the only answer that could ever be real - which was where I would, rather than meditating to some energy based on a belief or placing my hopes and expectations for a better life in the hands of some Guru, master or guide and their message of bliss and love, learn to take responsibility for myself and face myself as who I am completely. This is something that I have in some way always known to be the answer to 'life' as who I am though what had always been missing was the practical tools to do this - and these tools is what I found at Desteni.

Desteni did not expect me to believe in their message or to blindly follow them in their 'convictions', as opposed to what I had always experienced with all the beings in my life like my family, teachers and politicians - but they made it very clear that whether or not you will be effective in realizing who you really are as life itself as oneness and equality is completely dependent on your application of the tools, which is the point of self-responsibility.

this is the point that I have found to be all determining - having walked the process of self-realization since 2008. Because within me taking responsibility for me in every moment of breath, standing as me as the living statement of life itself - I determine and decide who I am, I decide my purpose. Therefore there is no more searching, hoping, expecting or longing for a 'purpose in life' as something separate from myself - as I am the purpose of life, within and as who I really am as I live here, within full awareness of who I am and within full responsibility of myself as the determining factor of my life.

Within applying these tools of self forgiveness, self honesty and self-corrective application, I have been able to permanently stop this experience of lostness, despair and uncertainty within myself as I realize that I am responsible for me, therefore I have the ability to stop all such experiences within myself - and the key has always been self-responsibility.

So, back to my initial question of 'why is it that I have been able to hear the Desteni message while others haven't?'. What I found is that I was open to try anything, to investigate anything, as I was determined to find out about life as what is going on in this world and who I am here - simply because I had lived a life that did not please me, I could not find anything that would make me feel good about myself anymore. It's like Desteni was my only option, my only 'Destiny' - so it's obvious that as long as people have things in their life that they do not want to give up, they will not consider that change is possible and even necessary. It's only when you lose everything that you will start looking for answers and start to open yourself up to the possibilities of what is here. This is the 'human nature' as the ego, wherein people will keep on participating in good, positive feelings as ignorance and unawareness as long as they possibly can - believing that this is who they really are, when really it is not.

So, what is necessary for humanity to start hearing Desteni as the message of change? Obviously what is necessary is for all of our lives to start collapsing, for us to lose the things/people in our lives that we keep holding onto within the belief that we need them to exist - so that we can realize that this is not who we really are and so we can stand up as the living expression of who we really are as life as oneness and equality within and as complete self-responsibility.

And why is this change necessary? Because if we do not start taking responsibility for who we are within ourselves, we are unable to really take responsibility for this world - and the result of that is what we are at the moment faced with, which is the complete destruction of this planet of earth due to to parasitic nature of the human ego that does not consider anything other than it's own personal feelings of happiness, bliss and love and that does not in fact see what is really going on in reality.

It's time we stand up and realize who we really are as life as self-responsible beings that take responsibility for all of life as what is here.
So visit Desteni, as it is our only destiny - and the destiny of earth.

Also investigate an Equal Money System - the new monetary system that will bring about heaven on earth so all living being may live in dignity!

maandag 16 januari 2012

2012 Is Sai Baba coming back to save us all?

He will give you everything. For He is everything. He gives you His Self without any conditions. The only way to love Him is to love without thinking. Never plan... forget worry... dismiss desire... do not even try to understand His ways. If you have called His name then whatever that comes your way is His plan... His will and His worry!
~Sri Sathya Sai Baba~

Sai Baba was an Indian 'Guru' who became popular during the seventies - he claimed to be the reïncarnation of several Indian Gods, to be able to perform miracles and to be brought here to earth to bring 'justice' and 'universal love' back to humanity.

His followers were, and still are, within the millions - though he has lost a lot of loyal devotees when word got out that he sexually harassed and molested some young male devotees, while he professed that he was free from desires as the apparent 'highest good'.

Now in this previous statement that he made, he advises human beings to basically place their lives/will/worries/... in the hands of 'God', who will then guide them through their lives and take care of everything - all they have to do is follow and accept whatever happens in their lives as 'the divine plan of God'.

