dinsdag 6 september 2011

2011 Is Capitalism truly our only option?

why do people today keep clinging onto the apparently perfect capitalist system as if it is our only hope in this world to exist?

we can all clearly see that the capitalist system is definitely not 'perfect' because it is a 'dog eat dog' system, where the weak/poor only get weaker/poorer and the strong/rich only get stronger/richer. this system causes for lots of fears and stress among the 'common people', the 'average Joe', because our lives are built like a house of cards, you take one out and the whole thing comes falling down, for example because of some 'bad luck', you could lose your house or your job or the support of your family or your physical/mental health, and then you are left with nothing. You are left by yourself within a system that has extremely limited means of supporting/helping you in such a situation, because that is the capitalist system: it is a constant fight, a 'survival of the (apparent) fittest'. Within the capitalist system you are not truly taken care of and nobody or nothing truly cares for you or is even able to care for you because we're all basically just trying to fend for ourselves, adapting to the ruthless system that is created upon the apparently 'glorious' principle of 'the pursuit of happiness (=money)'.

Though within this principle, the actual dynamics of society is not taken into consideration. The society wherein each being is definitely not given an equal chance at this 'pursuing of happiness' because of the different 'layers of society' that have been created through generations upon generations of people participating in this capitalist system/society, where some are born in poor families destined to stay poor no matter how much they work to earn money (due to limited chances towards personal development handed to them that are all dependent on money) as opposed to some who are born in rich families and who don't have to lift a finger to 'survive in the system'. Also not taken into consideration is the 'unfairness' of the capitalist system, because things such as 'accidents' and 'bad luck' exist that can, in one moment, take everything from a person living in this society. And because of the principle that 'it takes money to make money', they are basically fucked.

Almost every being in this capitalist system suffers from stress, which in turn causes all sorts of diseases, because of all the things that could happen to you, that could place you in a situation where it will be very difficult for you to survive. for example, getting fired, losing your house, your money, your family, friends, becoming ill(creating hospital bills so high they will bankrupt you), etc. so it's actually plain to see that, for most people(those that are living at the bottom layer of the pyramid), this is in fact not a desirable system to live in.

So when we look at the motivation for people to 'not see any other way' to live/exist in this world but within a capitalist system, what we find is actually a fear of living in a system that is the opposite of the capitalist system, namely the communist system.
From when we were children, we've been warned about the communist system, because: 'look at what communism did to Russia' and 'look at the suppression of the Chinese people by it's communist regime', etc.
So, within showing all the 'atrocities' and 'badness' of the communist system, in comparison, the capitalist system is 'heaven', where we are apparently free to do as we please, to pursue our individual desire to become rich and powerful.
Communism = suppression
Capitalism = freedom

This means that, apparently, there only exist two options of how we are able to shape the system that we live/exist in, to survive in this world. Either capitalist, where each being is free to abuse, deceive and manipulate others, or communist, where all are abused, deceived and manipulated by their government, which is just a handful of beings that have all the power over everyone else.

What this indicates/shows us, is the extremely limited creativity and vision of the human race as a whole, which is obviously supported by the school system that seems to create the idea within the minds of children (who will then grow up to become the adults of society)that there exist only two possibilities of creating a system for all to live in, either communist or capitalist. and it is interesting that in the capitalist system, the communist system is depicted as 'bad' and in the communist system, the capitalist system is 'the bad guy'. This idea is then further supported by the media and the entertainment industry, think of all the movies wherein America(as the 'good guys') has to fight Russia(as the 'bad guys'), and obviously America, and its capitalist system, always wins. In case you haven't noticed, all this is plain old brainwashing, where you as a being are 'attacked' from all angles by different institutions of the society that you live in with the same idea/vision, not allowing you to go and investigate for yourself to find out what is real and what is not, so then you have no choice but to adapt to this idea/vision that is being fed to everyone.

So, when looking at the point of 'creating a new system for the human race to live/exist in to survive in this world', within the realization that the old one simply isn't working and never really has worked, we literally have to 'think outside the box'. The 'box' being our minds, that have been fed and filled with the idea that reality is nothing but a polarity equation of 'good' and 'bad' and that within this, there only exist two possibilities, two options as two systems to choose from. These two systems that are in fact each others opposites, like within any polarity. So, just like we humans have allowed ourselves to become so limited within ourselves as our own expression/experience, we have created a world/system that is just as limited and that only supports our limitations.

Considering the implementation of an equal money system only requires for us as human beings to realize that this limitation, as what we've always accepted and allowed to exist as the system that we 'chose' to live/exist in, isn't who we truly are, that this is not all we're capable of. And all it takes to realize this about ourselves, is some guts.

If you have the guts to face yourself as the mind and write yourself to freedom, re birthing yourself as a new being that in fact takes responsibility for life and can start acting in a way that will support the establishment of a New system for a New World, then join Desteni I Process and investigate Equal Money.

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