dinsdag 26 juni 2012

2012 Tolle's Radical Spiritual Practice is to accept the Now of Evil?

"A simple but radical spiritual practice is to accept whatever arises in the Now -- within & without." ~E. Tolle

This above quote, coming from the enlightened master Mr. Eckhart Tolle himself, is very likely to have been welcomed with open arms by all the spiritual Oprah-watching 'Power of Now' practitioners out there, who are in their process of reaching the 'eternal bliss' of 'the Now' and can thus 'resonate' with this type of quote that seems to make sense in their frame of understanding of what their 'purpose in life' is as in 'silencing their mind' and 'reaching inner bliss and happiness'.

Though just for the hell of it, lets investigate into the actual practicality of these words, as in 'will the acceptance of whatever arises in the Now, within or without, actually change this world for real into a Heaven on Earth? Will all the worlds problems such as starvation, poverty, exploitation, sexual slavery, pollution of nature, global warming, intoxication of the water supply on earth, etcetera, be solved with all of us together living in a better world for all?

What Tolle is basically teaching here is passiveness with regards to what is going on on earth, in the lives of other beings on earth, as one will obviously not be moving oneself to in fact do anything about all the above mentioned problems in this world by accepting that they exist - this shows that Tolle's 'solution' is a consumerist product of sorts that only focuses on the individual's experience of themselves within themselves, to be able to 'be ok' with what is going on in the world and in their own lives - which is, if one really have a look, pretty fucked up shit, I mean, just reread the short list I summed up there and realize that that does not even touch on the complexity of just how seriously we've managed to fuck up life on earth with our defective global Management/Economic system of Money (I dare you to now pick up and read the paper or turn on the news if you don't believe me).

And after all, the word 'spirit' in 'spirituality' refers to the 'entity within' the individual, to the 'ethereal', 'metaphysical' inner experience that is always but individualistic and never has anything to do with what is here as the physical reality -- it's in the word, 'spirit' = 'vapor',  the glorified inner experience of the individual that 'evaporates' when tested and researched in relation to what is really physically alive and here as the reality that we can all touch, see, smell and hear. Thus, this 'spiritual practice' that Tolle is promoting/supporting in his words, litteraly ONLY focuses on the invisible realm of the 'inner spirit' within the individual, just like what any other type of Consumer Product does that is promoted through commercials -- these products sell because they tap and play into the inner desire of the invisible inner 'spirit' within the Human being to feel good/happy/blissful.

And, we can all see the results/consequences of our participation in the System of Consumerism shown to us every day in this physical reality, as exactly that which Tolle is now suggesting we 'accept' to be able to cope and still feel good about it. So, back to my initial question: will this 'accepting' of the world as it is in fact change the world for real? Let's see... are those that are following Tolle's teachings still equally participating in the system of Capitalism and Consumerism as Mass World Abuse as before? Yes. Have the Tolle followers/practitioners stood up in this world and moved themselves to in fact change the system through designing a new global system of Economics/Management that will actually work practically for all, within the realization that 'spirit'(/vapor) does not feed, clothe, bathe or provide shelter for a being in any way what so ever and have they made a visible statement/standing to dedicate their life to make this system a reality? No, they haven't.

Thus, is it safe to assume, based on these simple observations, that the acceptance of whatever arises in the Now, only adds to the problems that Life on Earth is facing, as it places those that have the money and thus the chance and opportunity in this world to change the System through democratic means, in a position of passiveness towards the world and the way that it operates, to in fact STILL do what they were doing before, which is to co-operate with and support the current abusive system of inequality on earth, only now with a more 'positive attitude' through acceptance and thus allowance of what is currently existing on earth?

And is this 'acceptance of whatever arises in the Now, within or without' not a complete abdication of Morality or Principle, wherein we become these zombies of happiness and bliss that do not in any way feel the need to stand up and do something to stop the suffering that is happening in the lives of many beings on earth, because 'it is all ok', 'it is what it is', 'I am what I am', as an apparent benevolent statement that is in reality but an excuse to be able to not feel guilty or bad in any way about what we as humans are doing here on and to earth and it's inhabitants within our continued ignorance in our participation as Consumers in the System of Consumerism - which is, to anyone with a little bit of common sense in them left, actually completely UNacceptable.