He says 'dismiss desire' however this very statement here was made from a desire to have a purpose in life, the desire to make sense out of life, otherwise one wouldn't say such things about a God apparently handling everything if it wasn't for us desiring/expecting/wanting/needing it to be so. So here already is a point that does not make sense in his words and that proves his message to be contradicting itself and thus untrustworthy.

Also a quite impractical point in his words with regards to whether or not they will in fact serve life on earth, is that he basically suggests passivity as a principle to live by.

"If you have called His name then whatever that comes your way is His plan... His will and His worry!"
So, while it is obvious that the hell on earth currently that causes people to go and look for answers, a purpose and a God in the first place has been created by non other than the human being itself and not by God - he suggests to rather than fix our own self-created problems and live as the solution ourselves within the realization that we are in fact responsible for earth and our experience within it, to go and leave it all up to God and pretty much sit, wait and expect 'God' to simply fix it all for us. As if God in his all-knowingness will ever do this for us - because if God really is all-knowing then he is fully aware of the fact that if he simply helps us out of our self-imposed hell and gives us a 'second chance', that we're just going to fuck it up again as no real change is ever possible without an understanding and awareness of who we are and how we created this current mess in the first place.

Therefore God would know that the best medicine for our 'illness' is for us to 'sweat it out' - meaning that we face the fires of the hell that we have allowed to exist here on earth and then stand up from it and change it into heaven within the full awareness of our responsibility towards taking care of earth.

The same principle of 'no real change is possible without an understanding and awareness of who self is' goes for Sai Baba himself, for example where he would profess 'being without desires' without even understanding what desires is, where desires come from or why desires are seen as 'bad' - so it is no wonder that he would go and act out the opposite of what he preaches (by molesting the young males) as he doesn't even know who he is, because he simply accepted this idea and belief of himself being 'the reincarnation of this or that God/Goddess', without ever questioning it, which implies that there are things that he does not know about himself that are apparently directed by a higher power, like reincarnation and desires for instance.

So when it comes to changing the world in fact, the words and message of Sai Baba has proven itself useless and impractical - and only here for those who desire to place their responsibility entirely in the hands of a higher being/God/spirit and who thus want to hear these kind of statements as they make them feel good about themselves and the world.

There is no real change possible without taking responsibility for who we are at this moment - because the change will have to come from us, we have to be and live the change that we want to see in this world.

Investigate Desteni where you will find the tools for actually changing self within taking fuLinkll responsibility for oneself - instead of hoping, waiting and expecting a 'higher force' to take care of things. We at Desteni have realized that the change will happen as a self-willed and self-motivated standing up of each one of us within realizing that I stand as the 'God'-principle of responsibility for all of creation and not the other way around.

Also check out an Equal Money System - as the vehicle and platform of bringing about actual heaven on earth for real.

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2012 - How much will Property cost in the Fourth Dimension?

When looking into the practicalities of ascension, for instance when we are already ascended to the fourth or fifth (who knows even the sixth) dimension, some questions come up that most beings don't really seem to consider when talking about ascension in 2012.

A lot of 'enlightened' beings or beings who claim they are enlightened have been writing books and giving seminars and speeches about 2012 being the year that many human beings on earth will ascend to a higher vibrational density, also known as the fourth dimension - some also say that earth as a whole will ascend, there seems to be some disagreement on this point.

But anyway, I assume this 'ascension'-process entails some change of scenery, like a change in how we see the world at this moment - otherwise why else would we even want to ascend, if not to escape the current world. So I guess that either we 'ascend'/'transcend' to a different place/plane or the world as we know it changes. Another option is that we simply dissolve into thin air as we become 'energy' completely - though that would simply imply dying, which is not really a novelty or something we'd have to wait for. So let's now assume that ascension means some kind of travel to another, better, more 'spiritual' place where our world will exist in harmony and we will all be happy.
And lets also assume that only the ones who are aware of the ascension process, which is all the beings who have read the books and heard the speeches of the 'enlightened' ones that have sent out the message of ascension, will ascend and leave all the other humans, plants and animals here behind existing in the hell that is at the moment our human reality.

