vrijdag 16 maart 2012

2012 Anu the Reptilian God

This is the story of Anu - the Creator of humanity. The instigator of all that we know today as our experience of what 'life' is.

Anu was of the Reptilian Race and in this interview he shares his experience of himself when he was 'younger' with regards to existence - which was at that time already separated and fragmented, which turned out to be obvious as not only Anu acted out of selfishness by creating his 'Kingdom' and using all other beings, but also every other being in existence that has allowed itself to be seduced into 'becoming a part of this Kingdom of humanity'.

So, how was he able to create humanity as this manifested prison of separation?

What was life like before the emergence of Humanity, wherein all life in existence came together in this one form and this one earth?

Where did our Creator come from and what was his Starting Point in creating the Human being?

Discover this fascinating interview made by our Creator himself - and especially discover that there is in essence no creator and that we are here in this mess Alone Together, with no savior, no God, no 'supreme being', no 'divine answer or force' to save, help or rescue us - because Anu was essentially just a being that created a certain creation from the starting point of his personal experience, unaware of himself as Oneness and Equality.

Discover Our Creator Anu in his teenage years, as he grew up in existence and what lead him to consider taking control of existence as 'His Creation'.

Discover what it would be like to stand in the shoes of God - as the realization to have all of existence within yourself, within one being, to stand as the one point where everything comes together and ask yourself 'What would you do? Would you not do what ever it takes to hold on to that ultimate experience of absolute power that is in essence the most all-encompassing experience there exist?'

An important issue that is being discussed in this and in the following interviews of Anu is the question of 'Are we really aware of ourselves?' 'Are we really the directive principle of ourselves here within and as existence?' 'Are we aware of ourselves as existence itself?' and 'Do we even really know where we come from?' - because even Anu as the apparent 'God of existence' had to realize that what he created, who he had become, all that he experienced and every decision that he made in his 'life' was in a way pre-determined as all was merely an outflow of certain experiences of which he never really understood where it all came from as he had just accepted it as 'himself', just like how we are existing at this point.

Another interesting subject Anu takes a look at within his interviews is the concept of 'Birth and Death' as to why it exist and who we are within and as it and how this point of 'recycling' as birth and death has been directing us since the beginning of our existence - and especially why it is imperative that we now for the first time in existence stop ourselves and realize what is here and who we are as here - before it is too late. Before we have literally consumed all and everything that is here on this planet and destroyed it and ourselves and wasted every chance at ever finding out who we are here as life.

enjoy the Interview, I know I did.

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