Anyone who can look at this world and say 'I accept this', must be equally fucked up as what this world is showing each day, as ones existence within oneself will always be equal to that which one accepts and thus allows to exist within existence as a whole. lol - Thus, the 'Power of Now', as that which has been welcomed and embraced by humanity as 'the ultimate goal/purpose in life' and 'the ultimate answer to the human's spiritual evolutionary process', is in fact the greatest Evil as the pinnacle of the Human beings ability to accept the existence of abuse and destruction of Life on Earth to the ultimate degree. Mr. Tolle's Power of Now is the final upgrade in the consciousness of Man that seeks for ways to be able to deal with the Evil that it has allowed to exist within Life on Earth and thus within itself, and to, no matter how abusive or destructive the deeds of Man on Earth become, still be able to turn a blind eye and simply... accept.

vrijdag 22 juni 2012

2012 Possessed by Self-Pity

It was in my first sexual relationship, which I have broken off just a year ago, that I got to know parts of myself where I was confronted with a very spiteful, manipulative and deceptive inner 'beingness' within myself that has only come out now that I was in this relationship and of which I was never really that aware.

I have always seen myself as a very quiet, peaceful, understanding girl that never asks much from people and just lets people be, someone that would just 'disappear' into the background in a group of people and someone who appears to be 'strong', and can 'take care of herself'. Little did I know what personality traits lay dormant deep within myself, to be awakened in a relationship with a man and reveal to me what really exist within myself that I had always been able to hide, even from myself.

The thing about this sexual relationship is that I actually saw him as 'my possession', because we had sex, we were living together, thus it felt as though we were now locked together in some way, he was mine to have sex with and to participate with in a 'feminine' way, in relation to him as 'masculine', so that I could feel like 'a woman'. I could develop my personality as being 'a woman' in this world, in relation to him as 'my man', thus I basically needed him as 'a man' to be able to maintain that self-definition/personality of me as 'a woman'. So, within myself I constantly existed within the fear of losing him, and often it was little things that he said that would trigger the thoughts within my mind that he 'doesn't love me anymore' and 'is going to leave me'. Though what was also interesting in this, is that sometimes, I would question my love for him and fantasize about living alone as I didn't feel so interested in him anymore - yet, when that moment came that I was faced with the possibility that maybe HE doesn't like/love me anymore, I would go into an immediate state of panic and fear of being rejected and losing what I believed I needed to 'be myself' within and as this positive feeling that I had been building up within myself during my relationship with hem as 'my personality'.

There were a few situations in our relationship where he basically said to me that he was doubting our relationship and was thinking about ending it. And here is where I went into an extremely possessive state of absolute fear and panic of losing him, as though I was going to lose a limb or something. And then, I went into an experience of self-pity and depression, with lots and lots of crying in the bathroom. The first time this happened, I started drinking wiskey, I drank and drank, not even realizing that I was drinking wiskey and could seriously damage my brain or pass out with that stuff, I just felt so sad and pitiful that I 'just didn't care anymore' as I had apparently lost or was losing the one thing that held my life/'me' together. I then got his attention because he was really worried about me, as I was lying there on the bed half unconscious and I felt good inside because I saw that he still cared about me. So, he didn't leave me after all.

Other times that I accessed this high emotional experience of self-pity/sadness/depression is when we had a discussion and I felt as though he was blaming me for something. As I believed within myself that I am such a 'good' girl, so nice all the time, so peaceful, just letting him be who he is and never asking for much for myself - so I felt that it was 'unfair' that he did not appreciate 'all the things that I had done for him', that he had not seen how much I had been trying to be good to him and give him what he likes so that he can feel good within the relationship. I thought that he was supposed to appreciate that I am a good person, he was supposed to give me recognition for all of the good things that I had done for him, as this was my 'personality', this was the idea that I had of myself within my mind, the idea that I am a 'good' person, who ALWAYS cares about others first and NEVER imposes her will onto another, thus within this I had in fact created a personality/identity of 'self-righteousness', as apparently 'untouchable', wherein I believed that no one has the right to blame me for anything or even become angry or frustrated with me because I am the good girl, I am always trying to do good and be right and all and everything anyone could wish of me.

