dinsdag 29 november 2011

2011 No more worrying about how to pay rent or heating bills - Life in an EMS

We've come to believe that the stress, fear and anxiety that a lot of people experience at the end of the month because they barely have enough money to pay all their bills, is normal. 'it's just a part of life' - there are some that live a life of luxury who never have to experience this kind of fear and then there are those that are poor who have to worry about this stuff every day, and apparently that's 'just the way life is', apparently that's acceptable.

We actually believe that this reality of the 'haves' and the 'have nots' is normal, it's how it has always been so it's how it must be, as if it's been designed by God for some crazy reason and therefore apparently we mustn't touch it. It's fascinating that often the poorest people will turn to God and speak about God a lot, to constantly and continuously imprint the idea within themselves and others that 'God wanted me to be poor and to have a shit life, so i shall not question him' - as they are obviously desperate for some kind of divine reason for their fucked up situation. Because, if not for God wanting to test or punish them, why are they here? Why have they been born into this hell?

The sad truth is however that not God but human beings have designed and created this reality - and by reality I mean the money system that we know today as the 'Capitalist system'. Because if one were to look at reality and what determines whether you exist in heaven or in hell, one would see that that is in fact money, which is a human creation. We human beings are the creators of hell on earth as the money system - no wonder that people go out looking for a God to 'take them to heaven', as this world is quite an unpleasant place to live due to the extensive fears that we all experience - as the fear of not surviving, the fear of not having money.

So for a lot of people, living in this world means constant stress, because they have their money on their minds all of the time - and no matter how much they work, the money that they earn never seems to be enough. And those people who do have enough money, also worry and fear that someday they may not have enough.

How will this change in an Equal Money System? In terms of having to pay rent or heating bills for instance - a roof over your head and heating in the winter are basic necessities that every human being needs to live a dignified life, and therefore they will unconditionally be provided for. Whether or not you have a home and heating will no longer depend on the money that you have, or if you've worked enough - in the current system it seems that human beings have to prove themselves 'worthy' of having a home and heating, by working and earning money, and even still there are people who work all day and do the best they can, but they still can't seem to make enough money to pay for everything and to apparently be deemed 'worthy'. This is a completely dysfunctional and disturbed way of living that is based on the principle that apparently man is born in sin and must now within this life pay to be able to live and earn the 'right' to life through labor. This was by the way also what the communist system was all about.

There has never been any system within the human society that considered life as worthy and valuable in itself, you always had to work and earn money first to then pay for your 'right to live', to be able to survive and 'the system' was something that was apparently 'greater' or 'more' than the human being itself and the human being had to work for the system instead of the other way around. So now, within the EMS we first and foremost look at the point of 'what does everyone practically need to be able to live a decent life?' and then we look at how we can make this a reality by using the money system as the EMS wherein we want to make sure that life is as comfortable and supportive as possible for everyone.

Worrying about paying bills and stress concerning money will no longer exist in an EMS because you are not 'on your own' to survive anymore - you exist in a system that cares and that takes care of all of us equally.

For more information about an Equal Money System, check out www.equalmoney.org

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maandag 21 november 2011

2011 The Heart has Reasons that Reason does not Know

"The Heart has reasons that Reason doesn't know"

Let's look into this statement that is often uttered by humans though not at all within awareness of what they are actually stating - they've just heard it somewhere and decided to use it themselves because it makes for a nice justification for whatever it is you want to justify.

We'll firstly look at when a statement like this is spoken, in what situation - from what i've witnessed in movies for example you would have for instance the situation of a woman falling in love with a man that she thought she disliked. So she disliked him first and now all of a sudden she feels attracted to him - 'for some unexplainable reason'. We'll take this situation as our point of reference within investigating the above statement.

So, the woman dislikes the man, and when she is with her friends she has probably mentioned him a couple of times, talking about all the things about him that makes him apparently 'not to be liked' - this is her opinion about him as her view on 'the world' as 'that man' in particular that she is clearly professing and sharing with her environment - 'I do not like that man'.

Now all of a sudden, she feels a strange attraction towards him - could be because of something he said to her or a look he gave her or a movement he made or some fact about his life that she found out that made her brain work and alter her 'view'/'opinion' as thoughts about him as 'who he apparently is'. Now he is 'likeable' - because she now feels that she likes him.

