donderdag 19 juli 2012

2012 Bullfights in an Equal Money System

Will we still have bullfights in an Equal Money System? Bullfights are part of Spanish and other countries 'folklore'/'culture' and also for instance the annual 'Bull Running' Festival in Pamplona, where a bunsh of Bulls, trained 'Fighting Bulls' and 'ordinary bulls', are unleashed on to the streets of Pamplona, and are then used by an audience of adrenaline-crazed thrill seeking humans to serve as entertainment as the humans 'run with the bulls'. This ordeal serves no real relevant purpose but to continue 'tradition'/'folklore'/'culture' and thus give the human beings on earth a sense of 'safety' and 'security' as 'everything remains as is' through repetition, customs and habits.

Obviously if the human ever had any form of ability or intention of considering to place themselves in the shoes of all the beings that are involved in these events, this sort of 'culture'/'folklore' would not exist as there is no doubt that what the bulls are going through within themselves is overlooked entirely - the bulls are in this no more than a consumer product, here for our entertainment. One can and will obviously object that 'they just get a little scare', therefore it's apparently 'no big deal' and then go over to say that 'the bullfights are much worse', as the bull actually gets killed in the arena, which is very often a very messy and excrutiatingly long and painful dying process for the bull involved, as there are many 'unofficial' businesses providing this 'secret pleasure' to the human seeking for some exitement 'in life', where the Matadors are not sufficiently trained to be able to ensure a quick and relatively painless death for the bull.

There are those that are against the bullfights, those that are all for the bullfights, those that are against the 'running with bulls' in Pamplona, and those that are for it - and then there are many that 'don't know' and quite frankly 'don't care', after all, 'why should this be their concern?'. In essense, what does this show us? Exactly, the fact that this 'culture' and 'tradition' of killing animals for fun as a mass event that is promoted far and wide with pride for the 'Spanish culture', reveals that the human has absolutely no clue of what he is actually doing in this world - he is torn between desire and morality, and will end up seeking and finding many justifications, reasons and excuses to make his desire seem 'morally acceptable', which is the reason why Greenpeace and PETA, despite of their widespread following and support, actions and reactions and 'passionate people' that are apparently 'determined' to stop animal abuse, have never been able to make a substantial difference in actually in fact stopping animal abuse - I mean, bullfights still exist, which are the most public, open display of abuse towards animals, where basically the bull gets 'bullied' by the humans as the humans watch the 'raging bull' acting out in anger as a reaction to his fear, with amused eyes. There is no other way to describe the event, go ahead, try and find an explanation for the existence of bull fights and the 'festival of the Bull Runnings' that makes sense and where the human still manages to come out as an apparent benevolent being with the 'ability and gift of rational thought' and not just a big bully that gets a kick out of watching other beings squeel and squirm in agony as then he gets to feel powerful within himself.

There is however also the aspect of Bull fighting being 'an Artform' with the Matador as 'the artist', where the bull is depicted as this almost mythological creature that is 'made/created/built to fight' - though, this again, is only seen from the Human perspective who will turn anything that is in essence abusive into 'art' to justify its existence and not simply stop it, in consideration of what would in fact be best for all parties involved. And as for the Bull apparently 'built to fight', it is not, it was trained that way by the human being, with poking, prodding, steroids and other means and ways to 'rally up' the animal, get it into an aggressive state, for Man's entertainment. In not a single aspect of any of this is the bull as a living being taken into consideration as Man will use his ignorance to how reality functions and lack of seeing/understanding whether or not animals are in fact 'alive' and thus able to experience pain and suffering as an excuse for his cruel practices.

The issue here is not whether or not you are 'pro' or 'contra' bull fights or bull runnings - as has been shown throughout history by those that stand up 'against' the animal abuse that is displayed in many subtle and unsubtle forms throughout the world in every human society, things never change. So, that must mean that either those 'passionate people' are not so determined to stop animal abuse after all or that they themselves are only REacting and not in fact acting, which makes them blinded by emotion as they try and try to 'be heard' and 'make a stand', attempting to 'change the world' without any clue of how the world functions or got the way it is at the moment.

I mean, why do human beings love abusing animals and all 'weaker beings' in the first place? Why does the human seem incapable of living together in a respectable and sustainable way with all life on this planet? Does the fact that those 'animal lovers' in the Human Race refuse to look at and dig into these questions as the very origin of the problems of and within the Human Mind that makes the Human capable of committing crimes against life on a daily bases not indicate that they are in essence unwilling to look within themselves and realize that what they see within another is what also exists within themselves? -- Are we not equally abusive simply by making the decision daily to not stand up and do whatever it takes to stop animal abuse once and for all, or by only saying that you do, get involved in all sorts of organizations that say that they do, yet not actually apply yourself to discover exactly how and why animal abuse exists in the first place, therein basically ignoring the common sense that any problem must be stopped at the core/root or we are simply going to re-create it over and over again?

Is tradition/culture/folklore like bull fighting and the Bull Running Festival of Pamplona a 'natural' human trait or something that is taught by previous generations? Thus is the belief that abusing animals and seeing animals as 'lesser life forms' and 'only here for our entertainment' is 'normal' a 'natural' understanding within the human or a BELIEF that is TAUGHT by previous generations? There is much that we have come to accept as 'normal' and 'just the way we are'/'just the way things are' in this world that is in essence pretty fucked up, that is in fact NOT 'who we really are', but who/how/what we have been taught to be and become by our forefathers as those responsible to teach us 'what life is all about'. And the current economic system where animal abuse is 'simply culture/folklore/tradition' and thus 'ok' and 'allowed' as there is an entire industry behind it where many humans make lots of money is the result of what has throughout time/generations been accepted as 'normal' by each and every new generation that came into this world that allowed themselves to become completely and entirely programmed/integrated within and as the belief-systems and twisted moral codes of their parents, not knowing how to stop the 'inherited abuse' as what we've been taught is litterally all we know/see/experience as 'reality'.

Realize that this is not who we really are and that we ARE capable to change ourselves and our economic system into an 'entity' that exist in respect and support of life instead of the abuser/consumer. Investigate the Equal Money System and allow yourself to step out of your pre-programmed Mind Set and consider what is possible on earth.

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