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2011 The Bubble of Belgium

Belgium is one of the smallest countries in the World, but also one of the richest. Existing in Belgium is, compared to existing in the rest of the world, like living in ‘The Promised Land’. We have, compared to the rest of the world, an almost perfect social security and healthcare system.

Belgium is a ‘social system’ wherein pretty much everyone is taken care of, no one is left behind, we try our best to help everyone and to give everyone a chance at ‘a good life’.

As a child we often hear from our parents and environment that we should ‘count our lucky stars’ that we were born in Belgium when we see the atrocities of what is happening in the rest of the world. And we do feel lucky, and we do ‘count our lucky stars’. In a way we do see what is happening in the rest of the world, and we do realize that Belgium is the land of milk and honey in this world, and that is why we try to protect and defend ourselves, we try to protect our luck and wealth as much as we can, because we really are ‘lucky’ for having been born in Belgium, it could have been different.

Living in Belgium means being blinded from reality, because reality is not ‘perfect’, reality is not ‘just’ or ‘fair’, as the values that the Belgium system tries to uphold. But we literally don’t see that, somewhere in our minds we know that other countries aren’t doing so well because its what we see on tv and read about in newspapers, but we don’t actually REALIZE it, because we live in the ‘bubble of Belgium’ - ‘bel’ is the Dutch word for ‘bubble’, and ‘coincidentally’ our national monument is in fact made up of bubbles (see photo above).

As if we are a little separate universe, as this tiny country, literally, a ‘bubble’, completely fenced off, separate from ‘the rest of the world’. The rest of the World is but a distant reality that doesnt even seem ‘real’, it is something that we see on the news or read about in the papers once in a while, but we dont realize what a hell hole this World actually is because we ourselves are not actually experiencing it. For us, everything is ‘good’, and we live our lives based and founded on this idea and belief that ‘all is good’, because that is the system that we live in, and we truly don’t see beyond this system, because our little bubble reality is ‘good’.

And statements like ‘we should count our Lucky stars…’ are in fact nothing but a protection/defence of our little rich country, it is a justification for the existence of Belgium as an exception to the rule. And we know this, we know that Belgium, with its ‘social system’ wherein every person is cared for, is an exception to the rule and we don’t even consider what this implies!

Because if Belgium, as one of the smallest countries in the world, is also one of the richest, then there must be something seriously wrong with this world. This means that only the select, small group of people that just happen to live in Belgium (and a few other countries) have a chance at happiness, a chance at wealth, a chance at a ‘dignified life’.
This is absurd!! And why did we never ask questions about this point? Because of justifying statements such as ‘we should count our Lucky stars…’.

Instead of realizing that we shouldnt feel ‘lucky’ about this, we should feel ashamed. We should be ashamed that a country like Belgium even exists, with a population of people that live in decadence, compared to the rest of the World, and that are completely oblivious and unaware of the actual reality of this world. Because we’ve been so pampered, poor things, there is a safety net everywhere, all around us a ‘social security’. There is so many institutions that ensure that it is almost impossible for the Belgian citizen to become poor. We are pampered to such an extent that we have pampers in our eyes and ears, that cause us to not see reality, we only see ‘the Belgian reality’, wherein everything is ‘fine’ and ‘ok’, wherein we complain and whine about irrelevant shit like splitting up some small villages because of some language barrier, and about losing our ‘cultural heritage’ as ‘the Flemish people’ and about never getting any sun in Belgium. We don’t even realize that all our so called ‘problems’ are completely irrelevant to what other people are experiencing, that didnt have the ‘luck’ of being born in Belgium.

So, Belgian people, fellow citizens, it is about time that we get those pampers out of our eyes and ears and that we start realizing what reality truly is.

Because, why are we human beings, citizens of the WORLD, allowing a country such as Belgium to exist, as a few people in the entire world who get to live in the ‘land of milk and honey’ while the rest of the world is waisting away?

If our life cannot be the norm for every living being on this planet, than it is unacceptable! It is time that we burst the bubble and work together at manifesting/implementing/creating the ‘Promised Land’ for each and every being on this earth unconditionally.

This is no ideology, no dream, no utopia, the only thing that is necessary for this is that we human beings get our heads out of our asses and take a good look around to the world of which we are all citizens, it is time that we give up our selfishness and actually start caring about another as ourselves, unconditionally!!

A person that dares look at the World will no longer justify, will no longer defend and protect the personal wealth, but they will see that something is terribly wrong with this World as what we humans as ‘humanity’ have created and they will look for a solution, no matter what, within and as the realization that this World is simply not worth ‘surviving’ in.

Because, come on, if you were to die and you look back on your life, what will you have done that was actually worth something? If you do not live to bring about a World that is truly best for all beings, than you dont even really exist, because selfishness is not worth existing, and deep down you are aware of this.

So, join us within the creation/implementation/perfection/manifestation of a money system/world system wherein every being will be supported unconditionally, and wherein any form of elitism and selfishness is banned for all eternity, as a world that is worth living in!



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