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2014 When Love is Empty - How to Know when Love is Real

 2014 When Love is Empty - How to Know when Love is Real
 Transforming Love from Feeling to Reality in Real-Time

For a while now I am in a long distance relationship where I am communicating with my partner over Viber, which is this new communication application like Skype, only on Viber there is a larger database of pictures - called 'stickers' - to communicate with. When my partner and I were physically together, we never talked to each other in a way where we used the kind of pre-ordained 'lovey dovey' statements and expressions such as 'I love you' or 'you are my world' or 'I can't live without you' or other such expressions  that form part of  how relationships have been programmed in the unconscious mind of most of humanity, with the help of movies, magazines and books, and which are mostly referred to as 'romance' and 'love'.

We specifically did not express such things because we are both quite aware of the preprogrammed nature of such expressions - preprogrammed from the perspective that those specific words of 'I love you', 'you are my soul-mate' or 'I can't live without you' are not in fact expressions of who we are within ourselves - they come from outside sources such as media and other cultural and environmental influences where we have both come in contact with words, concepts and ideas such as 'romance' and 'love'. I mean, what I have found with myself in relation to expressing words like 'I love you' is that, within actually speaking the words, there is a part of myself that is very much aware that the words that I am speaking in that moment don't come from myself, they come from somewhere else and I am just kind of following the 'program'. So, I personally always refrained from expressing words such as 'love' towards the people in my world and reality because when I looked within myself in self-honesty, I could not find a reference point for those words - I could not find a real, genuine meaning for those words, so to me they were empty expressions that I felt would render me equally empty inside if I were to accept and allow myself to express them.

And I considered (and consider) myself to be very fortunate to have been able to create a relationship with another person within that awareness - where my partner and I were in agreement in relation to  both having an equal awareness within ourselves in relation to the word 'love' being a rather empty expression as how it has been lived, expressed, experienced and defined in the world currently and it therefore not doing justice to describing our appreciation for each other. So, we were doing perfectly fine never expressing any of the 'romantic'-type expressions that you would find portrayed in the common image and idea of how relationships are defined in this world - which can specifically be seen and referenced within movies and books -- and we never felt the need to.

But then once we started communicating via Viber something interesting developed - which is that, because of all those 'stickers' available to communicate with, a lot of which was in accordance with the preprogrammed conception of 'a relationship', where you had for instance lots of stickers involving couples kissing, stickers with hearts, stickers saying "I love you", etcetera - and because we didn't have the opportunity anymore to physically express our regard and appreciation for each other, through physically kissing, hugging and touching each other - we started using those stickers and we started using the word 'love' to somehow try to express what we felt we weren't able to express anymore because of the physical aspect being missing. This just kind of emerged and developed 'naturally' so it felt like it was just us expressing ourselves with each other - and,in itself obviously there isn't anything particularly 'wrong' with expressing ourselves in that way, we're just using the means and tools at our disposal to be able to express how we feel towards each other.

After a while however a specific experience emerged within myself. The warm and fuzzy feeling that I initially experienced within my communication and interaction with my partner that I had defined as our 'connection' and as 'love' seemed to be 'fading' and making place for this experience of emptiness and even a slight resistance in relation to our interactions - where, more and more I found myself trying to 'bring life into' our conversations and kind of forcing myself to bring back the memories of how I used to feel when I talked with him. And in my mind I kept on looking back on these memories and thinking 'why don't I feel that way anymore?', together with an experience of desire and a want to experience myself and my relationship and interactions with my partner again as how I experienced myself in those memories. I mean, I could not put my finger on it, because it wasn't really our communication in itself that had changed - it was just my experience within and of it that had changed and within that it looked like 'I just don't love him as much as I used to anymore'.

So then I was starting to believe that this is 'just how things are', that this is simply how relationships go where initially things start out with lots of experiences and feelings of excitement and 'love' because everything is still new and both partners are still getting to know each other - but after a while as you get to know each other more, the excitement 'wears off' and so the 'love' experience isn't as strong anymore. But then I realized that what I was experiencing was in fact energy - I was feeling disconnected and empty as an energetic emotional experience within myself -- which means that these experiences that emerged within me are not based on actual reality, but are existent within an alternate reality that I have created within my own mind through having participated in the act of thinking and reacting to those thoughts with emotions and feelings over a specific period of time. And that thus, what was happening was not so much that my 'love' for my partner was diminishing or disappearing in fact, but that in some way I have been separating and disconnecting myself from my partner and from who I am in relation to him through my participation in thoughts, feelings and emotional experiences in my own mind - which then eventually had lead up to the creation of an emotional experience of emptiness and disconnection, that I then interpreted in my mind as a 'loss of love'.