So, we will be living with each other then, us the spiritual ones - we'll have to get along (but obviously because we're spiritual that won't be an issue), however I imagine there will still be practical points that have to be sorted out, as we'll all be sharing one planet/plane, quite like we are at this moment, only it will be nicer and happier - so there will have to be some kind of system to manage everything. Who will be the leader of that system? And how will we distribute the work that is necessary to be done so that we all can eat and have our basic necessities to survive on this planet/plane? What if there are some who don't want to cooperate because they want to be the leader and disagree with the decisions that are being taken? Will we have to build prisons in case some get into an argument and get real angry at each other and one accidentally kills the other - or will we have a 'nicer' and 'happier' way of dealing with conflict?

Sure I am spiritual and I want to get along with everyone, but when it comes to my survival, then I'm sorry but I'll want my fair share - as I imagine there will be those that try to have more than others, therefore we'll need laws to make some things clear as to what will be allowed and what not, so that our personal interests don't get in the way of another beings personal interests.

On this one planet/plane we're going to want to build our own lives with specific people that we love, doing things that we like, though we'll obviously still need to work because we'll need other people to for instance build our house and create stuff that I want to have in my house, that means that we'll need some kind of currency-system as well as a trading system so that each being that works for another will have something in return, which is only fair of course because there will be some doing more work than others - and this currency system will then require all of us to work as the goods that will be made by some will have a price and we'll all need money to buy those goods. After all, we can't just expect some to work for instance as a farmer while the rest just consumes the products that came from this persons hard labor - as our minds are programmed to 'fairness', wherein we want our personal 'fair share' so therefore we must give another their 'fair share' as well.

Which brings me to my initial question of 'How much will Property cost in the Fourth Dimension?' - which proves itself to be quite a valid question to this whole metaphysical, general topic of 'ascension'. Because it seems that we have never looked into the practical consequences of ascension - especially the point of 'will life really be better if we went to another place/plane/planet, or will it not just become exactly like earth at the moment as the living expression of who we all are on the inside, where our desire to 'ascend' or 'transcend' only reveals the desire to run away from what is here as this world, which is ourselves - within the realization that that which we see is ourselves as we see and experience all from the starting point of ourselves?'

Rather than ascending or wanting to ascend or transcend or anything that implies escaping or desiring to be anywhere but here - would it not make more sense to investigate ourselves as to how we got this way in the first place? Within the realization that we're just going to create the same mess where ever we go - by not simply taking responsibility for what exist right here.

Really it is actually quite unacceptable to even assume that we can simply leave this place without any consequences - which is what many rich people on earth also want to do by exploring the possibilities of living on Mars, so we can do the same there as what we did here on earth. So in this way, those that want to ascend this 'earthly plane' are no different than the elite of this world wanting to go live on other planets, as it is all escapism.

So, how about we find a solution for what is here first and get ourselves out of this escapism of the mind, which is this belief that we are for some reason not responsible for this mess that we currently find ourselves in which is what we as a human race made of earth.

Check out an Equal Money System as the platform for actual world change wherein we take responsibility for what is here and direct what is here to creating an actual real heaven on earth instead of hoping that heaven will come to us in the form of another 'dimensional plane'.
It is only common sense that we face what we've created and change it into something that is liveable.

And see Desteni Universe to get to know about the practical tools with which you can in fact face and change yourself to stand up as an actual living being that takes responsibility for all that is here as all life instead of trying to run away from it.

zaterdag 7 januari 2012

2012 Japanese Princess Reveals shocking News about 2012

A featured speaker at the Pythagoras Conference in 2012 is Japanese Princess Kaoru Nakamaru, well known in political circles and to the Japanese people for her interviews with many of the worlds most powerful leaders (also on American television she had her own interview documentary series called "Following the Sun" on PBS) and also very involved in bringing about 'world peace' with the "International Affairs Institute for World Peace". You could say she seems to have her finger in many puddings as she was also a member of the Ministry of Trade and Industry Council for eight years and an adviser to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan.

on the webpage of the Pythagoras Conference, of which the goal is to 'bring the best speakers in their respectable fields together to share their knowledge with others also seeking answers to their own inner questions' (, you can see a speech of her towards, lets assume, everyone in the world --as this is a rather important message that she is sharing that concerns every human being on earth.

