zaterdag 10 augustus 2013

3013 Miley Cyrus "We Can't Stop" Satanic Transformation is Our Creation??!

For those who are not familiar with Miley Cyrus, she's been compared with Britney Spears due to the similarities in the process they've walked from young Disney PopStar to 'rebelling' and 'going off the rails' by for instance making dramatic changes to their hair cut and making deliberately sexually provocative musicvideo's.

Especially with her latest music video of 'We can't Stop' coming out, there's been much discussions in many media and on many internet forums regarding her 'transformation, about 'why she did it', 'what is the reason for it', 'how she is feeling', 'is it good or bad', 'does she need help', etcetera etcetera --- I mean, just type in 'Miley Cyrus Transformation' and you'll come accross dozens of articles on the topic:

Then, there are all the blogs, vlogs and articles that criticize her for what she's implicitly teaching the youth watching her video's and listening to her music, as promiscuous behavior, consumerist attitude, glorifying decadence and rebellious and self-destructive behavior:

So, the point I would like to shine a light on in this blog is how there's so many a due about what happened with that 'sweet little Hannah Montana' to turn into this 'Twerk Queen', where it's like people are dramatizing the situation, turning it into their personal little soap Opera, just like they do with the lives of all celebrities. I mean that's how 'Papparazi' were invented, is to please the desire of humans to use the lives of others as an excuse to 'experience' things, to judge, to react, to form opinions and accordingly create and perpetuate the illusion that 'Life' is some kind of Movie Feature, enticing us to React with Emotions and Feelings and create a 'Big Deal' about just about everything.
Where, we actually start believing that this is really 'who she is' rather than what it really is, as our own fictions of our imagination that we've imposed on the image that we see with our eyes - because, we wanted to see this in the first place, we asked for all this 'drama' --- why else are we giving all these 'artists' so much attention and money if not because they somehow function as something that adds 'experience' to our lives? Where, it's not about 'who she is' - the 'artist' Miley Cyrus, is just a puppet, a product, held by the strings of our economic system that we control, as the 'consumers', dancing according to the whims and wishes of the Human Mind and all its hidden desires -- it's why they're called 'artists', as they simply master the art of playing the strings of the preprogrammed predictable Nature of the Human Mind, which makes them very wealthy people - after all, if it wasn't for this cunning ability, do you think that people like Miley Cyrus would get all that attention for the things she does with her life? I mean, obviously not, she'd be just another girl, just a person like the rest of us -- like there are so many people with suicidal thoughts, who've been through an abusive childhood, who've had to struggle and go through many traumatic experiences, so many people who live and die silently, without ever being noticed in any way by society.

Whatever we have to say about how Miley Cyrus lives her life, about who she is in the choices that she makes, about what kind of a personality she has, etcetera --- is actually a life and condition that we as consumers have pushed her as 'an artist' in. Where, she's simply learned to use her expression to exploit the predictable human responses as a system of survival. And so, the 'art' that we know in our world today, is not real Art, nor are the 'artists' real Artists that bring something of real Value to life on earth --- the 'art' that they practice is the art of survival, of making money, of using the preprogrammed human condition as the Human Mind as thoughts, feelings and emotions within an Economic System of Competition to their advantage - they are the biggest deceivers and have simply mastered the art of deception. Because Deception is what it takes to be successful in this world.

And then we have the arrogance to blame these 'Celebrities' for being 'Evil' because they're deceiving and exploiting and manipulating us - which, actually, is just another way in which we use those 'famous people' as an excuse for us to create a Drama and divert and channel our attention to something other than actual Reality as Life on Earth. Go check out the multitude of vlogs on Youtube about how artists such as Miley Cyrus are a Creation of the so-called 'Illuminati', who are supposedly trying to 'Mind Control' us and abuse us:
While, we seem to be forgetting who it is that is spending their money on the products that these people sell us in the first place. It's Us!! Because, I mean, Illuminati, Mind Control and Deception or not -- we are the Consumers who so very willfully allow ourselves to be deceived, manipulated, Mind Controlled and distracted and who are so eager to give away our power to the 'Elite'. It's what we've been doing all throughout Human History - always blaming 'those in power' and even 'God' or 'the Devil' for our messed up lives and world, while it's always been us that was looking for a 'savior', for a 'God', for 'something more' than ourselves and for someone to take this world and reality into their hands and be our Leader. And now it's 'the Illuminati' that's the apparent 'Evil Ones' - Please.

