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2011 How Guru's and spiritual leaders will be no more in an equal money system.

In the 'human world' currently you have the leaders and then the followers, the leaders are those that have lots of stuff to say that apparently is 'interesting' and 'smart' and 'enlightened' and 'wise' and the followers are those that listen to the words and follow the words that the leaders speak.

That is pretty much human beings in this reality, wherein most of us are trying to become a 'Guru'/'spiritual leader'/politician/president/superhero/or some other form of leader as a being that all other beings respect and look up to. We desire to have lots of 'insights' and realizations about life, so that we can use those 'insights' as knowledge and information to 'wow' other people, so that they may believe and eventually follow me. We wish to not be questioned in what we have to say, we just want people to accept and respect what we have to say, as if my words are the words of God as a superior entity.

Every being is like this in one way or another, for example parents and teachers are those that are 'the Guru' towards the children wherein they speak their insights about reality as knowledge and information that the child requires to simply accept and never question because the parent/teacher is always right.

This way of communicating with each other among human beings wherein we just desire respect and attention and validation for what we are saying from each other, and in that we never really say anything REAL cause it's all blabla, is fueled by the current money system. yes, the existence of Guru's and spiritual/religious leaders, also the existence of saints, of mediums and any and all forms of 'leaders' or apparently 'superior beings' is only here because of how our monetary system that we are living in at the moment is designed and it will all cease to exist in an equal money system.

Allow me to expand on this point so you may also see for yourself the bullshit that we've come to accept as our current way of living within and as the 'human world'.

Why does the human being require a spiritual/religious leader? Why do we need a Guru to tell us what life is and who and how we 'should' be to be a 'good person' in this world as in being 'enlightened'?
That is a very interesting question to consider as the answer will lead us to look at the system of money that we live in, the answer to this question isn't 'because the human being is inherently evil/weak/dumb and thus he needs guidance', that's just what we've been taught to believe by... the system.

Within the current money system there is no real safety or security, the 'establishing of safety' and creating an environment for ourselves in which we can feel safe, comes with a lot of stress, because we are well aware that the money system doesn't actually care about us, we are its 'puppets', we have to work for it, not the other way around, it doesn't work for us, to give us security and safety, no we have to work to secure the existence of the money system, to keep the money in the system flowing, otherwise it will not support us. The current money system is like a big entity on itself that require us human beings to work for it, that sucks the life out of us so that it as an 'entity' can continue existing, and so each generation of humans that is born into the system faces the same fate as their forefathers, of being squeezed dry by the money system, create money-slaves for themselves and then die.

Because there is no real safety or security, we feel unsafe and insecure, that's where the stress that we experience in our daily lives comes from, because there is no actual safety for us in this world, as the system that we exist in is not based upon actually taking care of the beings living/existing within it, it only cares about its own survival as a system.
And because we experience this stress as anxiety, feeling insecure and unsafe as if the ground underneath our feet is not stable/real, we then go searching for 'ailment', for a 'reason' for this existence, we go searching for the experience of safety and security that we are lacking in our lives and which we see then in the form of Guru's and spiritual leaders who promise us that there will be plenty safety and security in the afterlife if you are a 'good person for God' or 'once you become enlightened'.

We have come to accept this experience of stress and anxiety as unsafety and insecurity within ourselves as real and 'who we are', never actually looking at the cause of it and never even considering that it could be different. All that needs to change is the system, and who created the system? Who is keeping the system 'alive'? We are!
So therefore it shouldn't be difficult to simply change it so that this time the system will work for us, to ensure/create real safety and security for ourselves in this reality, which is perfectly doable.

In an Equal Money system, wherein safety and security is a given that you don't have to work for and is already provided from the moment you take your first breath in this world, we will no longer experience stress or anxiety, and therefore we will not feel the need to turn to God or who or whatever, because we will not need 'saving' as we will already be in heaven, the heaven that we human beings have created for/given to ourselves by having created a system that actually supports us within our existence in this reality. So then we can start expressing ourselves freely, we will not need each other anymore from the perspective of getting money to survive, we will not have to deceive each other anymore to get respect and attention and to get a following as to ensure me getting money to survive. My survival will already be taken care of, so now i can go into this world and live, i can truly investigate the world/reality that i live in without having to take money and survival into consideration.

Money and survival is at the moment all that we take into consideration because we have allowed a system to exist in this world that doesn't even care about us, because we haven't realized that we exist, not the system, it is us as beings living here that exist, and therefore we create the system.

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