Since her third eye has opened in 1976 due to some 'fantastic experiences' that she went through, she has been able to communicate with beings on UFO's and with the beings living in the core of the earth, who have been informing her that on december 22, 2012, earth will move to the fifth dimension, passing through a place she calls 'noodle' for three days and three nights. During these three days and three nights earth will be completely be dark, no electricity, no sun, no stars, no nothing. She is now trying to bring awareness to humanity that we must 'purify our body and spirit' until that time so that we may survive as a 'spirit' - and those that will not hear this message, the 'non-believers' will go to 'another planet' - although here she doesn't exactly expand on this point, but it looks like a 'heaven' and 'hell' concept where those that 'believe' in this 'message of light and love' will pass on to a wonderful experience as a 'spirit' and those that do not 'believe' are sent to 'another planet' like a penalty for being 'naughty' because they did not believe in what they were supposed to believe in, which is the love and light and the spirit.

Either way, you are at the mercy of 'God' who thus accordingly decides whether you may experience heaven or hell based on what you believe in. It's though quite obvious that whatever you believe in, you will create your experience of 'heaven' or 'hell' for yourself simply by participating in beliefs - if you believe that you are good, then you will experience 'good' feelings and if you believe that you are 'bad' you will experience 'bad' feelings.

So, it seems that her solution to 'world peace' is that each one create their own inner heaven by participating in 'good' feelings like 'love' and 'light' - and then when that 'judgment day' comes, as the three days and nights of darkness, the good ones will be separated from the bad ones by God and the good will get to continue experiencing this love and light and the bad ones are sent to some planet to waste away.

This makes one wonder why we human beings have never been able to establish real live heaven right here on earth where we have an effective impact? - did God not want us to create a heaven on earth for all children to be born into - and if so, why not? I mean, here we are, talking about fifth dimensions as our apparent passage-way into heaven as love and light as an experience of hope - instead of using our directive self-empowered physical presence here on earth to be the God that roams the earth to create a heaven on earth so that we will not have to wait untill we've allowed earth to be completely destroyed to only find out in the 'after-life' that we blew our chances at ever experiencing heaven as we did not take responsibility for ourselves as the Gods of earth and for all living creatures on earth as our responsibility.

How can we truthfully believe that there is a God who is OK with us making a mess of life on earth while we wait for Him to give us a 'heavenly experience' as 'love', 'light', 'bliss', 'happiness', etc...? And when further investigating the point of 'God' - wouldn't 'God' then be the physical reality, like nature, the animal kingdom and all the cells and chemicals that make up our physical body as all that truly exists right here? So, really how could there be a 'God' that would allow us to abuse and disrespect Him as the physical reality as the universe as all that exist right here.

Because this is what we are currently doing - we are abusing, disrespecting, raping, selling, molesting, consuming and destroying God as the universe as all that really exist right here as the physical reality that is earth - and we seriously missed the point as to what heaven really is because we have this attitude of 'I am only here for a short lifetime, so why should I care about earth - this is just temporary', so we then believe that we are 'more than' and 'superior' to earth because we are unwilling to accept that the physical reality as birth and death is all there is, as that does not make us feel special inside. We will therefore allow a hell on earth to exist for many beings as long as I myself am safe and secure in this world, that I will just sit out, doing nothing substantial, waiting for my 'reward from God' as my special Heavenly experience after this life.

Meanwhile we don't see that we are God, we are the God that rules the universe as earth as the physical reality - we alone are the absolute determining factor of earth as the 'able body' that has the 'ability' to create heaven as an actual self-experience right here on earth.