So, whenever he would get angry with me because of something that he did not like about me, I would immediately go into self-pity, as the self-righteous personality came up within myself and went 'this is not fair', 'why does he not see the effort that I have made for him?!', 'why does he not recognize how I have been suppressing my own desires/will/power so that he could have everything 'his way' just so that he would be happy?!'. Within this, I would feel completely justified within the anger that I was building up within myself along with the experience of self-pity, because I used this idea that 'I have done everything right', 'i am a good girl', 'I do everything the correct way' within constantly pleasing his wants, needs and desires as a point of self-protection, to place myself on a pedestal of sorts to be always 'right' in everything and thus always 'win' in conversations through the application of self-pity and depression, wherein I basically would use my personality of 'righteousness' against him, to play into his feelings of guilt when he realizes that he was wrong for having yelled at me and for having become angry/frustrated with me because I am such a good girl, my intentions were always 'pure' and 'righteous', I did not deserve that.

This is actually a 'personality-trait' that I have subconsciously been using for my entire life to 'win' in conversations and discussions and to get my environment to ultimately give me what I want - as I found it to be beneficial for me to, rather than saying directly and straightforward what it is that I want/need/desire, manipulate my environment by playing into their emotions such as guilt through my behavior/presentation as 'just a good little girl' with 'good intentions' wherein I would pretty much make the other person out to be 'the bad one', 'the abuser', which nobody really wants to be, to get them to do my bidding, so that they could not feel so bad anymore about themselves in relation to me. lol, yes that is quite manipulative.

Within my relationship with this man, that inner deceptive, manipulative personality really came out as I, whenever we were having a discussion, would either start crying, or become hysterical or even somewhat 'insane', as the whole dramatic act of 'why are you not seeing that I am the good one here?!!!', using tantrums and dramatic behavior/acts to get him to realize that 'I am right!!!' - therein placing all the responsibility for the relationship in his hands, with me as the victim of the situation, as if it was not my choice to step into this relationship with him and thus not my responsibility, as I did not want to be 'the bad one' by making the decision of, for instance, splitting up when realizing that the relationship wasn't working.

So, to be able to avoid making any decisions that would place me in the position of 'the perpetrator' or 'the bad one' and thus giving him the chance to blame me as I had always been blaming him for what he had apparently 'done to me' within getting angry with me and starting discussions, I would keep the 'truth' hidden within myself, the thoughts that I was really thinking about him and about the relationship, pretending to be 'in love with him' but secretly harboring feelings of hate and anger towards him within myself, which I did not take responsibility for at that time as I did not realize that the hate and anger was really at myself because I was not honoring myself in being honest with myself and with him and because I was not respecting myself by always suppressing myself in order to please him. I had not realized that this was all my choice, my own doing from the start of the relationship, thus all of my experiences in relation to him were my responsibility.

I had basically been seeing and treating him as though he was some kind of 'bad guy', existing in fear of his anger and outbursts, blaming him for the fear that I experienced within myself, without ever realizing that it was in fact my choice/decision to remain in that relationship as I had defined myself within this personality of myself as 'a woman' in relation to him as 'my man', thus I did not want to let go of that feeling as I believed that it is 'who I am', wherein it was in fact me using him to be able to feel a certain way and not the other way around.

It was only through having applied Self Forgiveness, self honesty and self correction that I have been able to in fact see and realize my own allowed deception and dishonesty, and have been able to stand up and take responsibility for how I experience myself within myself and stop the manipulative personality construct of self-pity as a way to fulfill my inner self-interested desires.

for More info on the process of Self forgiveness, visit the Desteni Website

maandag 11 juni 2012

2012 Are you Always Expecting the Worst?


"Yes, within our current society, there are a lot of things that we have to be cautious of, I mean, that is reality common sense within the current existence of how everything exists, but it should not impair your internal mental reality and physical capacity to live to the extent that it did mine. I mean, I could have been a far more stable, directive and assertive person if i did not accept and allow these fears to overwhelm me to the extent that they did..."

In this Life Review, a being opens up her life experience and what she realized about how she had allowed herself to be directed in her reality by the fear of always expecting the worst within her mind. Hearing this interview assisted me greatly in realizing how I myself had allowed myself to be programmed by my environment when I was little into always expecting the worst of other people and the world, causing me to have lived a life in fear of 'what might happen' and 'what if...', and never actually living or expressing myself in this reality.