This means however that the opinions and views about this man that she was professing to her friends with such apparent righteousness, as if she knows all about him, she knows all about reality - are now false.

And here is where our statement comes in because she now has to give some reason/explanation about how/why all of a sudden her opinions can change just like that - because, doesn't this mean that she didn't know what she was talking about in the first place? Obviously she doesn't want to be exposed as a 'liar' or as someone who is just talking bullshit for the sake of getting attention and feeling important - and so she then utters a line to her friends like 'The Heart has Reasons that Reason does not know', which is supposed to imply that she has 'fallen victim' to 'her heart' (='i like him') that apparently has its own 'will' that can apparently 'overpower' 'reason' (='i don't like him).

In this statement all self responsibility is being abdicated because within herself she actually knows damn well why and how she 'changed her mind' and she knows full well that all the things she said about him was just her ego trying to make itself big, but because she doesn't want to admit that she goes and blames her actions on 'the heart' as if her 'heart' isn't also a part of her, just like her 'reason' - all one and the same. In this way, she can still feel justified and righteous in the nasty statements that she had made about him while also being able to feel good about following her desires in creating a relationship with him.

The fact that statements such as this one exist and that human beings actually speak them and believe them reveals to us the deceptive nature of the human - wherein we will use any line to be able to justify what we did/said so that we may still feel good about ourselves no matter what we do.

This is unacceptable, because the point that we seem to miss in all of this deception is that our unawareness in the words we speak and the things we do has an impact/a consequencLinke on the world that we live in - and opposed to what we've always believed, this is not our personal, private world that is here just for us so that we can personally participate in desires and consume our environment. We are all here, on this one planet - therefore it is imperative that we all take equal responsibility for it.

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zondag 20 november 2011

2011 Does 'Free Energy' Exist? is 'Free Energy Possible?

This is an interesting question to look at - because everyone wants 'Free Energy', so that we would not have to pay our electricity and gas bills each month, so that we could be self-sufficient instead of dependent on the big corporations generating/producing the electricity and extracting the gas from the earth who are very likely overcharging us for it so they can make lots of profit. Also because of 'profit' as in 'earning money' to become 'rich' and 'survive' in this reality - the big corporations tend to search for the cheapest, easiest ways to produce and distribute energy, which are not necessarily what is best for the earth.

When you browse the internet on subjects like 'free energy generator', you come across many tutorials and testimony's in youtube-video's and on websites that claim to have found 'the solution' by using for example magnetics. You'll then have to buy the 'manual' with the 'plans' to build this device yourself so that you can enjoy free energy - though together with all of these 'promotions' and 'special offers' and 'inventions', there is also a lot of video's and websites that expose these 'inventions' as scams and hoaxes.

So this leaves one to wonder 'who can I trust in this?' and 'why doesn't anyone in this whole world seem to be sincere, honest and truthful?' - everyone seems to be very willing to misguide, misdirect and mislead others to make money/profit. It seems that even the major corporations that provide the products that we need for our basic living/survival can often not be trusted. And even the people in our governments and major institutes that are supposed to be here to take care of our society, which is us, tend to get exposed as liars and cheaters - and there is an inherent feeling of distrust in almost every one towards each other, because we know that human beings are very capable of lying, cheating and misrepresentation to fulfill their personal desire for power/money (=survival).

So then, what about this notion of 'free energy' as some generator that can produce energy 'out of nothing'/'on itself', as what we're all looking for? Why do we want this so much? - obviously because energy as how it is being presented/produced/distributed at the moment, costs money.
And we accept this as 'normal' because for some reason we seem to believe that the earth requires money to give us it's resources for us to produce and use energy - we seem to have this attitude of believing that it is a 'rule of nature' that we need to pay money to get energy, as what the earth provides for us.

When that is in fact not true - because when you look at this point, than you can see that the ones who are charging money for energy is actually human beings - it is people who built a company that uses the earth's resources to produce energy, who decided to monopolize the earth and to pretend as if it is their property and as if, because they came up with some invention/idea to extract oil, coals or gas from the earth, they now have the 'right' to earn money from this 'invention' or 'company' and to charge every person on this planet who uses this energy/resource - so they can become extremely rich while the rest of humanity will have to become/stay poor because they now have to pay for what the earth actually provides for all of us freely.