We've created so many excuses, so many scapegoats, to be able to convince ourselves that we are in no way responsible for what happens in our life and in this world. When, we are the majority, the consumer, the ones with the 'purchasing power', who, through our actions, decide where the money goes and so how our world is shaped. We have created the 'Elite', the 'Illuminati', the Celebrities and all those rich and famous people that we like to blame so much for apparently abusing us, through our own allowed gullibility -- because, how would it otherwise be possible for a Minority to rule and have power over the Majority, if not through consent of the majority?

And, in all these 'Exposing the Elite/Illuminati' youtube vlogs, they're accusing these Artists of using 'symbolism' and specific 'Codes' within their expression and the images in the Music-video's as a form of 'subliminal messaging' to practice 'Mind control' on the individual watching the video and listening to the music -- while, I mean, does it surprise us that this is going on? I mean, yeah, the human mind responds in a preprogrammed way to specific 'codes' and 'symbolisms', that's pretty much how the program works - there was this guy called Gustav Jung who did a lot of research in this, go check him out, it's like pretty well known and recognized in the psychology community. Everything about our society and the way we interact with each other and see and experience reality in and through our mind is Symbolism, do your Research.

So, obviously, if you want to become very wealthy in this world, you'd have to find a way to use and play into the subconscious symbolism programming of the Human Mind, so that you can control and direct the human without them even being aware of it. And that is just a consequence of the Economic System that we have allowed to exist here - where, this kind of deception and manipulation has become the accepted way of interacting with each other. It isn't just the so-called Illuminati or Elite doing it, we're all doing it to each other and so ourselves all of the time, consciously and/or subconsciously --- because we all need money to survive.

So, fact is that we've never taken responsibility for ourselves and now we don't want to see or realize the extent to which we've given up on ourselves and our capacity and potential to be Great as living beings here on planet Earth - and so we use Celebrities like Miley Cyrus to distract us from this fact in every possible way, where, it's us that is the abusers --- not Disney, not the Illuminati or the Music Industry, it's US.

Investigate Desteni, if you see what is going on here and are ready to take responsibility and stand up in this world and reality as a Really Great Living Being --- and to Create a world that is Best for the Majority, which is LIFE

woensdag 7 augustus 2013

2013 Man not Prosecuted for Animal Abuse after Blowing up Dog

(Watch the News Report below this Blog Post for context)

 So, here's this news report about a guy in Washington who blew up a dog, for personal entertainment purposes and was oddly enough not charged for animal cruelty and animal abuse. He was charged however for illegal possession of explosives. The reason why the court did not find anything 'animal abusive' about this case, was that the dog, as they stated, 'did not suffer' and so somehow there was no 'animal abuse/cruelty' going on - because, it would be 'cruel' to let the animal suffer before you kill it for no good reason.

It's fascinating now how human beings want to place a 'label' on this case and this man - many people are up in arms because this guy was not charged for 'animal abuse', that he was not labeled by the court as an 'animal abuser' and was not sentenced/prosecuted for 'animal abuse'. They're angry that the court did not accuse the guy for being 'an animal abuser', because now they don't have an excuse to channel all their personal pent up anger and frustrations about the abuse in this world towards this one guy. After all, that's what human beings are constantly looking for, a scape goat, someone to nail to the cross, a 'bad guy' to place all the blame on so we can avoid collective responsibility for all the shit that happens in our human society. No! It has to be the individual! There's just some individuals that are possessed by the Devil and they need to be locked away - the rest of us are Good, god-fearing creatures!!

And, I mean, while all the so called 'animal lovers' out there has got their panties in a knot about how we can or can't label/blame this guy, isn't it interesting that no one seems to notice that when it comes to what is actually best for society and the individual, this whole labeling/blaming/accusing/prosecuting thing is really irrelevant and only shows how humans care more about their ego as their 'right to feel angry and blame another' than about the reality of the situation and actually finding solutions for these such problems so that there will be no more 'dog-blowups', for instance.

Because, even if we could legally accuse this being for committing 'animal cruelty' and accordingly punish him with some time in jail and/or a fine, how would that change anything about the reason why this happened in the first place - why and how it is possible in the first place for a being in our society to get the sick thought in their mind that it might be fun to watch their dog blow up and to actually go and act out this thought in physical reality? The problem here is the mind of the individual, is how the mind of this person was able to develop itself into a very unhealthy organism that is a danger to the world and reality it resides in - and this my dear folks, is a collective problem that concerns all of us, one where we are each equally responsible for the acts that this one individual conducted.

