donderdag 5 januari 2012

2012 Muslim Brotherhood: Best for all or Ego-Excuse?

Will the Muslim Brotherhood be able to create an Egypt that is best for all or will DOGMA RULE?

In this Post-Mubarak time, the Muslim Brotherhood have become a fully accepted participant in Egyptian politics. Their main objectives have always been democracy, freedom of press, freedom of speech, establishing a network of support for poor Egyptians, protecting the workers against the tyranny of monopolist companies and founding social institutions such as hospitals, pharmacies, schools, etc...

This seems to be a very promising result of the 'Egyptian revolution' - however there is this trait in human nature that has proven itself to be consistent all throughout history, which is that 'all light cast a shadow'. In the case of the Muslim Brotherhood, which appears to have an agenda that propagates what is best for the people of Egypt, the 'shadow-side' is their rather dogmatic view and beliefs on life and how it should be lived by the people of Egypt. Their name is the 'MUSLIM Brotherhood' for a reason - as they only want what is best for the Muslim people of Egypt, for those that live by the Muslim code of conduct, those that look like Muslims and act like Muslims, following the Muslim rules as they are written in the Qur'an.

So, the problem is that there are a lot of Christian people living in Egypt as well and they are now obviously being suppressed and attacked by the radical Muslims. Where the Muslims and Christians managed to set aside their religious differences to walk hand in hand in the Egyptian revolution of 2011, now they are again falling apart into different groups that stands opposite from each other due to a difference in belief about what life is and how it should be lived.

But isn't it fascinating that all of these differences simply disappeared and didn't seem to matter as much when they were all faced with the same situation - a situation that was created by money? They didn't have jobs, they didn't have money, they didn't have means to survive and provide for their family - and that was the one point that was more important than anything else, the point of awareness that things need to change and that they should all be able to live. In this point they found themselves to be one and equal - as they are equally living here on this earth, equally worthy of existing.

It was only when the revolution was over, that these apparent 'differences' as beliefs, ideas and perceptions about 'life' started to come up again, as things that are apparently important - yet only when you have money. So now that the Muslim Brotherhood has a say in what happens to the people of Egypt, will they create an Egypt that is best for all, standing by the awareness that all shared during the revolution? Or will they rather participate in beliefs and ideas of EGO, forgetting about what really matters, which is that each being has the right to live in dignity?

It will probably be the latter, as human beings always seek for an excuse to participate in ego as unnecessary belief-systems, ideas, perceptions and opinions about life that make them feel important. This is how civil wars and international wars are perpetuated continuously until all of humanity eventually destroys itself completely - humans will always find reasons to fight and create conflict, because the nature of the ego that exist within each one of us is to feel more important than another in some way or another which creates competition and conflict. So now that the fight against the regime is over, the internal fights will begin, the religious fights.

This is the way we have been existing since the dawn of man, this is what we have been accepting as 'our human nature' all throughout history, believing that there is no other way and that this is just the way we are as how we were apparently created by 'God' or 'evolution, or however you'd like to call it.Link

But what if there was another way? If there was in fact a way to change the inner structure and 'nature' of self from a destructive, competing, abusive and ignorant being to a self-responsible, self-respecting and trustworthy being - would you do it?

Investigate Desteni and the Desteni 'I' Process and find out what is possible - as the solution to the 'problem' that Mankind has become. Begin the Process of Self-Change to stand up as the living example of what life really is.

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