It isn't only like this with energy, but with every invention that can make life more comfortable for human beings that people come up with - it is immediately 'patented', individualized, commercialized and capitalized so that a very few can make lots of money/profit from this, and all other people who use this 'invention' to be able to live/survive in this human society/world have to pay for it, they have to work day in and day out just be able to use this tool/product that makes life 'liveable' for us on this planet - when really it should be here for free.

Why? - because Life was given to us for free, we were born here on this planet for free, we may breathe for free, we may think and experience and express ourselves for free. So our expression in this world should also remain for free - that means that if you come up with a 'solution' or an 'invention' that can make life for all beings more pleasant and comfortable, wherein you make use of the resources that the earth provides for us freely, your invention/solution should be of the earth as well because you yourself are of the earth as every other living being that is here.

The whole idea/design of 'making profit' from the earth and from each other as all that is here - is a human invention, wherein the Capitalist System as what we are all living in today is the manifested expression of the greed and desire for power as a personal, selfish, individual experience that disregards all life and that is the seed of abuse in this world.

To investigate how we became so disconnected with ourselves as custodians of the earth - as the free, living expression of life itself, that is here for FREE - and to get to know the solution that will change the face of the earth and the Human Being forever, wherein all life and living is Free as how it always should have been and where our 'government' in finally one that is here to support instead of enslave - check out www.equalmoney.org

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vrijdag 18 november 2011

2011 What will happen to Pollution in an Equal Money System? - Equal Money FAQ

Obviously Equal Money is not going to be a 'magical solution' - like a 'magic wand of Equality'.

We will still be faced with what we have allowed ourselves to create in the capitalist system of consumerism and ignorance, which is a lot of pollution.

Because we have been literally completely disregarding any and all consequences of our actions in this world with regards to nature and the animal kingdom and even our own physical bodies - within our 'struggle for survival' in the capitalistic system wherein we were too caught up with being able to earn money to live to even consider really stopping for a moment and looking around us at what we are in fact creating and allowing to be created as human beings collectively.

When we will actually have the opportunity/time to stop and look around us at the world, which will be the case within the Equal Money System - we might be shocked at seeing our creation - seeing our 'history' of who we were/had allowed ourselves to become within the capitalist system, that will be showing in all the polluted oceans, the died out infertile lands due to 'single-crop farming', the fields of 'electronic waste', and obviously Global Warming.

We will still have to face these unpleasant manifested consequences that is the result of what the 'human endeavor' has been so far - though in the Equal Money System, everything will be put to work to first of all stop any further pollution of earth as our environment. Because we will be thoroughly investigating, researching and experimenting all possible ways and solutions to create a human society that truly exist in 'balance' and 'harmony' with nature. We will not be looking at money anymore from the perspective of simply going for the least expensive option, which is the case however in our current society wherein that is always the most environmentally unfriendly option.

In the EMS - energy production will not be a private corporation of an individual or a few individuals that aim to get rich off their 'product' so they wherein they sell their 'invention' at a high price, making it nearly impossible for most people to use this energy production technique. Instead, all energy production research, manufacturing and distribution will be by and for everyone within the realization that we only have one planet so we cannot afford to be selfish and use earths resources as if they are ours to exploit.

Energy must and will be free for all as how it always should have been - and all decisions concerning the usage of the resources of earth should be known and agreed upon by all, to make sure that no abuse is being inflicted because we are all here so it is not acceptable that we all are paying the price for what a couple of greedy human beings are doing where they are being allowed by the capitalistic system to exploit and abuse earth in the name of personal profit.

then, secondly - we will be looking at how we could possibly even restore earth to its original expression, how we could for example clean out the oceans, the soil and the air. So we will be able to enjoy and express ourselves here on earth for the first time - within and as mutual respect and freedom.

Which will be so much fun.

Join us at www.equalmoney.org

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woensdag 16 november 2011

2011 Can I pass money on to my children? - Equal Money FAQ

No - because have a look at this question, it is coming from the current state of mind wherein parents constantly fear for and worry about the survival of their children in this reality, because the current system does not unconditionally support each living being in the world.

