woensdag 11 januari 2012

2012 - How much will Property cost in the Fourth Dimension?

When looking into the practicalities of ascension, for instance when we are already ascended to the fourth or fifth (who knows even the sixth) dimension, some questions come up that most beings don't really seem to consider when talking about ascension in 2012.

A lot of 'enlightened' beings or beings who claim they are enlightened have been writing books and giving seminars and speeches about 2012 being the year that many human beings on earth will ascend to a higher vibrational density, also known as the fourth dimension - some also say that earth as a whole will ascend, there seems to be some disagreement on this point.

But anyway, I assume this 'ascension'-process entails some change of scenery, like a change in how we see the world at this moment - otherwise why else would we even want to ascend, if not to escape the current world. So I guess that either we 'ascend'/'transcend' to a different place/plane or the world as we know it changes. Another option is that we simply dissolve into thin air as we become 'energy' completely - though that would simply imply dying, which is not really a novelty or something we'd have to wait for. So let's now assume that ascension means some kind of travel to another, better, more 'spiritual' place where our world will exist in harmony and we will all be happy.
And lets also assume that only the ones who are aware of the ascension process, which is all the beings who have read the books and heard the speeches of the 'enlightened' ones that have sent out the message of ascension, will ascend and leave all the other humans, plants and animals here behind existing in the hell that is at the moment our human reality.

So, we will be living with each other then, us the spiritual ones - we'll have to get along (but obviously because we're spiritual that won't be an issue), however I imagine there will still be practical points that have to be sorted out, as we'll all be sharing one planet/plane, quite like we are at this moment, only it will be nicer and happier - so there will have to be some kind of system to manage everything. Who will be the leader of that system? And how will we distribute the work that is necessary to be done so that we all can eat and have our basic necessities to survive on this planet/plane? What if there are some who don't want to cooperate because they want to be the leader and disagree with the decisions that are being taken? Will we have to build prisons in case some get into an argument and get real angry at each other and one accidentally kills the other - or will we have a 'nicer' and 'happier' way of dealing with conflict?

Sure I am spiritual and I want to get along with everyone, but when it comes to my survival, then I'm sorry but I'll want my fair share - as I imagine there will be those that try to have more than others, therefore we'll need laws to make some things clear as to what will be allowed and what not, so that our personal interests don't get in the way of another beings personal interests.

On this one planet/plane we're going to want to build our own lives with specific people that we love, doing things that we like, though we'll obviously still need to work because we'll need other people to for instance build our house and create stuff that I want to have in my house, that means that we'll need some kind of currency-system as well as a trading system so that each being that works for another will have something in return, which is only fair of course because there will be some doing more work than others - and this currency system will then require all of us to work as the goods that will be made by some will have a price and we'll all need money to buy those goods. After all, we can't just expect some to work for instance as a farmer while the rest just consumes the products that came from this persons hard labor - as our minds are programmed to 'fairness', wherein we want our personal 'fair share' so therefore we must give another their 'fair share' as well.

Which brings me to my initial question of 'How much will Property cost in the Fourth Dimension?' - which proves itself to be quite a valid question to this whole metaphysical, general topic of 'ascension'. Because it seems that we have never looked into the practical consequences of ascension - especially the point of 'will life really be better if we went to another place/plane/planet, or will it not just become exactly like earth at the moment as the living expression of who we all are on the inside, where our desire to 'ascend' or 'transcend' only reveals the desire to run away from what is here as this world, which is ourselves - within the realization that that which we see is ourselves as we see and experience all from the starting point of ourselves?'

Rather than ascending or wanting to ascend or transcend or anything that implies escaping or desiring to be anywhere but here - would it not make more sense to investigate ourselves as to how we got this way in the first place? Within the realization that we're just going to create the same mess where ever we go - by not simply taking responsibility for what exist right here.

Really it is actually quite unacceptable to even assume that we can simply leave this place without any consequences - which is what many rich people on earth also want to do by exploring the possibilities of living on Mars, so we can do the same there as what we did here on earth. So in this way, those that want to ascend this 'earthly plane' are no different than the elite of this world wanting to go live on other planets, as it is all escapism.

So, how about we find a solution for what is here first and get ourselves out of this escapism of the mind, which is this belief that we are for some reason not responsible for this mess that we currently find ourselves in which is what we as a human race made of earth.

Check out an Equal Money System as the platform for actual world change wherein we take responsibility for what is here and direct what is here to creating an actual real heaven on earth instead of hoping that heaven will come to us in the form of another 'dimensional plane'.
It is only common sense that we face what we've created and change it into something that is liveable.

And see Desteni Universe to get to know about the practical tools with which you can in fact face and change yourself to stand up as an actual living being that takes responsibility for all that is here as all life instead of trying to run away from it.

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