I mean, the way we reacted to this News story with anger and blame and immediately wanting to point our finger at someone, but no real consideration of/for how this was able to happen in the first place - that alone reveals just how little regard and care we have for our fellow beings. How we will not take the time nor make the effort to investigate their life and specifically the events and environmental factors that contributed to the development of a specific mind-set within a being that would eventually motivate them to blow up another life-form.

The problem here is that WE don't care enough about reality and about our society, to educate ourselves about how the human mind develops for instance, and to understand how 'crime' and a 'criminal mind' can come into fruition. We don't Care, we just allow it, we let it happen as we hide behind our self-imposed ignorance - and then, when the tree of life as the individual that grew up in a rotten environment bears its rotten fruit, we use it as an opportunity to place all the responsibility of what is in fact a consequence of a collective problem unto one individual, the so-called 'criminal' --- so we can wash our hands clean of any form of accountability towards this reality.

What a neat little 'justice system' we have --- interesting, how, in the word 'justice', is already programmed our collective decision to never ask any questions or conduct any real investigation into reality so as to avoid facing our collective responsibility for the 'crimes' that rear their heads -- because it 'just-is' what we say it is. A 'murderer' is just a murderer and deserves to be locked away for good, and an 'animal abuser', is just an animal abuser and deserves to be punished in whatever way we see fit. We place our labels on people, so we can 'lock them up' in a box inside our mind where everything 'just-is' what we say it is as how we've labeled it, with the help of our 'just-is' system - so as to ensure that we will never do the necessary investigation and research to understand that all that exist in our world and reality is not at all so separate and 'boxed-up' as we like to believe that it is. We are in fact all connected in All ways and thus All responsible for All things in All ways. Quite the Reality nobody wants to see.

By the way, did I forget to mention that the reason why the court 'decided' to not charge this individual with 'animal cruelty' but to rather go with 'illegal possession of explosives', was because the latter would charge the guy with a higher bail-out, which means the state receives more Money - yeah, so that kind of proves how our entire 'just-is' system is in no way in the service of creating a healthy society, but rather all about making money.

So, if You are someone that really Cares about life, about this world and about this Reality. If you are really dedicated to stop Animal Cruelty - Investigate the Equal Life Foundation and the Desteni Organization, where we do not shy away from finding out how things really work -- because we realize that if we want this world to Change, Common Sense would be that we should Understand how it got this way in the first place. So, Join us!

maandag 5 augustus 2013

2013: Massive Deaths caused by Antibiotic-Farming, Why are we Allowing this?

Following Excerpt was taken from the article "Scientists call for ban on antibiotic given to chickens which 'causes 280 deaths a year in Britain'"

A type of antibiotic passed between chickens and humans are to blame for 280 human deaths in Britain per year, according to a new study. 

Billions of chickens are given antibiotics to treat E.coli bacteria but this has resulted in several strains of superbugs developing which are, when passed to humans, resistant to treatment. 

Scientists have documented their findings in the Journal for Infectious Diseases and described the number of deaths as 'staggering'.

They believe that as many as 1,500 people die a year across Europe.
Infection rates of one particular strain known as G3CREC tripled between people and animals between 2007 and 2012.
The scientists used data from the Netherlands and concluded that there were 1,318 additional deaths across Europe.
'The number of avoidable deaths and the costs of healthcare potentially caused by third-generation cephalosporin use in food animals is staggering.
'Considering these factors, the ongoing use of these antimicrobial drugs... should be urgently examined and stopped, particularly in poultry, not only in Europe but worldwide.'

Richard Young, policy advisor at the Soil Association, said: 'This is the first detailed estimate to emerge of the human health consequences from the use of antibiotics in European agriculture. 
'It indicates that large numbers of people die of resistant infections due to the over-reliance on antibiotics in intensive livestock farming.' 

So, basically, chickens and other animals, are being treated with antibiotics as a 'precaution' in case they ever get infected with E. Coli. So, what is E. Coli and why is it harmful?

According to the Agricultural Division of the University of Arkensas:

"E. coli is a normal inhabitant of the intestinal tracts of animals and is harmless as long as it is kept in check by other intestinal bacteria (Barnes et al., 2003). When an imbalance occurs in bacterial flora of the intestinal tract, E. coli may grow and cause an outbreak of colibacilliosis. Chickens of all ages are susceptible to colibacilliosis, but usually young birds are considered more susceptible."

