woensdag 4 juli 2012

2012: What is the Physiology of Helping the World by Saying "I love you", Richard Carlson?

"By saying, “I love you” to one person, you are, indirectly, helping the world at large." ~Richard Carlson

Here, Richard Carlson, an American psychotherapist, is giving his professional advice on how to practically 'help the world'.

Rather than suggesting that we should educate ourselves on how the human mind works, how the monetary system works, how the educational and all other systems that co-ordinate life on earth works so that we may exist in this world with a clear understanding of the consequences of our every action in order to prevent ourselves from fucking up the planet further and essentially give ourselves the opportunity to interact with reality not from a point of ignorance but rather from a point of common sense and insight, so that life on earth may florish - he is suggesting that we 'say "I love you" to one person' and thus 'help the world at large'.

Sure, he can't miss giving those that listen to him a nice feeling about themselves when they go out into their world saying "I love you" to people in their environment, as they now within themselves believe that they are 'helping the world at large' and 'doing a good deed', which would very probably validate and justify their 'Character' of 'being a loving person', though, considering that this man has a Ph.D in psychology and thus has the 'qualifications' and the 'power'/'status' and frankly the duty to properly educate humanity about reality, we should really ask ourselves the question of how saying "I love you" to one person will in fact help the world at large.

What he stated in this quote is words that aim to play into the positive feelings within human beings, to give humanity a reason/excuse to feel good about wanting to feel good, which is what we also get from television and magazines where, for mere commercial reasons, things like 'romance' and 'love' and other positive feelings are promoted and 'fed', which we then call 'entertainment' as what the media is feeding us has but the purpose of 'entertaining us', preoccupying us, distracting us and keeping us busy, I mean, we know this, it's why we watch a movie from time to time, to 'get away from' reality for a moment.

But, Richard Carlson is a psychotherapist, with a Ph.D, he's gone to university where he learned about how reality REALLY works and not the 'entertainment version' of it, so what is he doing professing/pushing 'love' like this? Is it that he has in some way seen the flow of money that follows the positive feelings of human beings, and decided that to support humanity in its understanding of how reality really works is inferior to the illusion of positive feelings such as love that are but consumerism-products, played very cunningly by corporations to get the human to buy whatever product they're selling? 

What one learns when one studies Psychology at University is that the human is a system, the human mind is a system within the human body, which is also a system - these systems work according to certain predictable, pre-set rules, neurological pathways, chemical responses of which the origins/source is able to be traced back to either a genetic hereditary code and/or an expression/experience that is copied from the environment. The whole point of the Study of Psychology is to map out and investigate just how the Human SYSTEM of the Mind as thoughts, feelings and emotions works, and thus not simply take thoughts, feelings and emotional experiences for granted as some divine experience created by the 'Hand of God'.

So, is Dr. Carlson in what he said here not spitting on science and the ability of the human to discern belief and faith from fact, by using his Ph.D/Credentials as a means of convincing human beings that they should trust him within these kind of one-liners that very obviously have no practical insight or educational value to them and that sound more like a line from a prayer or a spiritualized 'wishful thinking' than an actual real practical solution for 'helping the world'?

And if we for a moment assume that Dr. Carlson is 'right' in stating that saying "I love you" to one person will help the world at large, the most important part is missing, where he is supposed to enlighten us and support us to understand EXACTLY how we will within this in fact 'help the world'. What is the physiology of this predicament?  What does he mean with 'helping the world'? In what way does the world need help? What are the 'problems'/situations that need to be 'helped' and how will saying "I love you" to one person in fact 'help' these problems/situations? Because if we are not aware of why and how reality operates then aren't we simply acting on blind faith? And hasn't blind faith been proven to only cause death and destruction throughout time?

If we were to bring this to the attention of Dr. Carlson, would he then defend his stance with the 'freedom of speech and choice'? Would he say that it is not his duty to speak the 'truth' and educate humanity to understand how reality actually works and that he has the 'right' to use his title as 'psychotherapist' in whatever way he pleases? Because isn't that what our world has become, a society without real morals, values or principles that values money above all things and justifies the commercialization of all that we have been taught to trust when we were children? Are we even aware of how our perception of reality has been programmed to only see dollar signs, with the corporations in the global market-system taking over every little aspect of our lives and that we are now living within the destructive attitude of 'whatever makes us feel good' and have replaced all ability to apply common sense with Hollywood feelgood bullshit where we have become nothing more than the consumer of reality with ourselves as the 'star' in our own personal feelgood movie within our minds.

It is time that we come back down to earth and realize that we actually exist here on this planet and are in fact responsible for what happens here - and that it is especially those that have gone to college/university that are in a position to support humanity in understanding what exactly is going on here on this planet, instead of using their degree as something to be able to use against other humans in a personal search for glory.

Investigate how in an Equal Money System we can re-establish education to be something that actually supports humanity and earth instead of create more separation and lies.

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