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2012 Why has New Years Resolution never been The Solution?

"On this first day of 2012, here's what i wish for: that your heart is filled with wonder and joy, that your days are filled with growth and passion and that your life is flooded with excellence and impact. and that TOGETHER, we work hard to build a world filled with peace, kindness and raw beauty." Robin Sharma (Author -

This previous statement is one of those typical New Years Resolutions or Best Wishes Statements that we like to spread around so much because they make us feel warm and fuzzy inside as we like to believe that this is actually a reality.

In fact we like to believe in it so much that we make it a 'reality' ourselves, we make it into our personal reality of nice, warm, fuzzy, happy feelings. We take all these worlds like 'wonder and joy', 'growth and passion', 'excellence and impact' and 'peace, kindness and raw beauty', we insert them into our minds, repeat them over and over to ourselves and thus we start to eventually believe that they are real, forgotten how we made it real in the first place by generating 'positive' feelings based on these 'positive' words.

The question is 'Why do these statements never work?' - How come our New Years wishes and resolutions for a 'Better World' just never seem to become real? - How come these pretty words have never become a reality? I mean, we speak them so much as if they are real, as if they are reality, but meanwhile the world just seems to live its own life, spiraling down a path of self destruction at the hands of the human being.

Could it be that these type of statements are just a 'marketing/propaganda strategy' that we humans use to generate positive energy feelings in all other humans so that they would 'buy into' whatever it is that we are 'selling'? For a brief moment we create the illusion that everything is wonderful and that we should just feel happy about the world and ourselves so that other human beings will follow us and open up their 'hearts' and wallets to us because we make them feel so good as we sell/tell them exactly what they want to hear to justify their existence as a being that participates and supports a system of abuse that is the capitalist system.

Have we not yet come to the realization that these type of metaphysical esoteric statements that only produce feelings are useless when it comes to actual 'world peace' and 'world change'? They are nothing but a 'commercialized' expression of the human that has become the consumer in the system of Capitalism that isn't really interested in 'world peace', it's only interested in the illusion of 'peace' like a product that can be sold in the form of Coca Cola, Oprah, Hollywood, Christmas and New Year and Spirituality - as something that generate a momentary feeling/experience but that has no practical, liveable value what so ever.

Come find out the real Solutions to this world that are in fact practical, liveable and lasting at Equal Money and Desteni

and gain more perspective on the energetic system as the product of consumerism that the human has become and the Solutions - in this Interview with Bernard Poolman "Energy and Consumerism". A discussion with Bernard Poolman with regards to the buttons that drives one to make a consumerism decision that is based on energy instead of self directiveness which within that, Bernard simply shows how we’ve become manipulated, controlled and enslaved to those energetic buttons that activates/triggers certain actions/behaviors within ourselves, by those who have figured out how to push these buttons.

Featured Artwork by Ingrid Bloemheuvel

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