This tells us that normally, healthy chickens who receive healthy nutrition and are being taken care of in a proper manner, should not become infected with this 'colibacilliosis'. The E.Coli bacteria should do its function in their bowels, digesting stuff, just like it does with us humans, which is its job -- to have it break out and cause illness in the bodies of the chickens is not something normal, it is a result of the farming industry that somehow is not doing its job in raising these chickens that eventually end up on our plates.

"E. coli is normally present in the birds and the disease can be triggered by numerous events . Immunosuppressive diseases such as Infectious Bursal Disease, Marek’s disease, and Chicken Anemia may increase susceptibility to E. coli infection. However, other countless events or diseases can also increase susceptibility. For instance, an E. coli infection may appear if birds do not have regular access to feed or if their litter is too wet or if they are exposed to another disease. Generally, anything that causes stress in the bird may provide E. coli with the opening it needs. 

Once on E. coli outbreak happens, conditions may be right for the disease to “feed on itself,” and affect the entire flock. For example, if a significant number of birds develop diarrhea, litter moisture can increase, infecting more birds and, in turn, causing more wet litter. Consequently, the best approach to E. coli infections is prevention rather than control."

So, the fact that the farming industry is using anti-bacteria to kill the infectious form of E. Coli before it has even formed, when this infection can in fact be prevented by simply taking good care of the chickens, shows us that they're definitely not planning on doing the latter. After all, it's soooo easy to pump these chickens full with anti-bacteria that give the farmers the freedom to cut back on staff that shovel the chicken-poo or that keep the chicken-feed dry and healthy for the chickens or to reduce the space that the chickens have to move in and so drive up production  --- the anti-bacteria will kill the diseases that the chickens will develop as a result of the stress they experience from living in these unlivable (for any normal life-form that isn't hopped up on drugs) conditions.

Another point to consider in how the anti-biotics given to the chickens is to mask the abusive environment and practices they endure in factory farming, is that to give this anti-biotics to the chickens is not a decision made lightly. As we can read in the above article, the anti-biotics in the chicken-meat that we eat, gets into our bodies and will have a very harmful effect.

According to Medical News Today:

"There is concern worldwide that antibiotics are being overused. Antibiotic overuse is one of the factors that contributes towards the growing number of bacterial infections which are becoming resistant to antibacterial medications. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), outpatient antibiotic overuse in the USA is a particular problem in the Southeast.

According to the ECDC (European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control), antibiotic resistance continues to be a serious public health threat worldwide. In a statement issued in 19th November 2012, the ECDC informed that an estimated 25,000 people die each year in the European Union from antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections."

Now, the reason why antibiotics over-use will actually enhance the risk of becoming ill and/or dying, is that:

"Antibiotics stop working because bacteria come up with various ways of countering these actions, such as:
  • Preventing the antibiotic from getting to its target When you really don't want to see someone, you might find yourself doing things like hiding from them or avoiding their phone calls. Bacteria employ similar strategies to keep antibiotics at bay. One effective way to keep a drug from reaching its target is to prevent it from being taken up at all. Bacteria do this by changing the permeability of their membranes or by reducing the number of channels available for drugs to diffuse through. Another strategy is to create the molecular equivalent of a club bouncer to escort antibiotics out the door if it gets in. Some bacteria use energy from ATP to power pumps that shoot antibiotics out of the cell.
  • Changing the target Many antibiotics work by sticking to their target and preventing it from interacting with other molecules inside the cell. Some bacteria respond by changing the structure of the target (or even replacing it within another molecule altogether) so that the antibiotic can no longer recognize it or bind to it.
  • Destroying the antibiotic This tactic takes interfering with the antibiotic to an extreme. Rather than simply pushing the drug aside or setting up molecular blockades, some bacteria survive by neutralizing their enemy directly. For example, some kinds of bacteria produce enzymes called beta-lactamases that chew up penicillin."

This means that humans that eat antibiotics infested meat will be less resistant if and when an infectious bacteria hits their immune system. Should, for example, the E.Coli bacteria that resides in the bowels find its way into the blood stream or god knows where else in the body that it doesn't belong and cause illness, it will have 'evolved' itself to be able to counter the antibiotics used by the human as prescribed by their doctors and medical advisers in the above described ways. And so other types of antibiotics will have to be found, and if they don't work, death ensues.

