woensdag 28 maart 2012

Jet Blue Pilot gone Wild

Only two weeks after a flight attendant on a US commercial airplane 'lost it', on march 27th it is a pilot that scared the passengers on his plane when he started to show 'unusual behavior' like pushing random buttons in the cockpit, screaming that they were all going to die, adding in some other stuff about the Israel, Iraq and Iran and twitching and jerking his head muscles.

People were, needless to say, baffled and startled, as they didn't know what was going on and because no one ever expects this kind of behavior from pilots and/or flight attendants, as the ones who are known for their almost 'perfect' exterior presentation that seems to always convey that you can trust them, which is obviously necessary when you're on a plane - that you trust the ones who are in charge of the thing to not get you killed.

So, both cases left all by-standers and their own family and friends in a state of confusion as they had no clue why or how they all of a sudden went 'crazy' like that - according to this CBS News article, the landlady of the Pilot was absolutely shocked to hear of his apparent 'meltdown' because she knew him as a happy-go-lucky guy who was always friendly, never seemed to suffer from depression or stress and was always in a good mood.

These are events that basically shake up the foundational values and belief systems that people have about reality, leaving them behind in a state of confusion and an eery sense of not knowing what the hell is going on in this world - for instance in these cases, the belief that humans had about 'flight attendants and pilots being trustworthy and stable beings' got completely shattered as they were faced with these 'mental breakdowns' that seemed to come out of nowhere, that clearly showed that pilots and flight attendants are not as 'perfect' and 'stable' as they look and as they always present themselves to be.

Many structures, institutions and manifestations in this world are in fact based on such belief systems, wherein we trust certain people and institutions, such as politicians, teachers, parents, 'the government', 'hospitals', doctors, nurses, police officers, etc. because of how they are being presented and how they tend to present themselves - which is as if they are more trustworthy than the rest of us and that it is therefore safe to place our lives in their hands as that is what we do every single day.

What situations like this with the flight attendant and the pilot apparently 'losing it' are showing us is that basically our entire experience and perception of reality is based on lies and illusions - as we exist within gullibility, nativity and ignorance wherein we would much rather trust, have faith in and believe in a pretty and nice illusion such as 'I can trust a pilot/politician/nurse/my mother/my teacher/...' that makes us automatically want to follow and believe in what they tell us so that we can feel safe and secure within ourselves, than to look at reality as the FACT that all of these beings that have labeled themselves according to the position that they play in this world of money, are just people just like us - they are not more benevolent or trustworthy. In fact they are just as crazy, deceitful, manipulative and self-dishonest as the rest of us, and they themselves are also just looking for someone to trust and follow just like so many beings trust them.

It is fascinating to watch how human beings seem to exist in such denial of who they really are and of what is really going on in reality, as they allow themselves to be so easily influenced and duped by all the pretty presentations in this world, the pretty pictures wherein most people (especially the ones with money) seem to be 'good' - not realizing that if you have money, then obviously you have a wide range of possibilities to create a certain 'style' in which you will present yourself to 'society' to basically manipulate people into trusting you because you 'look the part' and obviously because people are so very easily misguided because of their own mind and the way they as the mind were programmed to always believe and trust in anyone with money and power as they will (apparently) show the way to survival/safety/security.

Which clearly explains why and how people tend to be mesmerized by the glitter and glamor of 'Hollywood Celeb-society' - almost automatically/instinctively trusting them, only because they look like they have a lot of money, as that 'natural tendency' of the human to only think about it's own survival and thus 'instinctively' turn towards and feel attracted to those that are most able to provide and support that survival like those with the most money in this world, not realizing that the very way the human mind was set up and programmed was to sabotage itself by for instance not being aware of itself and of how reality works and operates - thus often ending up making decisions that were definitely not what was best for life on earth as it was simply driven by a one-dimensional personal emotional experience.

So, what will now happen in this case of the Pilot 'gone mental' and in the case of the flight attendant 'losing her marbles', just like in all cases where these type of 'unexplainable' and unpredictable events occur, is that the 'rationalization-process' begins - and in this 'rationalization-process', various doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists and other apparently 'qualified' human beings will bring forth their 'theories/explanations/reasons' for why these two beings had reacted and 'stepped out of their normal programming' in the way that they did. For instance in the news report discussing the flight attendants 'rant', they mention that the reason for her behavior was (or could have been) that she hadn't taken her medication for her 'mental illness'.

And this will only be to appease and comfort the minds of mankind that were for a moment 'undermined' by and through experiencing/witnessing these 'freak events' - so they can once again slide comfortably into that trusted feeling within themselves that 'all is well' and 'all is as it should be' wherein 'everything (seemingly) has its place and can thus to a certain extent be predicted', so we may all once again delude ourselves within feeling that we have reality 'under control', obviously only until the next 'freak event' happens.

Though, instead of simply allowing ourselves to 'settle' for this kind of pre-programmed living that isn't actually living and expression, wherein we exist in complete willful ignorance of what is in fact going on in reality and of who and why we are, why don't we take this opportunity to stop within ourselves and stand up to no longer allow ourselves to exist as these programmed robots of the mind that always need some sort or 'rationalization' of why, how, when and where 'I' am and 'reality' is to apparently be able to 'be ourselves'?

This ignorance of us has gone too far because it does not only affect ourselves, but also all that exist here like nature, animals, children and all other human beings - we all are suffering the consequences of our allowed ignorance of the mind.

Investigate Desteni that will support you in your process of stopping the mind and standing up as a real trustworthy, constant and stable being that takes responsibility for all life that exist here!

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