zaterdag 11 augustus 2012

Halleluja, God has a purpose for my Pain!

"God has purpose for your pain, a reason for your struggle and a compensation for your faithfulness. Don't give up" (Spiritual/religious quote from Spiritual/religious person)

...if you were dying of hunger due to an ineffective monetary system, for which there exist answers and practical solutions to end all hunger and poverty in the world, what would be your reaction to hearing a quote like the one above?

If you were aware that you were in that situation not by your own doing but because you 'lucked out' by being born in a family that just so happened to live in a Somalian waste-land, forgotten by the world, with no way or means to be able to make money and survive in the global system of MONEY, would the quote pasted above not seem like the greatest EVIL?

Would you not be faced with this rich/wealthy person coming to you trying to sell you the idea that your suffering in some way lies in the hands of God and NOT in the hands of those that hold the power in this world through the money they possess - which is all those living in the elite western countries, who participate in the global system of consumerism and in that keeping alive the manifestation of poverty and starvation in those 'forgotten parts' of the world - wherein they are basically saying that they have no interest in actually changing the system that they themselves participate in each day, which is the direct cause of the existence of the suffering in the lives of so many, and will rather choose to delude themselves that life on earth is in some way directed by the hand of God, thus justifying their pursuit of personal satisfaction and happiness in a global system wherein very obviously each being in each country is completely and entirely INTERCONNECTED and thus directly responsible for all that moves on this planet?

Will you then continue to place your trust in God, if you were aware of how 'God' is used by the wealthy in this world to justify your suffering, so that they would not feel guilty anymore about not doing a fuck to change your living conditions, even though they literally hold your life in their hands as they are on the 'demanding' side of the money-coin and thus decide how money and resources flows and moves in this world? Would you in that moment, while staring into the eyes of those that try to cover up the FACT that they choose to abandon you as a life-form in order to pursue personal pleasure that they deem 'more important', by bringing 'God' into the conversation in an attempt to make their self-interest sound divine and spiritual, not realize that the human being is the most EVIL, heartless creature that exists here on this planet and deserves total extermination for the suffering that it allows and accepts in the lives of 'others' each and every single day, in each and every single moment?

What is the 'struggle' implied in this quote? Is that 'struggle' and the fact that soooo many people in this world are 'struggling', not the result of the monetary system that each one of us participates in each and every single moment? And where does that monetary system come from? God? Or Man? And if Man created money, which should be obvious, and thus also 'struggle', then why is Man turning to God as if he has got something to do with it? Is this not just the Human completely abdicating his responsibility for his creation as the money system - which places other humans in positions of poverty and starvation?

"Are you a Slave to God or is God a slave to You and your desire for daddy way past adolescence ?" (Eleonora Gozzini, "Day 115: The Purpose of Pain according to God")

So, maybe the problem of why there exists struggle in this world and why God nor Man has ever stopped the struggle and created a Heaven on Earth is because the Human is too willing to accepts itself as a slave to a higher being/force/creator/institution and thus believe that 'everything in life has its purpose', no matter what kind of fucked up things happen in our life or the lives of others - than to actually stand accountable for what it has created and allowed to be created here on earth. We are far too willing to place the burden on God's shoulders but are not willing to place ourselves in God's shoes, considering the mess that he has been assigned to clean up as what humanity has done to this place - does that then not make us the abusers of 'God'? Using 'God' as OUR SLAVE, who is just supposed be there for us and forgive us when we've done 'something wrong', love us unconditionally, have mercy on our souls no matter to what extent we fuck up his creation -- and all the while we pretend that it is the other way around, so that we wouldn't be faced with the evil that is ourselves and our lack of respect for Life.

What if we realized that we could stop the struggle in the lives of the many in this world - and that this 'struggle' was never 'life', because have a look: there are many beings living absolutely comfortable lives, with never a struggle, never a fight for money and survival, everything going their way, just living out their already predesigned 'life-paths' - because they have MONEY. So, what would be the solution to stop the struggle that so many endure because they have no money??? Exactly - we give them money! There, simple as that. End poverty, end starvation, end human trafficking and economic slavery - yay.

Investigate Equal Money, listen to the Interview Series "Bernard Poolman - What the FAQ - Equal Money System" and read the books "What the FAQ is an Equal Money System - Volume 1" and "What the FAQ is an Equal Money System - Volume 2" - and realize how us as humanity standing in the shoes of God and actually taking responsibility for our creation by giving to all as we would like to receive for ourselves would actually not be that difficult.

woensdag 1 augustus 2012