Whether or not Princess Kaoru Nakamaru from Japan is truly speaking to aliens and God and whether or not there really are beings living in the earth's core is actually irrelevant when it comes to what is necessary for us to do while we are still living right here on earth, because while we are still here and not 'there', where-ever 'there' may be, we are very much responsible for existing within mutual respect of all that is here as nature, the animal kingdom and each other, we are responsible for creating a system wherein each life form is supported and respected in the best way possible. And obviously if we were to at some point go into another dimension or to another planet, we'd have to do the same, wherever we are we must consider all that is existing here - because if we do not then it doesn't matter where we go as we will always create the same fuck up by not respecting all of existence as ourselves and by not taking responsibility for all that is here at this moment, because 'there' will at some point be 'here' as well, so there's really no difference in that.

So, all of this pondering and predicting of the future as where we're apparently going to go and what is going to happen is quite useless because what happens happens, and what will happen will obviously only be a consequential outflow of what we do at this moment in time, as time has always merely been the accumulation of events and decisions that eventually lead us to this moment. Therefore if we make sure that we establish heaven right here, then heaven will be what we experience in the future, that is common sense that all can grasp equally - so heaven will not be given to us by God, it will have to be a self-created reality, just like the hell that we are living in as the experience of earth at the moment is also a self-created reality. We just have to change our starting-point within ourselves.

We change the starting point of ourselves as living beings from waiting for heaven to come to us while we allow hell to continue to exist on earth to standing up and taking up our responsibility as custodians and guardians of earth to in fact participate in establishing a real heaven for ourselves as one and equal with all living beings - get to know the Desteni 'I' Process as the process of getting ourselves back to earth and realizing ourselves as the God that roam the earth.

Visit Desteni as a group of beings presenting their process of Self-Change to support others in their process of Self Change.

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Check out this awesome interview by Bernard Poolman on 2012 Prophecies, Predictions and Playouts - where he talks about the real 'play outs' that is the result of the cumulated participations of Mankind in the mind as the complete disregard for what is life for real and what is really going on, a must hear!

donderdag 5 januari 2012

2012 Muslim Brotherhood: Best for all or Ego-Excuse?

Will the Muslim Brotherhood be able to create an Egypt that is best for all or will DOGMA RULE?

In this Post-Mubarak time, the Muslim Brotherhood have become a fully accepted participant in Egyptian politics. Their main objectives have always been democracy, freedom of press, freedom of speech, establishing a network of support for poor Egyptians, protecting the workers against the tyranny of monopolist companies and founding social institutions such as hospitals, pharmacies, schools, etc...

This seems to be a very promising result of the 'Egyptian revolution' - however there is this trait in human nature that has proven itself to be consistent all throughout history, which is that 'all light cast a shadow'. In the case of the Muslim Brotherhood, which appears to have an agenda that propagates what is best for the people of Egypt, the 'shadow-side' is their rather dogmatic view and beliefs on life and how it should be lived by the people of Egypt. Their name is the 'MUSLIM Brotherhood' for a reason - as they only want what is best for the Muslim people of Egypt, for those that live by the Muslim code of conduct, those that look like Muslims and act like Muslims, following the Muslim rules as they are written in the Qur'an.

So, the problem is that there are a lot of Christian people living in Egypt as well and they are now obviously being suppressed and attacked by the radical Muslims. Where the Muslims and Christians managed to set aside their religious differences to walk hand in hand in the Egyptian revolution of 2011, now they are again falling apart into different groups that stands opposite from each other due to a difference in belief about what life is and how it should be lived.

But isn't it fascinating that all of these differences simply disappeared and didn't seem to matter as much when they were all faced with the same situation - a situation that was created by money? They didn't have jobs, they didn't have money, they didn't have means to survive and provide for their family - and that was the one point that was more important than anything else, the point of awareness that things need to change and that they should all be able to live. In this point they found themselves to be one and equal - as they are equally living here on this earth, equally worthy of existing.

