zondag 23 oktober 2011

2011 Will cancer exist in an Equal Money System? How will cures be found in an EMS?

Within an Equal Money System, the main principle/law/objective, is 'doing what is best for all' 'giving as we would like to receive', so that definitely includes unconditional health care, to make sure that each being is being taken care of as how we ourselves would like to be taken care of.

So, there will most likely still be cancer in an equal money system, as an EMS isn't a magic wand that makes all 'bad' things go away. Though, within an EMS, the existence of diseases such as cancer, that occur quite often in people, will be looked at from every angle. Researchers and scientists, as beings who are interested in investigating illnesses and finding cures, will be given all the time, space and opportunity to experiment and 'look outside the box'. In the current system the possibilities of 'looking outside the box' and experimenting are very limited as only projects that will more or less have a set/definite outcome will get funds, as companies don't want to waste their money.

Within the principle of 'best for all', experimentation and 'looking outside the box' will very much be supported as it is this way that new methods and ways can be found, and 'wasting money' isn't even possible in EMS.

There will be many people who will want to do a job in the health care system, as many of us have friends and/or family that died of cancer or some other illness and because surely we don't want to die that way. So, within this, we realize that, what is best for all is what is best for me and vice versa.

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