zaterdag 7 januari 2012

2012 Japanese Princess Reveals shocking News about 2012

A featured speaker at the Pythagoras Conference in 2012 is Japanese Princess Kaoru Nakamaru, well known in political circles and to the Japanese people for her interviews with many of the worlds most powerful leaders (also on American television she had her own interview documentary series called "Following the Sun" on PBS) and also very involved in bringing about 'world peace' with the "International Affairs Institute for World Peace". You could say she seems to have her finger in many puddings as she was also a member of the Ministry of Trade and Industry Council for eight years and an adviser to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan.

on the webpage of the Pythagoras Conference, of which the goal is to 'bring the best speakers in their respectable fields together to share their knowledge with others also seeking answers to their own inner questions' (, you can see a speech of her towards, lets assume, everyone in the world --as this is a rather important message that she is sharing that concerns every human being on earth.

Since her third eye has opened in 1976 due to some 'fantastic experiences' that she went through, she has been able to communicate with beings on UFO's and with the beings living in the core of the earth, who have been informing her that on december 22, 2012, earth will move to the fifth dimension, passing through a place she calls 'noodle' for three days and three nights. During these three days and three nights earth will be completely be dark, no electricity, no sun, no stars, no nothing. She is now trying to bring awareness to humanity that we must 'purify our body and spirit' until that time so that we may survive as a 'spirit' - and those that will not hear this message, the 'non-believers' will go to 'another planet' - although here she doesn't exactly expand on this point, but it looks like a 'heaven' and 'hell' concept where those that 'believe' in this 'message of light and love' will pass on to a wonderful experience as a 'spirit' and those that do not 'believe' are sent to 'another planet' like a penalty for being 'naughty' because they did not believe in what they were supposed to believe in, which is the love and light and the spirit.

Either way, you are at the mercy of 'God' who thus accordingly decides whether you may experience heaven or hell based on what you believe in. It's though quite obvious that whatever you believe in, you will create your experience of 'heaven' or 'hell' for yourself simply by participating in beliefs - if you believe that you are good, then you will experience 'good' feelings and if you believe that you are 'bad' you will experience 'bad' feelings.

So, it seems that her solution to 'world peace' is that each one create their own inner heaven by participating in 'good' feelings like 'love' and 'light' - and then when that 'judgment day' comes, as the three days and nights of darkness, the good ones will be separated from the bad ones by God and the good will get to continue experiencing this love and light and the bad ones are sent to some planet to waste away.

This makes one wonder why we human beings have never been able to establish real live heaven right here on earth where we have an effective impact? - did God not want us to create a heaven on earth for all children to be born into - and if so, why not? I mean, here we are, talking about fifth dimensions as our apparent passage-way into heaven as love and light as an experience of hope - instead of using our directive self-empowered physical presence here on earth to be the God that roams the earth to create a heaven on earth so that we will not have to wait untill we've allowed earth to be completely destroyed to only find out in the 'after-life' that we blew our chances at ever experiencing heaven as we did not take responsibility for ourselves as the Gods of earth and for all living creatures on earth as our responsibility.

How can we truthfully believe that there is a God who is OK with us making a mess of life on earth while we wait for Him to give us a 'heavenly experience' as 'love', 'light', 'bliss', 'happiness', etc...? And when further investigating the point of 'God' - wouldn't 'God' then be the physical reality, like nature, the animal kingdom and all the cells and chemicals that make up our physical body as all that truly exists right here? So, really how could there be a 'God' that would allow us to abuse and disrespect Him as the physical reality as the universe as all that exist right here.

Because this is what we are currently doing - we are abusing, disrespecting, raping, selling, molesting, consuming and destroying God as the universe as all that really exist right here as the physical reality that is earth - and we seriously missed the point as to what heaven really is because we have this attitude of 'I am only here for a short lifetime, so why should I care about earth - this is just temporary', so we then believe that we are 'more than' and 'superior' to earth because we are unwilling to accept that the physical reality as birth and death is all there is, as that does not make us feel special inside. We will therefore allow a hell on earth to exist for many beings as long as I myself am safe and secure in this world, that I will just sit out, doing nothing substantial, waiting for my 'reward from God' as my special Heavenly experience after this life.

Meanwhile we don't see that we are God, we are the God that rules the universe as earth as the physical reality - we alone are the absolute determining factor of earth as the 'able body' that has the 'ability' to create heaven as an actual self-experience right here on earth.

Whether or not Princess Kaoru Nakamaru from Japan is truly speaking to aliens and God and whether or not there really are beings living in the earth's core is actually irrelevant when it comes to what is necessary for us to do while we are still living right here on earth, because while we are still here and not 'there', where-ever 'there' may be, we are very much responsible for existing within mutual respect of all that is here as nature, the animal kingdom and each other, we are responsible for creating a system wherein each life form is supported and respected in the best way possible. And obviously if we were to at some point go into another dimension or to another planet, we'd have to do the same, wherever we are we must consider all that is existing here - because if we do not then it doesn't matter where we go as we will always create the same fuck up by not respecting all of existence as ourselves and by not taking responsibility for all that is here at this moment, because 'there' will at some point be 'here' as well, so there's really no difference in that.

So, all of this pondering and predicting of the future as where we're apparently going to go and what is going to happen is quite useless because what happens happens, and what will happen will obviously only be a consequential outflow of what we do at this moment in time, as time has always merely been the accumulation of events and decisions that eventually lead us to this moment. Therefore if we make sure that we establish heaven right here, then heaven will be what we experience in the future, that is common sense that all can grasp equally - so heaven will not be given to us by God, it will have to be a self-created reality, just like the hell that we are living in as the experience of earth at the moment is also a self-created reality. We just have to change our starting-point within ourselves.

We change the starting point of ourselves as living beings from waiting for heaven to come to us while we allow hell to continue to exist on earth to standing up and taking up our responsibility as custodians and guardians of earth to in fact participate in establishing a real heaven for ourselves as one and equal with all living beings - get to know the Desteni 'I' Process as the process of getting ourselves back to earth and realizing ourselves as the God that roam the earth.

Visit Desteni as a group of beings presenting their process of Self-Change to support others in their process of Self Change.

And support an Equal Money System - as the solution to in fact, practically, bring about heaven on earth where all may live in dignity.

Check out this awesome interview by Bernard Poolman on 2012 Prophecies, Predictions and Playouts - where he talks about the real 'play outs' that is the result of the cumulated participations of Mankind in the mind as the complete disregard for what is life for real and what is really going on, a must hear!

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