It was only when the revolution was over, that these apparent 'differences' as beliefs, ideas and perceptions about 'life' started to come up again, as things that are apparently important - yet only when you have money. So now that the Muslim Brotherhood has a say in what happens to the people of Egypt, will they create an Egypt that is best for all, standing by the awareness that all shared during the revolution? Or will they rather participate in beliefs and ideas of EGO, forgetting about what really matters, which is that each being has the right to live in dignity?

It will probably be the latter, as human beings always seek for an excuse to participate in ego as unnecessary belief-systems, ideas, perceptions and opinions about life that make them feel important. This is how civil wars and international wars are perpetuated continuously until all of humanity eventually destroys itself completely - humans will always find reasons to fight and create conflict, because the nature of the ego that exist within each one of us is to feel more important than another in some way or another which creates competition and conflict. So now that the fight against the regime is over, the internal fights will begin, the religious fights.

This is the way we have been existing since the dawn of man, this is what we have been accepting as 'our human nature' all throughout history, believing that there is no other way and that this is just the way we are as how we were apparently created by 'God' or 'evolution, or however you'd like to call it.Link

But what if there was another way? If there was in fact a way to change the inner structure and 'nature' of self from a destructive, competing, abusive and ignorant being to a self-responsible, self-respecting and trustworthy being - would you do it?

Investigate Desteni and the Desteni 'I' Process and find out what is possible - as the solution to the 'problem' that Mankind has become. Begin the Process of Self-Change to stand up as the living example of what life really is.

Read the Blog Book "The Birth of Practivism" as support, wherein many beings share their stories and insights in their process of Self Change

Featured Artwork by Marlen Vargas Del Razo

dinsdag 3 januari 2012

2012 The Road to Happiness is Paved with Lies and Deception

"Never let old shames keep you spinning in a stagnant sea of regrets. And never, ever let them sink you. For Life didn’t show you your mistakes so you could stay stuck in misgivings. It showed you where you went wrong so you might patch your vessel, pick up your lessons like Linkoars, and row yourself down a more trustworthy route to happiness." ~ by Sandra Kring

So, the bottom line in this previous statement made by Sandra Kring is that 'life' wants for us to be happy, and happiness is apparently our 'goal in life', therefore 'life' will subtly give us hints and clues to gently lead us to the path of happiness.
And the things that we have done in our life that we feel ashamed about and that haunt us in our mind are the ways that 'life' is showing us where we 'took a wrong turn' so we may learn a lesson to not go down that road again, so that we may find happiness as what life apparently wants us to find.

Though this statement was specifically used to make human beings feel good about themselves and 'life' - it is showing us a shocking truth about 'life' that we seem to miss when we allow a statement like this to guide us into experiencing a state of bliss. And that truth is that 'life' apparently wants us to be and remain dumb, ignorant, blind and inferior - because it seems to determine what 'road' our lives should take by 'showing us our mistakes', thus it is basically dictating us what is 'right' and what is 'wrong', where 'happiness' is 'right'. This 'life' that Sandra Kring speaks of expects us to follow some kind of road to a glorious experience of 'happiness' as what all should apparently reach - without even telling or showing us why. We should just follow.

What is life then actually supporting and creating but beings that will not be able to take responsibility for life as what is here - as these beings want to be guided and expect to be guided and shown what is 'right' and 'wrong' and who they are and what is 'real', they will just follow like slaves, in search for some 'wondrous', addictive experience such as 'happiness', of which they know nothing about. They've simply come to accept this 'happiness experience' as 'the ultimate truth' as what has been presented to them by 'life' without having ever investigated for themselves if what is being presented can be trusted or not.

Something that for instance should raise the alarm that this 'life' as the 'happiness experience' cannot be trusted is that Real Life would not want to guide us or show us anything or to anywhere in the first place - because Life, as the animals and nature as the physical reality that is here, needs Self Responsible beings that actually know what they are doing in every moment of breath, beings that stand as Life, one and equal. Life definitely does not need beings that stand inferior to Life, looking for guidance and fixated on this one-dimensional experience as these junkies looking for a fix of 'bliss' and 'happiness' that don't see what is happening to life right in front of their faces.