So, hear this being's story to assist and support yourself to see, realize and understand how we have allowed ourselves and our lives to be completely directed by irrational and irrelevant fears of what might happen to us that would cause death, wherein we never notice that we haven't actually ever lived as we were in essence fearing our own fears, and give yourself the opportunity to stand up from that and live for the first time.

For more assistance and support in terms of walking the process out of the mind and in to the physical visit the Desteni Forum

zaterdag 9 juni 2012

2012 How to Effectively Stop Self Judgment


"What one must realize about Judgment is that, if judgment exist within you, or self-judgment, is that you will never be good enough within your own eyes, there will always be something wrong or something missing or something out of place. I mean, that's what judgment does. It becomes like this complete window through which you see reality and that window has just got this word 'Judgment, judgment, judgment, judgment, judgment' written all over it, so your eyes just kind of see judgment everywhere..."

 This Interview gives a very cool perspective on how one tends to limit oneself within allowing oneself to exist within 'competitive comparison'  wherein one compares oneself and ones 'capacities' and 'application' in ones life to that of others. In this, only limiting oneself in ones experience and expression of oneself within ones reality, ultimately ending up within the experience of 'dullness', as one does not allow oneself to expand, learn or develop new abilities, insights or ways of expressing/experiencing oneself.

Here is a being who shares her experiences with the Mind-Construct of Competitive Comparison and Judgment and how she had allowed this Construct to direct her life, instead of her being the Directive Principle of her own Life, which I'd suggest All hear to assist and support yourself to stop giving your Power away to the mind as Judgments within and as Comparison and competition with others, so as to be able to stand up within and as yourself and stand One and Equal with another and express yourself unconditionally.

Another interview that gives Real Life Common Sense assistance and support with regards to realizing that judgment is not who you really are, is this "Life Review: The Victim of Judgment", that reveals the extensive nature in which one can allow Judgment to completely screw up ones entire life-experience. Thus assist and support yourself in starting the process of stopping self-judgment by listening to this interview. It's definitely worth it as many beings will most likely be able to relate very much with this Woman's Story.

 More Perspective On Dealing with Judgment is this Interview with Audrey Hepburn: "Transforming Judgments into Gifts"

 Audrey gives examples of how to observe what one judges in another, and observing what the judgments shows you that you have not yet accepted within yourself.

When realizing that you are comparing yourself to another - you are seeing that you are giving yourself an opportunity to express yourself to the fullest and to change you to become more effective.

vrijdag 1 juni 2012

2012 Why does the Dalai Lama Lie?

"Our good fortune is dependent upon the cooperation and contributions of others. Every aspect of our present well-being is due to hard work on the part of others. As we look around us at the buildings we live and work in, the roads we travel, the clothes we wear, or the food we eat, we have to acknowledge that all are provided by others. None of them would exist for us to enjoy and make use of were it not for the kindness of so many people unknown to us" ~ Dalai Lama

Is it really 'kindness' that makes people build houses and buildings in this world, or make clothes, pave roads, produce food and work in factories to construct all of the products that we use, day in and day out? Or is it because we need money, and especially those that live in the 'bodom layer' in this world in terms of pay-check, are coïncidentally also the ones that build/manufacture/produce all the items that we use, they are the ones that are really managing this reality - ask yourself, would they really do it because they are so 'kind', or because they desperately need the money, working overtime to be able to pay for their children's education, while they'd much rather spend more time at home with their family?

I am sure that we can all come to the common sense conclusion that it is because of money that houses get built, food and clothes are produced and all the shit gets done in this world for it to be able to 'function', and not because of 'kindness'.

Then, why would the Dalai Lama deliberately use the word 'kindness'?! Is it because he is some kind of spiritual prophet and he is supposed to make everything sound nicer and better and lovelier and more acceptable than it really is? Does that then mean that spirituality and religion equals 'bending the truth' or 'covering up the truth/reality' to make people feel 'spiritually enlightened', even when these 'feelings' are obviously not based on the truth/reality at all - what would you call that? A 'lie'?

Would it be safe to make the deduction that spiritual/religious leaders/figures/masters are not here to change the world, or even fix it or offer a solution for it, they're just here to make those that are able to listen to him and follow his teachings (meaning the ones that are not starving to death in this world) feel a little bit better about reality. Which pretty much means that they promote the belief that we have no power in this world and we should NEVER attempt to change it into a better world for all, we should just find some personal relief to not feel so bad anymore when looking into the eyes of the starving and suffering. Would that imply that spirituality as promulgated by the Dalai Lama can be described as 'selfishness'?

