vrijdag 7 december 2012

Prevention as an Equal Money System is the Best Cure

What we are seeing in our current system, our Capitalist System, our Consumerism System, our Parenting, Schooling, HealthCare, Food-Industry, Military, Entertainment, etc.. -System is that there are a LOT of PROBLEMS - we are in a veeery problematic situation here on earth, and the foundation of our current systems is one of 'damage controlling' the consequences that have been created in the past and that we are still creating within not practically living the statement that 'prevention is the Best Cure'.

It's fascinating that not only in our personal lives, but also within the national and global major infrastructures, the 'official institutions', the laws, the businesses, the market systems, the justice systems, we are making small and big and huge decisions based on REACTION instead of prevention.

For instance, a recent example is how when the banks started going bankrupt, as a PROBLEM that was the result of reactive rather than preventative decisions made in the past, our REACTION was to 'pump tax money into the banks', so as to keep up our HOPE, as reaction to the despair that we experienced, a hope that would obviously only last for so long because of how the entire infrastructure of our monetary system is already undermined within this belief in 'infinite growth' within and as the consumerist/capitalist mentality, a belief that is a complete ILLUSION, which we now are seeing within the consequences of resource-depletion and global recessions that are playing out.

So, basically, instead of stopping for a moment and taking the road of common sense within investigating the system and coming to terms with its flaws and plain unsustainable nature, we went 'noooo!', reacting with fear of losing our 'precious system', somehow believing that 'change', whatever kind, is 'bad' - and chose to keep up appearances within trying to 'save' the system by making decisions that would in the long run only create more unpleasant consequences that we would sooner or later have to face.

This is an interesting point, and if we are self-honest and have a look at how we approach situations in our personal lives, we may notice that we do the exact same thing --- we will wait for problems to occur, and then, instead of investigate the origin point of the problem within making sure that it will not occur again, we REACT to the 'problem' with fear of LOSING a part of what we had come to define as 'our life' and thus 'who we are' - and would do just about anything to just 'make it go away' so that we can once again nest ourselves back into our comfort zone of good feelings as basically the HOPE that our lives will work out the way we want it to. But do we ever really consider the CONSEQUENCES of the decisions that we make within and as REACTIONS to situations as what will eventually play out later in our lives and in our environment? We do not!

And so what happens within this is that more problems start to come up, things that we had apparently 'not foreseen' - like our partner leaving us, our child rebelling, getting diagnosed with diabetes or any other type of illness, losing our job/house/money, war breaking out, entire countries going bankrupt, nature playing up with natural disasters... - on the small as well as on the big scale, things start to escalate out of control eventually because we had not for one moment taken the time to investigate the consequences of our decisions, investigate how reality functions, how the mind as the reactive system functions, how nature as a system functions, how the economic SYSTEM functions and therein investigate what would happen within these systems as a REACTION to our ACTION.

If our ACTION is driven by an internal REACTION, we will never see reality clearly, we will only see 'what we want/need/desire' and our FEAR of not getting what we want/need/desire, and within this we will always take the easy road to get to what we want/need/desire --- and therein, we do not consider that everything in this world/reality is a system that have a specific reaction/response/outplay to our ACTIONS --- its like mixing chemicals, if you're not aware of the compounds of what it is that you're mixing and how they will react to each other as what the outcome will be of the mixture, you're gonna have an explosion or worse.

At Desteni, we aim at prevention rather than reaction - to create the CURE for the mess that we as Mankind have gotten ourselves into - through thorough investigation of all systems that currently exist here in reality, those within and those without. So join us if you are interested in building a world that is best for all in all ways.

Investigate an Equal Money System - a Monetary/economic Solution that is founded on the principle of 'Prevention is the Best Cure'