vrijdag 23 maart 2012

2012 Should Reincarnation exist at all?

"A Past Life memory is the same as reading a few pages from a history book in the LIEbrary. The viewer is either a hero or victim in a story of self interest that is blown up to get attention." Bernard Poolman

My experience with reincarnation is that it fascinated me from the perspective of wanting to have a 'past life' that was obviously 'of importance' and 'special' so that i could feel 'profound', 'rich', 'deep' and 'important'.

I had some 'visions'/images/imprints in my mind when I was little which was a little bit like a memory of a 'past life', though back then I didn't pay any real attention to it, it simply existed within me as a part of myself, so what. It was only later in my life when I desired to feel special and unique in some way that I started digging into myself and giving much value to these type of 'curiosities', separating it from myself by glorifying this 'memory of a past life' as something that apparently adds much value to my existence here in this world - something that I could use as a reference point to show and prove to other people that yes indeed I am very special.

Though what I find shocking now, looking at how I have always existed in this world, is that while I experienced myself as apparently 'great', 'superior' and 'unique', I actually knew very little of myself and of reality - as I had taken just this one small part of myself, the 'memory of my past life' (which was really just like a vague short snippet from a dream), and blown it way out of proportion just so that I could feel 'important' and 'special' when I didn't even know where it came from, who I am or was within it, if I even really had a past life, if reincarnation is even real or anything, because I was so obsessed with just being able to feel like I am special for some reason in some way that I used this 'memory', of which I wasn't even sure that it was in fact a memory, for that purpose of blowing up and feeding my delusions of grandeur.

So in this way, the whole concept of 'reincarnation' has only been something 'fascinating', intriguing and apparently 'special' for me because of how thinking and believing that I have a past life made me feel, because surely it must mean that I am so much 'more' than who I am here within and as this life. I have always used the concept of reincarnation to serve my self-interest as the desire to feel special in this life here on earth, because it is obvious that I was basically very dissatisfied with myself and my life - I wanted suspense, I wanted adventure, I wanted to feel like a superhero of sorts, just like in the movies that I had watched. And compared to those movies, my life seemed and felt really boring.

So, realizing that there exist this image within my mind that almost feels like a distant memory but that is not from this lifetime that I am living at the moment, I immediately started going over and over this image in my mind to continuously generate the experience/energy of 'being unique/special'- desiring to remember more about past life times and to have these great eye-opening experiences and revelations so that I could talk about them to other people and so that I could get much attention and recognition for it.

I was so caught up with wanting to feel important in this world, that I deliberately glorified things about this reality such as the concept of reincarnation and the possibility of 'having past lives' so that I could personally feel special - though I never stopped within myself to realize and see what is actually really going on in this world. It never occurred to me to look at this reality as what it is without taking my personal desires, feelings and personality into the equation - but to simply see this reality for what it is. Because then I might notice just how absurd the existence of 'reincarnation' is - I might just notice how absurd my entire life is and has been, wherein I have always been existing within this inner experience of 'not being good enough', always looking for something outside of myself that will apparently 'make me better', without even knowing, seeing or being aware of why or how I got that way and experienced myself as such in the first place.

I might just have noticed that there is something really strange going on with and in this world - with all those spiritual leaders and scripts that speak about the apparent 'glorious process of reincarnation' wherein we are all on a journey to become 'the Buddha Consciousness' through having to come back here to this earth and suffer and learn lesson after lesson without remembering a thing about the previous lessons or if there even was a 'previous life' at all.

I mean, why does reincarnation exist in the first place? Why is there such a construct that has apparently been designed by 'God' or some sort of higher power/force that wants us to suffer like this, running around not knowing who we are, why we are and what is actually going on here?

And more importantly, why have we been accepting reincarnation as the governing force in our lives without ever questioning it's existence in terms of checking to see whether or not this is in fact what is best for all as what is common sense? Even those who say that they 'don't believe in God or a higher power and reincarnation' are still existing here on this planet as if this is not our home. All of us are seeing earth as some kind of 'space-station' on which we're just 'passing through' to get to our 'final destination' that apparently exist after death - which can clearly be seen in the way we interact with earth, nature, animals and all and everything that exist here in this physical reality - those who 'believe in god and reincarnation' and those who do not alike.

It is evident that reincarnation as the subconscious belief that 'there is something more after this life' and that 'this life is just a test/game' is what drives our experience and application of ourselves in this world, because we have as a human race collective not even once taken any form of responsibility for this reality and for ourselves within this reality - the consequences of which we are now slowly but surely coming to grips with.

So, indeed, reincarnation is just a way to side step immediate responsibility and action - it is an excuse that we have been using throughout the ages to postpone finding lasting solutions for this reality so we may experience heaven on earth and it is the reason why we are still postponing, waiting and hoping for solutions to come to us while we are literally standing in a sinking ship watching ourselves within the dysfunctional world-systems that we have allowed to exist go under as if we never saw it coming.

The problem here is that we actually did see it coming, but our 'power' to 'turn a blind eye' and claim ignorance towards what we are aware of deep down within ourselves has always been able to override common sense and taking affirmative action within seeing what should be done to in fact establish a world wherein our experience of ourselves here wouldn't feel like a lesson, punishment or tough job and wherein we wouldn't constantly be looking for a way out through either spirituality or entertainment, which both pretty much come down to the same thing.

So, is reincarnation real? Who is to say? The only thing that is clear in considering who we are and what is in store for us within common sense - is that whether or not reincarnation exist actually makes no difference because it is who we are here in this very moment that defines who we will be and it defines how our reality and experience of reality will be - no matter where we are, here on earth or in the 'after-life'. A change in scenery or situation will not change who we are in any way what so ever - if we do not stand within and as self-responsibility here and now, in this very moment, than we will never be able to experience ourselves as heaven, as life, as existence, as God, as all that is - not in this life, not in the next life and not if we were to 'ascend' to a higher plane in heaven or where ever.

The mess that we create and allow to exist here on this earth, will continue to haunt us until we stand up and take responsibility for it and actually direct it to creating a world that is best for all or until it is too late and we blow all chances of ever realizing and experiencing what life and living really is as what it could be - just like it has been haunting us up to this point where we stand at the brink of crossing the threshold of 'the point of no return' as the point of 'too late-ness'.

So what will it be? Will we stand up and take responsibility for ourselves here and direct this world into what it always should have been as a heaven on earth - or will we rather choose to continue stretching the ignorance of the mind of existing within the idle hope that a solution will come to us or that we will get another chance in our next life while all goes to irreparable shit and we push ourselves to that point of looking at what we've allowed to be done, saying to ourselves 'shit, if only I had moved myself sooner...', 'if only I had stood up when I still had the chance to make a difference'?

We do not want to experience the latter!

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