Besides selfishness, it is deceptive in nature, to present yourself as an apparent 'benevolent being' as 'the DALAI LAMA', standing in a position of power, where you are aware that millions are hanging from your lips, and to deliberately not simply tell the truth about this reality, which is in essence that millions are suffering needlessly, we're fucking up the planet with consumerism and all of it is born from the ignorance of the human and it needs to be stopped as soon as possible. The truth is that simple, a child will tell you this, because it is here in plain sight, out in the open for all to see. But the Dalai Lama will not tell us just how urgently we need to stand up and take action in this world to change it in fact, no, he will simply make us feel good about NOT taking action.

The Dalai Lama is thus the ultimate prophet of consumerism - because his religion is to make people feel good about themselves while they are destroying the planet through acting within self-interest only, so as to make sure that people will not listen to that awareness that lies DEEEP within themselves, saying 'there's something seriously fucked up going on here'.

So, why does the Dalai Lama Lie? Why does he deliberately not tell the truth? In other words, what is he afraid of? Is he afraid that he might lose his influential and powerful friends, the world leaders that welcome him with open arms? Because 'God knows' that lies and deception are what makes the world go 'round. Lies and deception is what makes people buy shit that they don't need to keep the economy going and place their trust in presidents, governments, banks and corporations that end up proving themselves very untrustworthy and disappointing. Shouldn't it actually concern us that the Dalai Lama is friends with them? Or is this also just an act of 'kindness', to prove that he can be 'friends with everyone'?

Though, SHOULD we be 'friends with everyone'? Should we simply accept reality as it is and feel good and happy about it? Should we allow the exploitation of the working class for cheap labor and products that benefit only an elite few in this world? Should we accept and allow children to be born into this world to never know/experience anything but physical pain and suffering due to starvation and hygiene problems as the result of a failed economic system that is destroying the life of the living? Should we accept and allow the animal kingdom to go extinct and to suffer immensely at the hands of profit-seeking humans that only have money on their mind and lost all and any ability to place themselves in the shoes of another? Should we accept and allow children to be brainwashed by an ineffective education system and television into becoming the most effective consumer/abuser of the planet instead of the most effective living being that honors and takes care of life on the planet? Should we accept and allow the human to create and force all life to live in hell on earth when it could be a heaven on earth?

The only thing that the Dalai Lama has brought us is the 'wisdom' of 'bending the truth' to make it seem more 'nice' and 'kind' for our self-interested desire to feel good about not taking responsibility for this world and about the atrocities that we are accepting and allowing to exist in it.

 Additional Note: After posting this Blog, I received the following comment from Eleonora Gozzini, where she expands on why specifically the Dalai Lama uses the word 'kindness' in his quote. An interesting perspective and a point that I had not considered that I will place here as an addition to the blog that I had already written, as both points contain common sense and are equally valid.

"The Dalai Lama lives as a 'host' in India after fleeing Tibet during the Chinese occupation.
Everything he has had in India has been given to him for free, which is why he uses the word kindness = free, he did not have to pay for it, yet hose who built those things for Him, were making an investment into his specific brand of Bhuddism, the Tibetan One. 
I read your article, maybe you can expand on this point, on the fact that even the Dalai lama is aware that unless you find 'Kind people' with 'their own self interest for the AfterLife and Karma beliefs, that work for him, who are buying themselves 'merits' (which are barely credits in the form of good deeds that usually have a monetary value) according to Bhuddist beliefs (but I am not sure the Tibetan Bhuddism support the 'merit' system, anyway many of the bhuddist that support him in India would be Indian Bhuddist and that system is in place there, the merit system). 
Because he did not lie about what he said, but it's just applied to him and what HE and His Tibetan people got for Free, what about the rest of the world, why is he more deserving of the kindness of humanity than the rest, what is the pay back for those involved in the 'good deeds' to prove that there is always a pay back in our deeds for the moment and that everyone is actualy aware of how the game is played.
He is a preacher of 'acceptance', accept things as they are and make the best of it, so good the point you took on about this." 

Investigate Desteni, where we are not afraid to look at and expose what is really going on in this world and to look at the pertinent question 'why is the human being not doing something about this world?!' and 'Why is humanity accepting and allowing the abuse of life?!'