This regular antibiotics intake also cause the general functioning immune system to become weakened and this because:

"Antibiotics stop or interfere with a number of everyday cellular processes that bacteria rely on for growth and survival, such as:
  • crippling production of the bacterial cell wall that protects the cell from the external environment
  • interfering with protein synthesis by binding to the machinery that builds proteins, amino acid by amino acid
  • wreaking havoc with metabolic processes, such as the synthesis of folic acid, a B vitamin that bacteria need to thrive
  • blocking synthesis of DNA and RNA"

It is not only these bacteria that rely on those everyday cellular processes for growth, it is EVERY cell in our body that relies on these processes for growth -- which means that if the antibiotics mess up these processes just to target and attack the growth of one bacteria, it is disrupting the entire function of the human body. That is also why, when you are prescribed antibiotics by your doctor, usually you only take them for a few weeks, that's how long it would take to kill that one harmful bacteria that was making you sick. The process is similar to spraying your entire house with pesticide to kill a few cockroaches, you're not only killing those few bugs, but every other life-form, good or bad - plus, you will not be able to live in your house for at least a month. So, basically, taking antibiotics on a regular bases through meat ingestion, would be similar to constantly living in a house fumed with pesticides --- you'll start thinking that that continuous weak feeling in your legs is 'normal' and one day you'll just collapse without knowing why.

When our food industry is not feeding us anymore but in fact slowly but surely killing us with its practices, that should be an alarm going off telling us that something is seriously wrong here. And I mean, these practices isn't something that is generally covered up, many people know about this and it is a legal thing in the farming industry. The thing about this that is so alarming though, is why we failed to put two and two together - why did the medical industry, who must surely be aware of the harmful effects of antibiotics on the body, not raise the alarm?

And, why aren't chicken/meat-farmers educated enough to understand how what they do to their animals will effect their customers' health? After all, it's these people that are feeding us, so we are literally having to trust them with our lives to make decisions that are best for us.

Or is it that in a way they have no choice but to choose personal profit through producing things as cheap as possible over Life - because that is how our economic system is designed, where only the greedy and self-interested survive --- which means that at the end of the day, they simply don't give a fuck about what happens to their human customers who eat the meat, just like they don't give a fuck about the animals that they're pumping full of drugs in an attempt to keep them alive throughout their stay at the factory farm?

Aren't there laws that say that animals have to be treated well in the farming industry, laws that are supposed to counter abuse? But then, if there are laws that legalize these antibiotics-practices, how is that not an implicit approval of the abuse that would create the necessity for the antibiotics in the first place? I mean, isn't the way that our entire economic system is set up, making the abuse of animals and nature necessary - there's just no other way that the human can 'win' if he doesn't in some way abuse other life-forms to create the cheapest products, in the fastest way, with the least costs?

I mean, if there do exist laws that say it's illegal to feed healthy live-stock antibiotics, I'd say they're not working:

"In fact, up to 70 percent of all antibiotics sold in the United States go to healthy food animals. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention all testified before Congress that there was a definitive link between the routine, non-therapeutic uses of antibiotics in food animal production and the crisis of antibiotic resistance in humans. This position is supported by the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and other leading medical groups who all warn that the injudicious use of antibiotics in food animals presents a serious and growing threat to human health because the practice creates new strains of dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria." (PEW Campain on Human Health and Industrial Farming)

I assume we can all agree that these are, to say the least, Evil practices taking place in our food industry - and not even that well covered up. And the sad thing about it is that we all allow it to take place. When we hear or read about this, it's like we shrug our shoulders and go 'yeah, well, what can we do about it - I'll just eat less meat', as if we can trust anything else that's on the shelves of our supermarkets to be good and healthy for us. In an economic system that is based on personal victory, gain, power and success above everything else, and abusive situations, even children starving to death, is justified by the principle of 'Competition' - it's impossible to trust anything made by the hands of Man anymore.

At what point did it become normal for us to give up on our own life like this? To just roll over and die? Because that's exactly what we're doing by letting atrocious acts like unhealthy and abusive industrial farming take place -- because, this isn't just a matter of 'competition' between farmers/business-men like in a game of monopoly where 'anything goes' to get the prize, this is our livelihoods we're talking about. And from that perspective, the only perspective that is REAL, this situation is Not Acceptable -- and we should really consider re-thinking the function of our Government when we have laws that say that it is.

Investigate the Desteni Organization and the Equal Life Foundation --- we stand for a reinstatement of Dignity within the Society of Man, through Redefining Competition from an excuse to Abuse to an endeavor of Human Greatness, where Life is Honored first and foremost. We stand for a Living Income Guaranteed that will provide a platform of stability for the human to Re-educate itself into Understanding what it means to Live within a genuine care for Life.


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