dinsdag 25 oktober 2011

2011 And God created 'Instinct'.

Within 'survival of the fittest' that we human beings have come to accept and see as 'our instinct' and 'our natural survival-mode', we 'naturally'/'automatically' will fight other beings when it comes to our own survival, and we 'naturally' desire to have more than another to ensure our own survival in this reality.

This entire human reality/society is based on this 'instinct' as 'survival of the fittest' as 'fighting for survival' that we have come to accept as 'our nature', the excuse for which is found in 'nature' as the animal kingdom. We basically fight each other, we compete, we create competitions and we teach our children how to be the best 'competitor' in this competitive reality.
We fear each other, we see each other as 'strangers', because we are in fact in this constant 'survival-mode' of 'fighting for survival' in which every other being is our enemy as someone who could possibly threaten my existence.

We then 'hurdle up' in families as tight little groups of beings that stick together making a 'pledge' to support each other in our survival, so then it becomes 'us', as 'my family' against the rest of the world, as 'strangers'. 'friends' is also such a group of 'backup-support'.

This we have all come to accept as 'our nature', 'who we are as beings', because that is 'how we were created'. Though if we investigate this point of 'fighting for survival' as 'instinct' a little further, we could ask ourselves the question: 'But, isn't it much more common sensical to instead of fighting each other, actually support each other, and to create a system of support instead of a system of conflict and battle and competition wherein you are able to 'lose' because everybody wants to win and so we exist within constant fear of 'losing' as what we have allowed to exist within the current human reality?'

Wouldn't it be much more practical and supportive for each being living on this planet, to support each other in our survival instead of fighting each other? And I don't mean support within select small groups of people such as 'families' and 'friends', rather a global 'family' as an actual system that is here to support each of us, instead of playing us out unto each other.

Because, consider this for a moment: What has our 'instincts' ever really contributed to the human experience on this planet? If anything, our 'instincts' make it impossible for us to exist here together on this one planet, because we are greedy bastards that want everything for ourselves, all due to this 'automatic, preprogrammed desire/need/experience as instinct' within ourselves as basically selfishness wherein each being only considers their own personal survival, and especially faced with a situation where that 'personal survival' is threatened, the human is capable of doing terrible things unto another - this is seen especially in times of war wherein it is each on our own and many turn on each other when it comes to their own survival - that is all driven by the automatic response of 'instinct', 'making' us do things that we will later on feel ashamed about.

So, what kind of 'God' or 'universe' would create such a thing like 'instinct', that turns beings that live together on one planet against each other and against all else that exist, making it impossible for anyone to in fact live a decent life?
When it could be so different...

It is time to investigate ourselves and start considering what is common sense wherein we are able to look beyond our pre-programming at the reality, and start becoming real beings that actually support each other and the earth that we live on,

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