woensdag 10 oktober 2012

2012 Is it the Hand of God that Pushes us into Destruction?

"Sometimes the very things that we fight against are actually the hand of God trying to push us into a new season."

Interesting statement.
We humans have been fighting against many things throughout our existence here on earth, there have been many many wars and conflicts in which many many beings have died in various gruesome ways. Times have always changed through these conflicts, but can we truly honestly have a look at our changed world and say that it was 'for the better', that this was in any way 'God's Master Plan'?

Have the 'seasons' that changed through conflict and wars not only brought more conflict and confusion about the times that we are living in? Have the fears, uncertainty and insecurity about where we are going with life on earth not only risen along with our expansion in scientific research into exactly how much we have made a mess of our planet - because the only constant throughout 'Human Evolution' has always only been the steadfast deterioration of our environment and our lack of ability or rather will to co-exist peacefully with other lifeforms on Earth?

"Sometimes the very things that we fight against...."
In every fight there is a push or a pull, be it Hitler's army marching through Europe or parents enforcing their rules and patterns onto their children, we feel threatened and so we push back as a survival mechanism, thus war comes about. Though neither Hitlers' ideology nor most parents' education have proven to be what is best for life on Earth, so it is safe to say that those 'seasons' that the 'hand of God' is apparently trying to push us into indeed cannot be allowed. Because, really, it isn't the 'hand of God' pushing us, it is the hand of humans with power that WANT Their Will to be Law, humans who BELIEVE themselves to be 'God', the all-mighty and all-knowing, yet who unfortunately have no clue about or interest in how reality actually functions and what would in fact be best for all beings as they act purely out of self-interest, just like those that then push back act out of self-interest as self-preservation. These 'instinctive' ego-driven acts of survival then eventually give birth to WAR as both sides push and pull to 'get theirs'.

The 'season' that we find ourselves in at this moment in time is one of great conflict, just think of the 'Arab Spring', and this season came about through exactly the same conflicts. In fact, just try to think of one moment through human history that there was no conflict, there is none. Thus it speaks of great ignorance to believe that the Human has in any way been 'moving in the right direction' as if 'pushed by the hand of God' through the 'changing of the seasons', if it had, there would be no more wars, there would be no famine, no poverty, no children dying on the streets, no animal abuse, no exploitation, no sexual abuse,...

 In the above quote there is only the desperate search for a belief in a 'higher purpose' to the mess that we are clearly in here on Earth, yet no common sense practical insight what so ever. To believe that it is the 'hand of God' that 'pushes us into new seasons' is to basically deny all and any responsibility of the Human Being and its actions and to thus justify all that 'happens' as the Human sits passively and apparently powerlessly by while the world turns to shit, not doing fuck-all to bring about real and lasting change, as apparently it is 'the hand of God' that is 'doing this to us', and so all we can do is fight like a little child against the 'powers that be', only creating more wars and conflicts, never noticing that we are only fighting ourselves and the belief and feeling of inferiority that we have bestowed upon ourselves.

In all this, we have missed the simple solution to end all war and conflict once and for all, to end the ever changing seasons of misery, which is to stand up and realize that there is no 'hand of God', there is no 'divine intervention', there is only us here, which means that we realize our responsibility, collectively and individually. It is to stand up and see, realize and understand that we are God on Earth and that all that changes here is by our own hands, always. We decide, either we create war and conflict by remaining ignorant, self-interested beings or we create heaven on earth by realizing who we really are and taking responsibility for ALL that happens on this planet and directing it to what is best for all Life.

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