woensdag 26 oktober 2011

2011 But who will be the janitors and who will pick up our garbage? Equal Money FAQ

A Frequently asked question about the practicality of an Equal Money System, is 'but who will then do the nasty jobs such as cleaning and picking up garbage, the jobs that nobody really likes?'

Let's firstly have a look at where this question is coming from: it is coming from those that are not actually working in those jobs at the moment in the current system, but they do expect others to do those jobs because obviously they need their trash picked up. So in this we can see that the question is actually coming from a point of self-interest where one does not care about the experience of another being in this reality, but only about being able to feel good in their own little life.

The question is coming from agreeing with the current money system that forces many beings to perform jobs that are quite nasty and that most human beings would not like to perform, so what kind of a person would agree with such a system but a person who exists in the top layers of society where they are not in a position where they have to work in such undesirable jobs.

So, at the moment, we seem quite content with 'another' picking up our trash and cleaning our house/buildings, doing what we wouldn't like to do, and thanks to the current money system wherein we are divided into 'layers of society', where every layer is presented with different 'chances' and 'choices' in life, this is possible and we ourselves don't have to worry about or look at the point of 'who is going to pick up our trash?' and 'What is going to happen to my garbage?'.

So, in a system wherein all beings are considered as equals, and all get equal opportunities, chances and choices, which is an equal money system, we are going to have to start looking at our own nastiness because we will be forced to consider another equal to ourselves.

And we will find solutions that will be much more acceptable and pleasant concerning trash disposal/removal/recycling and cleaning than what we have today.

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