When I realized this, I then investigated how, where and when it is that I had been accepting and allowing myself to create a separation and disconnection within myself in my relationship with my partner -- and I found that it was the moment that we started using the word 'love' in our conversations, together with all the stickers of the little hearts and kisses and stuff. Upon looking within my memories, I could see how there were reactions occurring within myself each time my partner said that he loved me and each time he posted a sticker with an image of a couple kissing or hugging - and that I was starting to experience specific feelings in relation to those expressions of 'love' from my partner that I hadn't been experiencing towards him before . At that time, I didn't realize or see it - but what was busy happening in those moments was that my actual love and connection that I experienced within myself in relation to my partner, was slowly but surely being replaced by a FEELING of love and connection -- a feeling that was triggered and activated by and connected to specific words such as 'I Love You' and images like hearts and kisses.

I mean, my actual love for my partner as how it existed before those feelings emerged within me, was not a feeling in my mind but more like a deep understanding and appreciation within myself in relation to who my partner is and what my relationship with him is in my life - which is why I didn't need him to actually use the words 'I love you' for me to be able to understand what he means to me. I saw and understood who he is as a being and my love for him was based on that understanding. Whereas now, with this preprogrammed system of 'love' as defined within specific words, images and feeling experiences entering my mind - it was overlapping and suppressing the real love that was already there -- and so ended up creating an experience of disconnect, separation and emptiness.

That was essentially what I was doing with allowing the preprogrammed definition of 'love' in my mind to replace my real physical relationship with my partner - I was disconnecting and separating myself from the reality of my relationship and so creating an 'emptiness' within and as my internal experience of my relationship because that is what the preprogrammed system of 'love' essentially is, it is empty from the perspective that it is an already pre-ordained construct of specific words, images, feelings and emotions wherein there is no genuine individual expression of myself - it is in a way 'void of life'. It is a program in the mind that runs on energy so it will initially generate a lot of positive energy of excitement, but that will start to 'wear off' eventually as the nature of energy is that it burns up resources and eventually fades out - at which point the reality of the energy reveals itself within and as that 'inner emptiness' and the experience of disconnection and separation.

With just realizing, seeing and understanding that point, of how I had accepted and allowed myself to be duped by my own mind and had accepted and allowed my mind to suppress who I am as a being within and as physical reality in terms of my experience within and of my relationship with my partner, which opened up as I was talking about the experience with him - the 'mist' in my mind already cleared up a lot, meaning that the entire experience of emptiness and disconnection in relation to my partner released for a great part.

So, I realized and understood something quite valuable from this experience - which is that, if I accept and allow myself within and as my relationship with my partner to in any way be directed by pre-ordained expressions, ideas and experiences - for instance within reacting with specific feeling experiences to words like 'I love you' and to specific gestures, behaviors and words that I have copied within myself from having watched movies, read magazines and observed other people within their expressions in their relationships - without establishing for myself who I am in relation to these copied and integrated expressions -- then the consequences of me giving my expression away to a preprogrammed 'format' of expression as Feeling experiences inside of myself will be that eventually I will start experiencing a disconnection and separation from my partner and an emptiness within myself in relation to those expressions and in relation to my relationship and my 'love' for my partner. And that is because of the energetic patterns involved within this preprogrammed expression and experience of love. The pattern of which will initially take the energy into a 'high' as lots of excitement and 'warm and fuzzy' feelings, that would be defined as 'love' - and will then take the energy into a 'low' as the experience of disconnection, separation and emptiness, which will be defined and experienced as apparently having 'lost love'.

And that is unfortunately the pattern that most relationships in this world follow because most people, just like me, tend to accept and allow preprogrammed ideas and conceptions in their mind to decide for them how they will experience their relationship and express and experience themselves within the relationship - instead of being Self-Honest and investigating and exploring who they really are as a being and how they can align their relationship with their partner to stand as a platform of support for who they are as a being. And this is also the primary reason why many relationships don't tend to last that long - as a consequential outflow effect of accepting and allowing the word Love to play into Feelings and emotions in the mind, instead of Self being the Directive Force and Deciding Factor of what that word Love actually practically entails within and as the physical reality of the Relationship.

In my next blog on this process of Transforming the Word Love from a Consequential Pattern of Energy into a Stable Platform for Self-Expression and Self-Expansion within a Relationship - I will share the next Step to be walked, which is to walk a Process of Redefining the word 'Love' and within that, establish a stable internal understanding and integration of what the word Love would practically mean and stabilize our relationship to the word Love, so as to ensure that using this word within our relationship and our interaction and communication with our partner doesn't create any detrimental consequences and doesn't in any way end up sabotaging our relationship.

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