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2012 Is Sai Baba coming back to save us all?

He will give you everything. For He is everything. He gives you His Self without any conditions. The only way to love Him is to love without thinking. Never plan... forget worry... dismiss desire... do not even try to understand His ways. If you have called His name then whatever that comes your way is His plan... His will and His worry!
~Sri Sathya Sai Baba~

Sai Baba was an Indian 'Guru' who became popular during the seventies - he claimed to be the reïncarnation of several Indian Gods, to be able to perform miracles and to be brought here to earth to bring 'justice' and 'universal love' back to humanity.

His followers were, and still are, within the millions - though he has lost a lot of loyal devotees when word got out that he sexually harassed and molested some young male devotees, while he professed that he was free from desires as the apparent 'highest good'.

Now in this previous statement that he made, he advises human beings to basically place their lives/will/worries/... in the hands of 'God', who will then guide them through their lives and take care of everything - all they have to do is follow and accept whatever happens in their lives as 'the divine plan of God'.

He says 'dismiss desire' however this very statement here was made from a desire to have a purpose in life, the desire to make sense out of life, otherwise one wouldn't say such things about a God apparently handling everything if it wasn't for us desiring/expecting/wanting/needing it to be so. So here already is a point that does not make sense in his words and that proves his message to be contradicting itself and thus untrustworthy.

Also a quite impractical point in his words with regards to whether or not they will in fact serve life on earth, is that he basically suggests passivity as a principle to live by.

"If you have called His name then whatever that comes your way is His plan... His will and His worry!"
So, while it is obvious that the hell on earth currently that causes people to go and look for answers, a purpose and a God in the first place has been created by non other than the human being itself and not by God - he suggests to rather than fix our own self-created problems and live as the solution ourselves within the realization that we are in fact responsible for earth and our experience within it, to go and leave it all up to God and pretty much sit, wait and expect 'God' to simply fix it all for us. As if God in his all-knowingness will ever do this for us - because if God really is all-knowing then he is fully aware of the fact that if he simply helps us out of our self-imposed hell and gives us a 'second chance', that we're just going to fuck it up again as no real change is ever possible without an understanding and awareness of who we are and how we created this current mess in the first place.

Therefore God would know that the best medicine for our 'illness' is for us to 'sweat it out' - meaning that we face the fires of the hell that we have allowed to exist here on earth and then stand up from it and change it into heaven within the full awareness of our responsibility towards taking care of earth.

The same principle of 'no real change is possible without an understanding and awareness of who self is' goes for Sai Baba himself, for example where he would profess 'being without desires' without even understanding what desires is, where desires come from or why desires are seen as 'bad' - so it is no wonder that he would go and act out the opposite of what he preaches (by molesting the young males) as he doesn't even know who he is, because he simply accepted this idea and belief of himself being 'the reincarnation of this or that God/Goddess', without ever questioning it, which implies that there are things that he does not know about himself that are apparently directed by a higher power, like reincarnation and desires for instance.

So when it comes to changing the world in fact, the words and message of Sai Baba has proven itself useless and impractical - and only here for those who desire to place their responsibility entirely in the hands of a higher being/God/spirit and who thus want to hear these kind of statements as they make them feel good about themselves and the world.

There is no real change possible without taking responsibility for who we are at this moment - because the change will have to come from us, we have to be and live the change that we want to see in this world.

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