There is always the fear of 'falling without', of losing money, and the fear of 'my children not having enough money to survive and live a dignified, comfortable life'. So motivated by this fear, parents and grandparents will start hoarding and saving money like crazy, to pass it all on to their children when they die, so they can feel assured that the child is being taken care of in this world.

Believe it or not, but this fear will exist no more in an Equal Money System - these worries about money and the future that we've gotten so accustomed to will have ceased to exist, because each and every being that is born into this world will be unconditionally provided for and supported. So from that perspective, the perspective of money and survival as 'the future', saving and hoarding up money won't be necessary anymore.

There will be a conscription system in place - wherein each being will have to work for 4 to 6 years, as what is required to get our basic necessities met. One can still work after that of course, though not from the perspective of 'getting'/'earning' more than another because that would only come from the starting point of desiring to in some way feel 'better' or 'more powerful' than others. What we have today is that people will deliberately work a lot to earn a lot more money than other people so they can use that money to control all other beings, because that is the nature of money in the current system - a tool of power and control that puts some in the position of 'master' and others in the position of 'slave'.

In the Equal Money System, if one wishes to work more then it will be within the realization of contributing to the system of what is best for all, which is working within and as the expression of gratitude as in being grateful for life and for the life-supporting system that is here that would not be possible without the equal contribution of all - instead of wanting to work more from the starting point of abusing the beings in the system (which is pretty much the basic design of our current monetary system - the enabling of abuse).

Also a house, which is part of the basic necessities for every human being to live in dignity in this world, will not have to be passed on to the children through means of a will - it will happen automatically because the basic principle of the EMS is that each being has the right to a roof over their head.

For more information on the Equal Money System and how it will operate - and also how our experiences and view on life will change once an EMS is in place - check out the Equal Money Books http://eqafe.com/i/kamourette-what-the-faq-is-equal-money-system-volume-1
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dinsdag 15 november 2011

2011 What if I don't want to work for 4 years? What if I can't? - Equal Money FAQ

What if I don't want to work for four years in an Equal Money System?

Someone who would ask this question would do so only out of spitefulness and has clearly not investigated the Equal Money System, because if you compare the four years of mandatory labor (four years in an entire lifetime that is) to the lifelong (slave)labor in and of the current system it isn't difficult to see which system is best.

Also if you were to state that you do not want to work for four years in an Equal Money System - you will most likely be sent to have psychological assistance/aid - because within this statement you show that you lack all ability to see what is best for all living beings and you are incapable or unwilling to place yourself in the shoes of another being, as it will be very effectively elaborately explained exactly how an Equal Money System works and why the four years of labor are required for each being.

These four years of labor within the lifetime of each being is what is required to make sure that all is in place to provide the basic necessities for the survival and comfort of each living breathing human being - so within the giving of these four years of labor, each being will show their respect to life and will show who they are as a being. If you state that you are unwilling to give up four years of your life to the benefit of all then you are showing/revealing yourself as a selfish, ignorant being.

Though we will assume that no one is that ignorant or stupid - and that all will understand why the four years of mandatory labor is needed - because if we did not have this system of mandatory labor that serves as the back bone of the Equal Money System then that would mean that we have to return to 'the alternative' which is what we have now, as a system that does not care about you because it only supports the selfish nature of the individual and so it will leave you to rot if you cannot keep up with the money-flow in the system (if you cannot perform the slave-labor to earn money anymore).

Now the other point of 'What if I can't do the mandatory four years of labor in an EMS?' - quite unlike what we have now as our current system, the EMS will be one where your life is not measured by your ability to perform/work, as its main focus point is to look at how we can all live here in the most optimal way - so you will not be left to rot. Obviously, if you cannot work because of illness or disability, then simply you cannot work and so you won't have to work.

The EMS is based on common sense, and this means the sense that we all have as to seeing what needs to be done so that all get what they need - instead of what we have now which is laws and rules that apparently we must rely on to know what to do in this chaotic complex society.
Because of the laws and the rules that we have now, we have become completely disconnected from what is real as common sense, as we feel as though the world is for some reason too big and complex and difficult for us to grasp and understand. This is however but a mindset that we have been taught that only serves the elite as the rich and powerful to be able to stay in power - and common sense is their worst enemy because if you were to look at this reality in common sense then you'd see that there is a lot of bullshit going on.

