maandag 12 maart 2012

2012 "Love is Undefinable", How Convenient

"Love is Undefinable" "Love is a many splendid thing" "Love is all you need" "Love is what makes life worth living" "Love is a feeling"

These are but a few statements that are frequently made about 'love' and what 'love' apparently is in 'life'. However, has anyone of the spiritual masters, or guru's that spend their time telling everyone else just how wonderful 'love' is and how we all 'need love to live' and 'enrich our lives' ever actually explained what love is exactly? Nope, of course not. Because love, according to them, is to be worshiped like God. And love, just like God, works in mysterious ways and cannot, nay, must not be defined or depicted as it is 'a feeling' and is thus only real to the one that 'opens up to the possibility that love/God is real'.

The reason why I would even mention this to be an issue and a problem in this world - is because so many people become enchanted with the apparent 'greatness' and 'healing power' of 'love', so many people are absolutely convinced that 'love will save the world', 'love will end all hate', 'love will end all wars', 'love is what will fix this world and create a heaven for all' - all we have to do is trust in 'love'. Though what does prove itself to be quite problematic is this whole 'love is undefined/undefinable' point that seems to be inherent to the 'love-religion'. Because in all practicality, how will love practically and effectively be able to 'save the world and ourselves' and 'create heaven on earth'? Because if you say that 'love is the answer/solution', then you'd have to be more concise and concrete than to simply claim love to be 'undefinable' and assume that this vague description of an inner experience will do to in fact fix this world.

Love being undefinable is however the very essence of 'love', it is the cause of its very appealing power for many human beings - just like 'God' gets his appeal through being 'mysterious' and 'undefined', 'everywhere and all the time' and 'omnipresent' yet not concrete or actually part of the physical reality and therefore not actually ever to be truly understood. This is obviously the very reason why human beings would choose to believe in God in the first place, because of course if he were simply HERE as a part of the physical reality that we can touch and see, than we wouldn't have to BELIEVE in him in the first place, would we?

And the same goes for love - we choose to believe in love because it is not HERE and because the concept of there being 'more than what is here as the physical reality of ourselves' appeals to our curiosity and desire for sensation. And the reason why the spiritual leaders and guru's that so whole-heatedly present Love as 'the ultimate answer' would claim that love is unquestionably 'undefinable', is because if Love were to be defined then they'd lose their appeal, they'd lose their piggy bank as their apparently 'special, magical message' that so many feel enchanted by and curious towards because it offers them an excuse to participate within the belief that there is 'more to life' than their own lives, than their presence here in this physical reality.

If we have a look at reality and the actual consequences of this apparently glorious 'message of love' that is being spread around by so many 'self-help guru's', than we can see that the only thing that this 'undefinable love' is doing at the moment is to sedate people in their personal 'path' in search for 'love', swept off their feet by this 'higher experience' of love as 'the undefined', completely lost to the actual reality because they chose to believe in a concept that is per definition not real and can never be real as it is already defined as being 'undefined'. This creates quite a problem because beings then become lost within this realm of 'the undefinable inner experiences of love' of which they believe that they 'have found the answer', yet they cannot explain, define or pinpoint just how or why love is the answer exactly, or how love will in fact, effectively change the world - because as we established, 'love is undefined by its very definition'. And there you have it, the marvel of BELIEF and the reason why human beings will continuously choose this belief and their feelings over common sense and what is really HERE, because beliefs and feelings is like the snake that eats its own tale that keeps beings searching for 'the undefined' out of curiosity, never realizing that 'the undefined' will never be found/defined as it is 'undefined' per definition.

Would it not make more sense though that for there to be a real effective answer to this 'defined world/reality' that is the physical reality, as that which we can touch and see, that is HERE and that follows certain laws and orders - this answer must also be defined, meaning, practical and physically lived/liveable. Therefore if we are going to claim that 'love is the answer', we would have to make damn sure that this 'love' will eventually become physically visible. Though of course, here those that profess love as undefinable also have an answer ready, and that is that 'this reality is energy', thus it is not real and the only thing that is 'real' is the undefinable experiences such as love within ourselves - I'd say that is the perfect tool to keep beings in an absolutely passive state and have them never actually move themselves within this reality because they trust that 'their energetic inner state' will fix everything like magic, quite similar to how television has effectively brainwashed us into constructing an imaginary world within ourselves wherein we can feel like the hero, though never actually doing anything that makes any difference in this world because we are so caught up with these inner 'movements of energetic experiences' that we don't even seem to notice that we aren't actually doing anything in real life, in the physical reality that is HERE, we've just become slaves to our own minds as 'the world where everything is possible', though nevertheless a world that is completely submitted to the physical human body and the physical reality.

If 'love' is ever to be real and to be the 'answer' for us to fix this world and clean up the mess that we as humanity have created here in this physical existence - then we're going to have to be specific in defining, explaining and describing what 'love' is and especially who we are when we say such statements as 'I am love' - because to say that 'I am love' and then claim that 'love is undefinable', is nothing but a cop-out to not in fact make a statement of yourself in this reality and to not really stand for anything at all.

So, then what would love be as an actual living statement of self? How can we make 'love' into an actual real living experience that is the expression of this physical reality and not just a personal inner energetic experience that is based on faith, assumptions and belief? To live as the statement of 'I am love' is for instance to make sure that all life may exist within and as this statement and to do whatever it takes to get this entire reality as all that exists here, to change according to who self is as what is best for all. Because after all, what is best for me, should obviously be what is best for all life, therefore why shouldn't I then support and create a world wherein all life-forms may live according to what is best. If I am not willing to give my life for this, than I cannot claim to be 'love' - or then that means that my personal definition of 'love' is completely screwed up and nothing but selfishness.

This is why it is important that we find out the words that we live and are willing to live/exist as - and that we make sure that each and every word that we define ourselves according to is in fact clearly understood within what it practically means to live these definitions in this world, so as to not create unnecessary and unpleasant consequences for ourselves.

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