donderdag 25 augustus 2011

2011 what would the world be like if you were the example of every existing human being in the world?

it is an interesting point to look at that every human being believe that if everyone else were more like 'me', the world would be such a better place.

obviously you have the activists and the spiritualists and the religious followers of all the different types of religions there exist, which are the people who are most noticeably professing that they are 'right' and that everyone who is not like them (who does not believe what they do and who does not look and behave like they do)are 'wrong' and should become like them.
but then there is the 'normal' people, just living their 'normal' lives, living up to the generally accepted 'norm' of society of what it means to be a 'good person/citizen/human', but who also within their own lives live out a certain set of beliefsystems about reality and about what it means to 'live a good life' and to be 'good' and 'right' that are supported within the relationships that they form as friendships. within the relationships that they form with other beings they will share their opinions and views on what reality apparently is, believing that these opinions and views shared within the group of friends, are 'right'. they judge and reject the people that do not share these views and opinions or views and opinions that are similar to theirs, only really communicating with their 'friends' as the group that support each others views and opinions about what reality apparently is and how it should be.

which is actually exactly what the religious, spiritual, activist,... people are doing, only less fanatic.

so, in reality, because of this fact: that every human being in this world has their own idea and belief of what is right and wrong and what should be done and what the world and people should be like, and they live their lives according to these beliefs and ideas and perceptions about reality and people, obviously each and every human being believe themselves to be the example of how and who every human being should be, and we all believe individually that if everyone were like me, the world would be a better place.

so, a question: if we are all, according to ourselves, living the 'right' and the 'good' way, then why is this world not a better place?
how come this world isn't good and right according to the example of us, 'good' beings, which is each of us, within our own mind, believing ourselves to be 'good' and 'right' and to be doing the 'good' and 'right' things?

obviously the answer of every person to this question would be: 'because it is other people who dont know what they're doing!', 'it is all those religious people, it is al quaida, it is the governments and politicians that are corrupt, it is the banks that are cheaters and liars, it is the corporations, it is the system, the schools, the teachers, other parents, etc', 'me, i am doing my best, i am being good, doing the right thing, so if everyone would be more like me, there'd be no problems'.

ok, lets do that for a moment: let's imagine that all beings are like you, like 'me'/'I'. so based on the answer you gave to my previously asked question, that means that all beings would be blaming and pointing fingers and judging all existing structures and beings that exist in the world, because that is exactly what you are doing. it means that no one would be taking responsability for anything that exist because only 'I'/'me' is good and all that agrees with me, but all the rest is bad and corrupt. now you may say 'but, if everyone were like me, all would agree with me, so all would be good'

in this though, you seem to be missing the point that who you are as a being is defined by how you express yourself in the world as it currently exists and as how it has been existing since you were born, because you as a being have been ‘raised’ within this world, you have been fed by this world, you participate in this world, everything of who you are is determined by the structures that exist within this world. So therefore you cannot just see yourself as somehow ‘separate’ from the rest of reality.
So who you are as how you express yourself within and as this world, is a being that do not take any real responsibility for all that exist, for all of reality, because all you do is blame. So therefore, if all beings were like you, no one would be taking any responsibility for what is happening in reality as a whole, no one would apply themselves to actually create a world that truly is ‘good’ and ‘right’ as who and how you believe yourself to be. And that is exactly what is going on in the world today, because the shocking truth : is that everyone IS like you, in that we all believe that we are not self responsible for what exist in this world that we exist in.
So we must first investigate what it means and implies to truly stand as the example of the human being, to truly stand within and as the absolute certainty that, if all were like me, then there would be no problems in the world.

If you are ready to face yourself as the mind and write yourself to freedom, rebirthing yourself as a new being that in fact takes responsability for Life and can start acting in a way that will support the establishment of a New system for a New World, then join Desteni I Process and investigate Equal Money.

Thank you.

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