So, what we have today is people often faking sickness or disability to get payed by the health insurance and to in this way have their personal benefit from the system - not considering what impact or consequences their actions may have on others within the system, and this is possible because there is no common sense what so ever in this world currently - as all that is being promoted by our system of capitalism is selfishness.

This will change in the EMS that drives/thrives on common sense, because all will be made aware of how exactly our system works - all will get to know the how, what, where, when and who of everything that we do and that needs to be done in the system. So, no more hidden agenda's that result in a very complicated network of rules, laws and 'values' wherein we cannot see the point of it all anymore and tend to give up on common sense because we feel so overwhelmed by it all. And in this way, when everything is out in the open and honest and people are not supported in their dishonesty as selfishness anymore, each one will see their place in the system and the way in which they in fact support its functioning and within this we all will take up our responsibility within enabling the EMS to exist - because we realize that if I as each human being do not take responsibility and move myself within the EMS to support it, it will not be able to support me.

Each being will take up their responsibility in the system, and therefore each one will be supported by the system - those who work and those who don't work equally.

For more information on the Equal Money System, join the forum: www.equalmoney.org

And see the Equal Money Book: 'What the FAQ is an Equal Money System?'
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woensdag 9 november 2011

2011 The Deception of Feminism

Women seem to be so proud of 'feminism' -proud of the fact that they yelled and struggled and 'revolted' and burned their bra's to gain equal rights to the man in this society. As if all of a sudden the woman has become more powerful than she was so many years ago - when she was apparently suppressed by the man because she could not participate in this world of systems such as politics and economics as capitalism.

So now the objective of 'feminism' is to get as many women as there are men in political and economic structures, to have female corporate executives and prime ministers - to apparently 'equalize' the woman to the man in this world. And when we women look at the world today, we feel good about ourselves because we have apparently arisen from suppression and we 'thank God for the suffragettes' who made it possible for us women to be able to participate in the world now.

Though we've never actually seen the world as what it really is. For instance we don't seem to see/realize that the 'equalizing of women to men' has been from the perspective and startingpoint of women actually believing that they are less than the male in this world, because they have allowed themselves to be brainwashed/programmed by the design of this reality, which is a male design.
This world with all its systems, its structure, its hard, tough, rough, rigid, ruled, regulated, automatic, systematic, organized basic design - is in essence masculine, it is the masculine expression that is of 'power', 'control', 'fighting', 'struggling', 'achieving', 'competing' , 'attaining', 'reaching', 'building', etc...
And it was men who have throughout History (= 'His' story) built, created and designed this entire reality, because it was their primary desire as the male expression to create a structure of power and control as a 'game' reality wherein they can fight each other and create conflict and war.

The Female expression is in essence one of caring, nurturing, supporting, softness, expression and simplicity, like the earth - women did not really desire power quite like the male and therefore they have always stood in the background, caring for the children and the husband and the house.

So, what has happened within 'feminism' as the apparent 'strength of the woman arising', is that women have in fact suppressed themselves as their natural expression as femininity even more extensively, because they have allowed themselves to be duped by/within the idea of 'equalizing themselves with/to the male' within the parameters of this masculine society - so what they've done is they've gone and worshipped the male expression as this society as apparently 'superior' and 'great', which they apparently must be a part of to be deemed as 'valuable'. In this, women have lost themselves as natural strength and power that is within themselves as the natural expression of themselves as femininity, by looking at the society as the manifested expression of masculinity and actually believing that this is strength, that apparently this world as men has any power what so ever.

So, within feminism, women have actually compared themselves to the men and judged themselves as 'less', and so now they wanted to also participate in this masculine society that was designed by men that is the expression of masculinity so they could feel better about themselves within the belief that 'if they are like men then they will be good/better' - not realizing that in this they actually are making sure that they will for ever more feel 'less' and 'inferior' to the male expression because they have allowed themselves to believe that the male expression, as what we see in this world as the systems of the human society, is 'reality' - meaning that apparently 'men' and 'masculinity' is 'reality', within which the woman apparently does not exist.

