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2012 When is 'Inner Revolution' real?

"In my view, the revolution within is the one that leads to fundamental change. It is a revolution without conflict, without fanfare and without the comfort of camaraderie. It is an individual enterprise in which we observe our minds to expose the “I” that splinters the world with its desire for recognition. To me, this is the revolution most worthy of our attention." ( from the article "Gearing up for Revolution")

As long as there exist the idea that there is an apparent 'difference' between the 'inner revolution' and the 'outer revolution', one exist in separation of self and self-dishonesty. When one stand within and as self-honesty as oneness and equality here, then all self-movement is simply here, without any 'distinction' or 'difference' or 'separation' between what is apparently 'in' and what is apparently 'out', as all is Self, one and equally here.

Therefore the 'outer revolution' with for instance Equal Money is the 'natural' expression of self within and as oneness and equality - wherein self move self within and as the realization of what is necessary to be done to sort out this physically manifested reality that self has constructed over time through self's participation in the mind as self-interested separation.

Only those who remain stuck in their unconscious fears towards the apparent 'outer world' that is actually their own self-created inner world of the mind as separation, will not in fact move themselves and claim 'inner peace' in apparent separation of the 'outer war' - instead of realizing that all war only exist in self as this entire 'inner vs outer' is a mind-created illusion reality that serves to hide the truth of self as absolutely responsible for all that exist, because all exist here, one and equal with and as self here.

To further understand this point - you may ask yourself 'why do I separate outer from inner reality in the first place?' and 'what is it that creates the apparent separation between outer and inner reality?' because the answer to this is 'fear'. Fear is the friction/energy that creates that sensation/experience that there is an 'inner' and an 'outer' reality - so no matter how much one focuses on the apparent 'inner peace' and experience this 'inner peace', as long as there exist the idea/experience of there being an 'outer reality' that in some way differs from the 'inner reality, one exist in fear and all inner peace is illusion and self-deception.

If this 'inner peace' were real, as a self-honest self-expression - then ones world would be 'peaceful', then the world/reality would be the absolute manifested expression of 'peace' - then every particle, atom, structure and life-form in existence would exist as this 'peace'. Yet it does not - there only exist this apparent 'inner peace' that so many claim to be 'who they are' as an inner, personal experience that exist in separation of an apparent 'outer reality' that is the manifested expression in war.

So, these beings are simply not willing to take responsibility for what actually exist here as reality - as they'd rather believe that they in some way exist separately from what is here as this physically manifested existence, because they don't want to face themselves as what exist here as what is here at the moment is hell. And so they'll claim 'inner revolution', that is in fact but a self-created energetic experience that validate the self-image of 'I am a peaceful/enlightened/spiritual being', not willing to consider that the reality of self may not be what we'd expect it to be.

Why is Desteni different from 'the power of NOW' and 'mindfulness'? What Desteni stands for is to get to know oneself and reality, instead of simply 'becoming peaceful within'. 'The power of NOW' and' mindfulness' is based on the principle/belief that one must become quiet within the mind, that one must stop all thoughts, to become peaceful within, so that one may be able to change the world without to also become peaceful. However the question is not asked of 'but how did we really get this way in the first place?' and 'why are we not peaceful already?'. It is believed that one will 'get to know oneself' by observing ones thoughts, feelings and emotions as the 'inner conflict', though if one have a look at ones starting point in this 'observation', it is from the desire to eventually 'be able to' 'quiet the mind', which implies that there still exist some polarity of trying to get away from something and trying to get to somewhere. For instance trying to get away from 'war' and 'conflict' and trying to get to/reach 'peace' - through 'observation'.

Yet, within this, one is still not aware of why, how, who or what this is all about and who self actually is and what this entire reality is actually about - the only thing that is focused on within this is 'war vs peace' - to get from war/conflict to peace, be it inner or outer or both, simply assuming that that is our 'purpose' in life, to become 'peaceful', without questioning what the hell is going on in the first place that got us in this fucked up state of apparent 'conflict'.

What Desteni represents is that one do not simply assume anything about self or reality - but rather go and thoroughly investigate self, without expectations or predisposition. And this can only be done through applying self-forgiveness, and not by observing. Because have a look, what we do in this 'observing' the 'inner reality' - is in fact separating ourselves from ourselves, separating ourselves from the apparent 'conflict' within ourselves by merely standing on the sidelines watching it, slowly but surely quieting down and becoming 'peaceful' as one do not participate in the thoughts anymore. And then, when that 'state' of inner peace is obtained, one becomes a 'master', an 'enlightened being', that shows everyone else what they were able to achieve as inner peace, attempting to 'make the world a peaceful place' by hoping that everyone then become like them and follow their lead just like they followed the lead of other masters and enlightened beings.

Yet there was never any awareness of self as the creator of this 'inner conflict'. No real responsibility was ever taken for the inner experience as one only focused on attaining this 'peaceful state' and believed that 'that is who i really am' - and because one did not walk backwards through ones life to trace back the steps that self undertook to slowly but surely 'become' and 'grow into' this 'inner conflicted being', therefore there was no real self-discovery or -investigation. And because of this lack of true understanding of how self has actually constructed this 'inner conflict' through time as the mind - one will obviously never be able to take any real responsibility for this world because one did not take responsibility for self - by not standing one and equal with and as self, but rather simply changing the 'personality-suits' from being an 'inner conflicted being' to being an 'inner peaceful being'.

So Get real with Desteni and stand up as a self-responsible being that stands within and as the principle of oneness and equality as what is best for ALL.

And discover this truly enlightening interview series - the "What is Sex?" Interview series that Linkexplain in detail just how we have, since the dawn of man as consciousness systems, constructed this physical reality as the manifested expression of who we have allowed ourselves to become as separation.

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I wrote an article about anarchy that ties in with this point of the inner revolution: