zaterdag 1 oktober 2011

2011 And God created Values

What kind of a God/creator would create a world where such a thing like 'values' and 'norms' and 'rules' exist, as a picture perfect, an ideal image of what you have to 'live up to' and be according to what it means to be 'a good person'.

Our common values (=standard of living) are for instance:
  1. marrying someone of the opposite sex
  2. having children with that person (preferably 2 or 3)
  3. living in a nice house
  4. having a car
  5. having a good job
  6. paying taxes
  7. having friends
  8. having a loving family
  9. having good looks
  10. having enough (more than) money
  11. etcetera...
all these things are seen as 'good' by pretty much all human beings, it is what is being presented on television as what is 'good' and what it means to be 'a good person' and what is taught by our parents. these values are supported by society in general and by religion (especially the 'family values').

there is nothing 'wrong' with having values or with the existence of values per se, the only problem about this is that these values are not applicable by all human beings unconditionally, not everyone is able to 'fit the profile' of 'being a good person' according to these commonly accepted values and there are consequences to these values that we have collectively been shutting our eyes to. lets have a look at the reality of the existence of values in this world:

1. marrying someone of the opposite sex
: there are many people in this reality who simply don't feel attracted to the opposite sex, they cant help it and they wish it wasn't like that for them because they also just want to be 'a good person' and 'fit the profile', but for them that would mean having to live a life of feeling unsatisfied and of suppression of what they actually want. While other people are just 'lucky' that they have 'normal' desires so that they will feel good about marrying someone of the opposite sex.

And what about forced marriages taking place in a lot of poor countries wherein a woman is only seen as 'valuable' to their family if she marries a man because then the family is seen as 'good', in most cases this leads to sexual abuse as the girls are 'given away' at a very young age where they aren't even sexually mature yet.

There are also people who don't look attractive/pretty/physically appealing enough to easily get a partner, they then spend their lives within a constant search for an attractive partner so they fit the ideal image in their minds as what they've learned from this world as who and what they apparently have to be in this world to be 'a good person', always feeling as if there's something wrong with them, which often leads to depression and possibly suicide.

2. having children with that person: there are many women and men who cannot have children because their body is infertile, this leaves them feeling as though there is something 'wrong' with them because they cannot fit the profile of 'being a good person' according to the values that exist in this world about what it means to 'live a good life'.

3. & 4. living in a nice house and having a car: this requires money and lets consider here that more than half of the worlds population doesn't have money due to various circumstances, so apparently all of these people are simply unable to 'live a good life' and 'be a good person'

5. having a good job: in many countries there are simply no jobs available because of poor economy or a government that just doesn't give a shit, and no jobs means no money, no money means no future means no life. these people can go to school, they can work and try all they want but if there are no jobs available in the system, they're fucked.

6. paying taxes: apparently you're a 'good citizen' if you pay your taxes, if you are able to fit into the system of making money and paying your taxes. so all the people with physical/emotional or mental disabilities who live off the social security are being looked down on because they are 'not contributing' thus not being a 'good citizen', when they can't even help their situation.

7. having friends: all for the sake of 'having friends' and 'being sociable/social' we suppress our real expression so we can 'fit in' and be accepted by a group of friends and then we go and do things we regret later because of 'peer pressure', because we believe that we are only 'good' when we have friends

8. having a loving family: and 'sticking by your family' and 'you must always respect your family', etc... is a value that is mostly played out by religion, wherein you are expected to give your power away to your family because apparently you must 'love' your family to be a 'good person' in the eyes of other people, even if your parents abuse you and doesn't truly care about you, this actually causes for a lot of pain because you are just trying your best to be 'good enough' for your parents and just because the parents don't agree with decisions that you made, you feel as though you are a bad person, never realizing that parents are just people that aren't perfect.

9. having good looks: 'beauty' and having good looks are always associated with 'romance' and 'love', because that is what is shown on television, this is the 'picture perfect' that is being presented to us with regards to how our lives must look as a picture. so, if you look 'beautiful' like the people on tv then you are lucky because then you can participate in all the 'nice' and 'good' things of this reality such as relationships and fame, you won't have to make much effort to marry 'a good catch' or to get the things that you want in this world, all because you 'look the part' and you 'fit the profile' of what is being presented in this world as 'how a person/life should be. obviously this causes for a reality that is 'unfair' because the ones who have the looks get everything without any trouble and the ones without the looks have to work much harder to reach/attain any of the 'values' in life.

there are however also consequences to the glorification of good looks, for example where young girls and women are being sexually abused and molested just because they look 'desirable', so they are being desired by men as if they were just a thing/object that can be 'taken'.

10. having (more than) enough money: people without money are looked down upon by those who have money, and those who have lots of money are looked up to. so, 'having money' is a value in this reality, where subconsciously people see people who have money as 'good', we respect and accept them more, we listen more to them, we pay more attention to them and we want to be close to them.

but because of the difference in infrastructure between counties (where some countries have a good social security, education and economic system, and other countries do not) and regions within countries and because of the hierarchy between families that already exist for a long time that caused for 'layers in society' due to heritage, children who are born into this world simply don't get an equal opportunity/chance to earn the money they need to provide for themselves to live/survive.

All of these values are in fact 'invalid' because when you look at the reality of the physical world, they exist in denial of the truth, which is that it is impossible for all people to be able to obtain/reach these values and to 'fit into the profile of being a good person'.
So then why do we keep on living as if these values are real and as if they determine our lives and who we are as a being?

It is because we believe that somehow they were handed to us by God, or whatever it is that you want to call God, the truth is that every single being actually exists within the belief that these values for some reason cannot and must not be questioned by us mortals, because somehow they are 'bigger than us, bigger than you and me', we have all come to accept that this is 'life', that this is 'just the way things are', because it is how the human world has always been as what we have learned from our parents and society. Even if you think you don't believe in God, you must admit that you do believe in these 'values', simply because they were passed down on you by your forefathers as if they were written on some magical, meaningful tablet and therefore they cannot be questioned.

And why can they not be questioned? Because our parents/God told us so.
However if God does not want to be questioned, then doesn't that mean that he has something to hide?
Because if we took the time to look at the reality that is the result of our 'worshiping' of these values, then I find it hard not to question God's intentions.

Why did God create 'values' that aren't unconditionally applicable and obtainable for every living being?
Why did God create such a thing like 'values', that causes people to fight and struggle and compete with others in their life only to be able to be 'good enough' according to the 'values', so that they can feel good about themselves, when in fact turning their own lives into hell because of how they have to suppress themselves as their true expression in order to live according to the values?

It is time we open our eyes and start asking questions about what is real in this reality, because 'God' obviously has no intention of creating a reality that is unconditionally supportive for each and every being and where every living being is valuable. Therefore we must take responsibility to give value to life and to stop trusting in 'God', as it is the only way in which this reality will ever change.

If you are ready to take responsibility for life and to start acting in a way that will support the establishment of a New system for a New World, then join Desteni I Process and investigate Equal Money.

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