So, by desiring to participate in this reality of systems that was designed by men within and as the belief that it is real in the first place - the woman has abdicated and supressed her existence. And she has given up all chance of ever changing this reality, by not trusting herself as natural expression as the key to reality, because she allowed herself to be brainwashed by the idea that the male expression is better/superior, as an idea that is introduced by men because of their desire for power and dominion - so, she lost herself within the apparent 'greatness' and 'complexity' of this systematic reality.

Though, note that I am not suggesting that we should all blame the men for what is happening in the world currently or for the 'suppression of the woman' - as this reality is but an outplay of what has been accepted by all of humanity all throughout history, so there is no one to blame, and therefore all of us individually must take responsibility for all that exist to then stand up from it as actual strength.

Reality as how we know it is all in Reverse - Investigate at: www.desteni.co.za

and See the Equal Money System as the New Monetary System of 2020 that will allow beings to express themselves within and as actual Equality, wherein all beings will truly be equalized within the parameters of respect for all life unconditionally - also educate yourself about the EMS, read the Book 'What the FAQ? - Equal Money System'

maandag 7 november 2011

2011 And God created Ritual Slaughtering

And God created the Ritual Slaughtering of an animal to be accepted into the kingdom of heaven. For example, in the Islamic Religion an animal that is deemed 'Halal' is slaughtered to remember some story about the Prophet Ibrahim that is written in the Koran. On this day almost every muslim family in the world slaughters an animal - without sedation as this is not 'Halal' - because it is tradition and because apparently they will not be sentenced to hell by Allah on Judgment Day.

Also on the seventh day after a child is born, a ritual slaughtering of an animal takes place - to apparently create a connection with God and to thank God for the blessing of the child.

What is 'Halal' and what is not 'Halal', meaning 'the right way' - is pondered and discussed and decided by a Muslim Council of theologists - which often results in speculation for example not sedating the animal before it is slaughtered is something of which they 'believe' is 'Halal' (the right way) because 'the Prophet did not sedate the animals that he sacrificed' - so, just to make sure they get into heaven, the animals will not be sedated before their throats get cut open.

Now, realizing that this is going on in the world - wherein human beings are simply slaughtering animals for no apparent reason but the belief that it will 'bring them closer to God' and 'God will love them if they do this' - leads one to question what kind of a God this is that would allow the blind killing of His creation as earth and the animal kingdom by Human Beings as beings who believe that they are 'Gods special children' and therefore they can abuse all of existence.

Would it not be more common sense that when someone who has participated in the ritual murder/slaughtering of animals wherein they were only considering gaining their personal little place in heaven next to God, not even really seeing what it is that they are doing unto another living being - when they die and get to Heaven and there they meet God, that instead of God saying 'well done' and padding them on the head, God would tell the being to stop and look behind them to the earth that they have left behind and that they have created, wherein they did nothing but abuse God's Creation, blindly following some belief as a tradition because of some words that were written by some guys in a book once.

God would ask 'Why the Fuck did you not sort out the shit on earth?', 'Why did you not create Heaven on earth, as this is your responsibility as the image and likeness of God?' - then he'd say 'now you're dead and all you've done when you were alive is allow life to be abused, raped, killed and consumed and you did nothing to stop it, you did not take care of my creation as the Custodian of Earth that you were supposed to be', 'you were a selfish bastard, who was only ever thinking about his own ass somewhere in some heaven that you will now never get to experience as your chance to in fact create heaven on earth has passed'.

It's time we as human beings living here on this earth together, start looking at the hell that we have been creating in our search for a private, personal heaven - not realizing that heaven can only exist if and when all of life exist in heaven, as heaven on earth. This is common sense - after all what kind of a God would allow a being to experience a personal, separate heaven while the rest of existence is suffering - except for a fake God who is only after separation as Power.

We do not accept fake Gods anymore - we stand up as all of existence as what is HERE, real. We stand as/for an Equal Money System, that will ensure the practical implementation of the 'Kingdom of Heaven' here on Earth, so all may live in Heaven on Earth, as how it was always supposed to be.

