zondag 22 januari 2012

2012 The Inalterable law of love and hate

Hatred does not cease by hatred at any time; it ceases by love. This is an inalterable law.
~ Buddha

We all know Buddha as that really good guy who has all of that insightfull, intelligent and wise stuff to say to for a moment lift us up with his words that make us consider that the world could be a better place. He is generally seen, considered and praised to be one of the 'do-gooders' in this world, as one of the very very very few people who seem to have a clue of who they are and what is real.

So, there he sits in lotus position, spreading out his wise words to those who will hear them, filled with love, compassion, understanding, peace, happiness and wisdom as apparently the living example of how each human being should be.

What is strickingly interesting though is that this point of there existing 'a Buddha' as 'the chosen one' that is destined by fate to be 'the wise guy' among men is accepted and seen as apparently 'normal' - when really we should be asking ourselves "why the hell are we so damn ignorant and evil - that we would have such a being existing here who seems to only exist here to show the rest of us how we will never be like him because the very definition of being 'the Buddha' implies that you'd first have to walk through multiple lifetimes, learning many lessons, to eventually reïncarnate as 'the one' in the billion who gets to finally after all that time realize who he really is as his apparent 'inner wisdom'?"

Yet, this is obviously never questioned or looked at because it is something that we have simply come to accept as 'normal' and 'just the way reality is' - which is in fact this belief of there being some 'divine plan' from some 'divine being' that apparently invisibly rules the earth and has 'divine reasons' for everything that exist here, as a convenient excuse for us to never truly have a look at what is really going on in this world and to rather simply accept everything as how it is presented to us.

let's take this quote here for example, as one of the many apparently wise, insightful, profound and great quotes made by 'the great' Buddha that never get questioned:

Hatred does not cease by hatred at any time; it ceases by love. This is an inalterable law.

This is one of those typical statements that then eventually end up on a wall in someones home to apparently represent that they care about the world because Buddha cares about the world and they care about what Buddha has to say - and also mostly because it is words that make us feel somehow good inside of ourselves as it justifies the love that we experience inside - because now we can believe that we are making this world a better place by loving rather than hating, blaming everything that goes wrong in the world on those that 'carry hate in their hearts' which is basically those in power making all the decisions at the moment and creating wars.

Let us however, if only for the sake of arguement, have a closer look at the practical nature of this quote - because it is rather interesting that there are so many beings in this world who claim to have love in their hearts, so many religious people, Guru's, spiritual healers and leaders and their followers, though the destruction of earth, the animal kingdom and ourselves among each other is still going on even more than ever. How is this even possible with so much love here today to counter all the 'hate' - war should have been erradicated by now.

so, why is it still here? - could it be that maybe what the Buddha is professing and sending out into the world is only pretty words that sound nice at first glance, though not practically liveable in this reality when investigated further?

Because isn't love just the opposite polarity point of hate in the first place? - therefore doesn't that mean that love cannot even exist if hate doesn't exist, as they are both two sides of the same coin as this energetic game that human beings play to occupy themselves with, pretending as if they don't know what they're doing?

In reality love will never cease hate, love only perpetuates it because 'love' in essence is the energy that balances out the energy of 'hate' like the positive and the negative end of a battery that need each other to keep the energy going - and aren't we humans but 'energetic entities' that obviously require this battery-type experience within ourselves as a positive and a negative polarity construct that generate that energy?

Furthermore - to actually end wars, starvation, poverty, abuse, murder, rape and all other atrocities in this world as the physical manifestations that represent the hate that exist in mankind, no energetic experience of 'love' is required, only common sense consideration of what is acceptable and what not in existence, and to then direct this reality accordingly.

Yet, we don't seem to be willing to in fact direct this world to what is best for all living beings, to be the 'love made visible' as physical action - we only want to experience love as an invisible experience inside ourselves that makes us believe and feel as though there's something 'more' and 'special' to life, when it seems to be just that feeling that makes us not move ourselves and create a world that is best for all in fact. It is the energetic experience of love that numbs us, that blinds us, that keeps us in a bubble of personal experience and cause us to not actually see what this world is really about.

Learn to stop yourself as the energetic system that you have allowed youself to become that only perpetuates the extensive amount of abuse that goes on in this world in the name of love and hate, visit Desteni

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