Life does not need the Human as a creature that does not want to stand one and equal to life as God as the Physical reality as Animals and Nature, but that would much rather run around like a headless chicken, looking for answers to an 'unfulfilled' existence instead of taking responsibility for its existence and for the consequences of its own actions.

For some reason the Human sees itself as this 'special child' of 'life' that deserves a 'special treatment' as 'special guidance' to a 'special experience' of 'happiness' and 'bliss' - while it simultaneously ignores the absolute pain and agony as the hell that is happening to Life as the physical reality at the hands of Human beings, that is the result of the unwillingness of the human to stand one and equal to Life itself and direct itself within complete Self Responsibility to in every moment do what is Best for all Life, and not just what is best for its own personal 'spiritual path of enlightenment'.

Join the Desteni Forum and learn to siff out the deception in the pretty words of Human beings - find out what is Real and What is not and become a Self Responsible being that stands within and as oneness and equality with all life.

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maandag 2 januari 2012

2012 Why has New Years Resolution never been The Solution?

"On this first day of 2012, here's what i wish for: that your heart is filled with wonder and joy, that your days are filled with growth and passion and that your life is flooded with excellence and impact. and that TOGETHER, we work hard to build a world filled with peace, kindness and raw beauty." Robin Sharma (Author -

This previous statement is one of those typical New Years Resolutions or Best Wishes Statements that we like to spread around so much because they make us feel warm and fuzzy inside as we like to believe that this is actually a reality.

In fact we like to believe in it so much that we make it a 'reality' ourselves, we make it into our personal reality of nice, warm, fuzzy, happy feelings. We take all these worlds like 'wonder and joy', 'growth and passion', 'excellence and impact' and 'peace, kindness and raw beauty', we insert them into our minds, repeat them over and over to ourselves and thus we start to eventually believe that they are real, forgotten how we made it real in the first place by generating 'positive' feelings based on these 'positive' words.

The question is 'Why do these statements never work?' - How come our New Years wishes and resolutions for a 'Better World' just never seem to become real? - How come these pretty words have never become a reality? I mean, we speak them so much as if they are real, as if they are reality, but meanwhile the world just seems to live its own life, spiraling down a path of self destruction at the hands of the human being.

Could it be that these type of statements are just a 'marketing/propaganda strategy' that we humans use to generate positive energy feelings in all other humans so that they would 'buy into' whatever it is that we are 'selling'? For a brief moment we create the illusion that everything is wonderful and that we should just feel happy about the world and ourselves so that other human beings will follow us and open up their 'hearts' and wallets to us because we make them feel so good as we sell/tell them exactly what they want to hear to justify their existence as a being that participates and supports a system of abuse that is the capitalist system.

Have we not yet come to the realization that these type of metaphysical esoteric statements that only produce feelings are useless when it comes to actual 'world peace' and 'world change'? They are nothing but a 'commercialized' expression of the human that has become the consumer in the system of Capitalism that isn't really interested in 'world peace', it's only interested in the illusion of 'peace' like a product that can be sold in the form of Coca Cola, Oprah, Hollywood, Christmas and New Year and Spirituality - as something that generate a momentary feeling/experience but that has no practical, liveable value what so ever.

Come find out the real Solutions to this world that are in fact practical, liveable and lasting at Equal Money and Desteni

and gain more perspective on the energetic system as the product of consumerism that the human has become and the Solutions - in this Interview with Bernard Poolman "Energy and Consumerism". A discussion with Bernard Poolman with regards to the buttons that drives one to make a consumerism decision that is based on energy instead of self directiveness which within that, Bernard simply shows how we’ve become manipulated, controlled and enslaved to those energetic buttons that activates/triggers certain actions/behaviors within ourselves, by those who have figured out how to push these buttons.

Featured Artwork by Ingrid Bloemheuvel