vrijdag 2 september 2011

2011 Desteni: the end of the road

A common question/Remark made by people when they hear about stopping the mind and being constant as breath, is that life will not be fun and enjoyable anymore if you don’t think or feel or experience emotions, when you can’t react to things anymore. This was at some point in the beginning of my process also my idea and a reason for why desteni was apparently ‘not to be trusted’. I even felt like, if I followed them, did what they suggested, I would be brainwashed into becoming a ‘lifeless zombie’ due to how I had defined life as being able to experience thoughts feelings and emotions, so I thought ‘if I do this self forgiveness thing, then I will become ‘lifeless’ because I won’t feel, think or experience emotions anymore.

I had been taught and I believed that life is human beings, life is consciousness, thus life is thinking, feeling and experiencing emotions. That has always been the common knowledge and understanding in this world. There apparently existed nothing else besides consciousness as what I had always experienced within my life and what everyone around me seemed to be experiencing. This was the accepted ‘nature’ of the human being. And I had never questioned it because I had defined myself according to it, believing myself to BE consciousness as thoughts, feelings and emotions. So why would I question myself?

Though at that point in my life I had been starting to question my existence... Because it wasn’t working out for me anymore. I was going through depression because I couldn’t ‘fulfill’ my ‘life’s desire’ anymore, so I was searching for answers, for a way out, a solution, a salvation, anything that could make some sense in my life, which is what anyone in my situation would have done. Because it is only when a beings’ life isn’t working out anymore, that they will start considering that there might be something ‘else’ and they will start looking for a solution or a ‘way out’. Obviously my eye first fell on spirituality and I started pursuing that, because this is exactly what spirituality is: a promise for something ‘more’ , sending you on a ‘higher path’ to ‘salvation’/’enlightenment’/’ascention’/….
I read ‘spiritual’ books and watched video’s on youtube as I was seriously looking and searching for ‘the truth’ that would ‘set me free’, I was on my ‘path’ to become a higher being, a ‘being of light’, a ‘warrior of light’, going to a higher vibrational level, etc… I believed that ‘information is light’ so if I can ‘download’ as much information about reality/the universe into myself, I will become ‘enlightened’ and so I was watching youtube video’s like crazy, going over every kind of topic, especially about conspiracy theories and the apparent ‘real truth of this world and it’s governments’. I was on a roll, experiencing this energetic excitement because as I am growing ‘wiser’ in my knowledge and information about the world, I am becoming more enlightened.

But then I came across a video of Desteni. The first one I ever saw, was the one where Mykey/Hitler does his story, and my first reaction/thoughts was ‘finally, this is IT’. At that point I believed that I had gathered so much information in myself that finally the end of the road is here, the end of the information highway, because ‘when Hitler is speaking to you from beyond the grave, you must have hit some kind of ceiling’. Obviously this was something unlike I had seen before, so I checked out the website and found out about self forgiveness, self honesty, self direction, breath,…

In actuality, what I read, the Desteni message, was the complete opposite of what I had been hearing and reading in my ‘spiritual/new age’ books. Where spirituality and new age concentrate on the all positive, always going higher, reaching some kind of divine goal or purpose, attaining the eternal beauty and love of god, etc… here the Desteni message was, compared to spirituality, rather ‘negative’, because it spoke of the dishonest nature of the human being and the lies of this reality, it did not cover up anything. Anything and everything of the human being and the world was discussed, and it wasn’t pretty, beautiful, promising or hopeful like what the spiritual message always was. But it did speak to me, and I heard it more clearly than anything I had ever heard in my entire life. Here was a message that was REAL, I cannot describe how it was more real than anything else because that was just my experience when I heard/read their words.

That their message was ‘negative’ didn’t bother me, because it was real. I mean, you have lots of negative ‘messengers’ in this world such as Satanists, Goths, conspiracy theorists, wicca's, pessimists, etc of people who focus on the ‘dark side’ of the human being and reality. But Desteni wasn’t particularly focusing on any ‘side’, it was just expressing the ‘state of affairs’ of reality and of human beings. And it was very refreshing .

Opposed to what people had been telling me my whole life( parents, teachers, leaders of all kinds saying I should put all my trust in them and follow them and never question them or reality, but just accept what I am being taught), Desteni said I should ‘not believe the ‘Desteni group’ and what they’re saying. By all means, to not follow them, as if they were just another religion. But rather find out for yourself what is really going on in this world!! Open your own eyes for yourself!’. They merely shared what they had found so far within their process of investigating reality and they gave tools that anyone could apply for themselves to go and investigate and uncover reality, which is self forgiveness, self honesty, breath and self corrective application and most importantly, writing. And this was really a unique message.

I decided to try it and thus I started my process of self realization, that I am still walking now, four years later, as it has truly enabled and assisted me in opening my eyes and realizing my true potential, breaking the shackles of a limited existence as accepted ‘rules, beliefs, knowledge, ideas’ as all that I had been taught. There exist no thought of ‘Desteni being a cult’ or ‘Desteni trying to brainwash me’ within me anymore as I have realized for myself just how brainwashed I had always been. And this realization is here because I applied myself and I investigated myself within reality as my past, as all that I always believed myself and reality to be. This realization is not something that I was told by someone else, no, for the first time I could see what is real for myself, without anyone telling me anything, and this is what gives me the certainty to, for myself, clearly see what is a cult and what isn’t, what is supporting the brainwashing of humans and what isn’t. in this realization, wherein I stand alone as myself, I cannot be proven wrong, because it is not an opinion, as accepted and copied knowledge and information, it cannot be argued with, because it is a self-realization, that stand stable as me and that will never change, because it is not like a thought or a feeling or an emotion, which are things that constantly change. It is an actual SEEING, as something that each being can only do for themselves, it cannot be shown, you actually have to see it for yourself. And that requires self-investigation.

If you are ready to face yourself as the mind and write yourself to freedom, rebirthing yourself as a new being that in fact takes responsibility for Life and can start acting in a way that will support the establishment of a New system for a New World, then join Desteni I Process and investigate Equal Money.

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