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2012 Feral children - What does this Show us about ourselves?

"A five-year-old Russian girl was discovered living with a herd of cows and mooing to communicate. The girl was found in the Solikamsk district in the Ural Mountains after a neighbor called the local police. The feral girl had been living on her parents' farm in a shed with the livestock. She cannot speak and does not know how to feed herself. According to Parent Dish, the little girl drinks milk from a saucepan. She has not attended school. The little girl was nearly naked when she was found." (excerpt taken from this article)

There have been several cases of 'feral children' that have been found over time - children who have, since a very young age, been living with animals because they had lost their parents in some way. In nearly all cases, after they had been found, they never learned to speak and many of them died not long after they were introduced back into human society, and in the few cases where they did learn to speak, it was thought that that was because they had already learned this ability before they 'got lost' and lived with the animals. These children were found behaving EXACTLY and completely like the animals that they grew up with - and, as mentioned, when they were re-integrated in human society it was extremely difficult if not impossible to 'de-program' this behavior and teach them to behave like a 'normal human'.

So, let's look at what this interesting phenomenon shows/reveals us about ourselves as 'human beings'.

Firstly, it reveals how the first few years in a child's development design, determine and shape the TOTALITY of who/what the being will become within and as the total package of communication, behavior, identity, morality, understanding, sensory capacities and overall experience of 'who they are' within themselves. Within these stories of 'feral children', it becomes obvious that in fact NOTHING about 'who we are' or better 'who we believe/think we are' is in any way 'special' or 'unique' or somehow 'different' from how we had been 'programmed' by our specific environment within the first few years of our lives on earth - and that we as who/how we experience ourselves to be, are in fact a PROGRAM that is but the result of the NURTURE that we have received in our lifetime here on earth. And indeed, this completely invalidates the entire nature vs nurture discussion that psychologists and sociologists have been tangled up in for so many years - as the example of the 'feral children' in this world gives all the evidence that is needed to actually see, realize and understand, without a doubt, that all of 'who we are' is NURTURE -- though I am obviously only referring to the 'who we are' within and as our 'identity' as the collection of behavior, mannerisms, expressions and inner experience that we have come to accept as 'who we are', and not to the human physical form as the body that is obviously simply nature.

The reason why this discussion is so imperative to be addressed, is because there has always been this 'je ne sais quoi' about the human, that apparently made the human 'more' than what is here as the pure physical existence as nature - the 'inner experience/reality' within the human as our 'identity'/'personality' as thoughts, feelings and emotions, wherein we humans have always believed ourselves to be somehow 'more' than nature, 'more' than those that were 'not like us', those that did not have this inner experience of thoughts, feelings and emotions as 'the mind' -- and thus even our scientists in their research have not managed to pinpoint exactly what it is that makes us apparently 'special', arguing back and forth about what is 'nature' and what is 'nurture', and within this only adding to the 'mystery' of the 'human existence' as they apparently 'don't know' and 'can't tell'. When really all it takes is one look at the stories about feral children, and one would already be able to clearly see, understand and realize that the human being/mind in essence is a program that is designed to 'copy-paste' within itself that which it sees in its environment - and that 'who' the being will grow up to become is nothing more than the result of what was programmed into it, mainly during the first years of physical development, which then become the 'patterns' that they live out as 'who they are' within themselves and this world.

What is also revealed within these 'feral children' stories is that, when we have a look at this idea that exist within the human that we are in some way 'special' within ourselves, that we are 'an individual', with 'individual thoughts, feelings and emotions' that apparently separate us from each other and from what is here as existence within our own 'personal' inner specialness, this experience/belief/thought/idea of 'specialness' and 'individuality' has in fact been programmed into us by our environment (watch the BBC documentary 'Century of Self' as it also tackles this issue of how the human mind has throughout the 'evolution' of our societies been programmed into how we experience ourselves within ourselves today) through language that form into beliefs in the human mind, as mantra's that repeat itself over and over and over again, which we then accept as 'our thoughts' and thus as apparently 'who we are'.

Though, is this who we are?... or maybe a better question would be 'Who are we?' - could it be that we cannot truly answer this question for ourselves and therefore turn to scientists, religions, guru's, holy books, masters and spiritual teachings for answers, because we simply lack awareness of what is actually going on inside of ourselves? After all, if we were to be aware of how our mind in fact functions, we wouldn't be fishing for answers and explanations of the apparent 'unknown' in books and research somewhere outside of ourselves. And doesn't the fact that we are completely oblivious to how we got to be and become who/what we are as our 'inner experiences', actually prove that we are in fact programmed and have come to accept the programming to be 'who we are' by never having investigated ourselves or asked questions with regards to what exists within ourselves as our 'mind' as thoughts, feelings and emotions and why it exists as such?

Wouldn't this also imply that really all and anything that we do in our lives in this world/reality, every choice and decision that we make based on our inner experiences, is in essence just a program playing out and not actual 'free choice' or even 'real'? Would it thus also be safe to assume that for instance 'spirituality' in this world is in reality the result of the program of 'individuality' that has been 'inserted'/'programmed' into us through the system of consumerism (also see 'Century of Self' for more perspective on this point), wherein the human within and as the mind has been 'trained'/'programmed' to only focus on personal experience/desires and to see/believe itself to be the center of the universe where only the desires of the individual within itself matter - as the 'spiritual person' will place their focus entirely on the inner energetic experiences, fazing out the 'outer world', to not be bothered with the 'problems in this world' because apparently 'all that matters is to be able to feel/experience inner bliss, happiness, joy and love'?

How can we just assume or believe that any of what we do here on this earth as human beings is in any way an expression of who we really are, when we are not even in the slightest aware of what exactly happened during our childhood, or even before that, and of how what happened in our childhood in fact shaped, defined and formed the person/identity/personality/being that we experience ourselves to be today? Shouldn't it concern us that we have accepted our ignorance and unawareness to what goes on within ourselves, where we come from, why we think what we think and feel what we feel and have without question always taken everything and anything that happens within ourselves and within this existence for granted, believing that this is 'just who we are' and that we 'cannot help it'? Because, if we have a look at our reality here on planet earth, we humans are standing at the brink of total destruction, not only ecologically but also economically, socially, politically - and we do not know how to stop or fix it, because we are not aware of how or why we have created it, and so we are continuing to live out the program until inevitably the shit hits the fan, and what has been predicted to happen happens, with us never having been the wiser as to what the fuck was ever actually going on in this existence.

But we CAN stop, the solution is here. We can de-program our mind through applying the tools of self-forgiveness, self-honesty and self-correction, through which we become aware of exactly how we have been programmed throughout our life here on earth - so that we can re-program ourselves to actually exist as a self-aware being that is able to properly take responsibility for life on earth and so stop the atrocity that is now the human existence as the result of the accepted ignorance.

Investigate the Journey To Life blogs, read them out loud for a period of 21 days and see for yourself how you have already changed within yourself - so that you can start your own journey from consciousness to awareness, from the mind into the physical.

Visit the Desteni Forum for more support in taking on this process.

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Anoniem zei

Thanks Kim - it's amazing how reality time and again shows us who we are as in the feral children, yet time and again we choose to ignore it - until now! The solution is here!

Anoniem zei

..if we choose to see who we are - as in the case of the feral children - then we see what we need to do to change! thanks, Kim