Get to know all about Equal Money on the forum www.equalmoney.org and in the blog books http://store.desteni.org/products/freedom-blogs-the-birth-of-practivism-volume-1, that are available at the Desteni Store http://store.desteni.org

vrijdag 4 november 2011

2011 Stopping Human Evolution - Equal Money System

"Before the end of this century, excessive mining will have exhausted nearly all the planets' reserves" (Quote taken from the movie 'Home')

The movie 'Home' shows us the absolute parasitic nature of the human being, its obsessive compulsive need and desire to consume more than its planet can handle - even when this behavior is not at all necessary because the human doesn't actually need all the stuff that it takes from the earth - it is all spawn from the inherent 'Greed' that clearly exist within the human being

and not only do we seem to have a complete disregard for our planet (our 'home'), but also for each other - as we for example don't stop and think about the generations of humans that will come after us and that are going to be left with a big mess and very few resources left to actually survive, because the previous generation was on a 'consuming-spree'. there is not really a need to blame ourselves for this though, no need to feel bad about ourselves.

what is much more important/imperative is that we stop and look at ourselves and ask ourselves the question 'How come we have never stopped ourselves?' 'How come that, in spite of us knowing all along that we are destroying the earth and eventually it will turn on us, and we are destroying ourselves and each other, we did not stop?'

Every generation is seeing things getting worse in the world, though because we were thinking/hoping that ‘the shit will not hit our fan’, we did not stop it because we didn’t feel the need to. We assumed that 'I' will eventually die and the shit of this world that I could not/did not stop will be passed on to the next generation – and I will be gone so it won’t be my problem what happens to this world of humans, I’ll just be glad to be out of it.

And now – the shit is hitting the fan – in OUR time, OUR age, it is HERE – the impending doom of humanity, which is us. And though we may not believe it, as though it is but a mirage, a dream, it is not really happening to us – we must stop this here and now.

We must now do what we as the human race was not willing to do for 200.000 years – we must stop and change our ways.

What seems to be the reason that in the midst of our self created storm we are not stopping – is that we are waiting to be destroyed, because in fact we believe that we are unable to stop ourselves, we believe that we are unable to change – because of 200.000 years of ‘human evolution’, how can we – but one generation – stop human evolution?

It may seem unimaginable/impossible/incredible to accept that the human was never truly evolving in the first place – it was devolving. And the ever growing societies as the apparent pinnacle of our supposed ‘great’/superior evolution is but a picture/an image that serves to hide the actual destruction that has built it.

Our starting point of ‘evolution’ was never one of LIFE – it was one of selfishness – only focusing on the HUMAN SURVIVAL - not ever actually considering/seeing the human being as a part of the ecologically balanced system of the earth, wherein it is in fact not superior or ‘better than’ at all – but equally HERE with all other life forms that make up this planet – our home. So, from this starting point of selfishness – how could we ever have evolved?

How is it that we never realized/saw ourselves as a part of reality, a part of life – as what we actually are? How did we get so lost into this fantasy of apparent ‘superiority’ of the human?

And most importantly, why don’t we stop – realize ourselves – forgive ourselves and start anew? Even now – at the brink of our self imposed extinction, wherein we will take all life with us, we don’t even stop. We still seem to find fantasy worlds/alternate realities to apparently escape into – fantasies as reasons and justifications for why we apparently don’t have to change.

Like the hope/expectation that the shit will not hit our fan – hopefully I will die before things get really bad. So we’re basically waiting for death to release us from our self created hell – instead of realizing our power and standing up and changing ourselves and this world.

Within an Equal Money System, we will abandon all hope, give up all fantasies, dreams and ideals – we will in fact stand up HERE, within and as this moment as the living statement of ‘till here and no further’. We will wait no longer as it is unacceptable to expect death to ‘release’ us from this hellish experience of life on earth – because we are the creators of this world, and therefore we can change it, we have to change it. We stop – forgive ourselves – stand up and change, because we can and because we are HERE.

Join us at www.equalmoney.org to investigate what the Equal Money System is all about.

And visit www.desteni.co.za for assistance and support in standing up as a real being in this reality that takes real responsibility – and is in fact able to change the world.