zondag 23 oktober 2011

2011 What for/how will military weapons be used in an Equal Money System?

Let's look at the point of 'having a military' that is in fact in complete contradiction of 'what is best for all' as 'having a military' is only considering 'what is best for MY/OUR country', which is like an extension of the ego wherein each individual wants/desires to protect himself from other people who are apparently 'threatening', not realizing that beings will only want to attack when they themselves feel threatened.

So, in an EMS, we realize that it is completely redundant to create unnecessary 'threats' by carrying weapons and creating armies, as this will only instigate the feeling within 'other countries' that they have to 'weaponize' also.

The ideal is to ban all weapons, because the design and manifestation of a weapon in itself represents 'destruction', which is obviously unacceptable. Though the existence of weapons as 'means of destruction' within our current world, says a lot about the human being, as who/what we have allowed ourselves to become, on this planet.

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