zaterdag 10 augustus 2013

3013 Miley Cyrus "We Can't Stop" Satanic Transformation is Our Creation??!

For those who are not familiar with Miley Cyrus, she's been compared with Britney Spears due to the similarities in the process they've walked from young Disney PopStar to 'rebelling' and 'going off the rails' by for instance making dramatic changes to their hair cut and making deliberately sexually provocative musicvideo's.

Especially with her latest music video of 'We can't Stop' coming out, there's been much discussions in many media and on many internet forums regarding her 'transformation, about 'why she did it', 'what is the reason for it', 'how she is feeling', 'is it good or bad', 'does she need help', etcetera etcetera --- I mean, just type in 'Miley Cyrus Transformation' and you'll come accross dozens of articles on the topic:

Then, there are all the blogs, vlogs and articles that criticize her for what she's implicitly teaching the youth watching her video's and listening to her music, as promiscuous behavior, consumerist attitude, glorifying decadence and rebellious and self-destructive behavior:

So, the point I would like to shine a light on in this blog is how there's so many a due about what happened with that 'sweet little Hannah Montana' to turn into this 'Twerk Queen', where it's like people are dramatizing the situation, turning it into their personal little soap Opera, just like they do with the lives of all celebrities. I mean that's how 'Papparazi' were invented, is to please the desire of humans to use the lives of others as an excuse to 'experience' things, to judge, to react, to form opinions and accordingly create and perpetuate the illusion that 'Life' is some kind of Movie Feature, enticing us to React with Emotions and Feelings and create a 'Big Deal' about just about everything.
Where, we actually start believing that this is really 'who she is' rather than what it really is, as our own fictions of our imagination that we've imposed on the image that we see with our eyes - because, we wanted to see this in the first place, we asked for all this 'drama' --- why else are we giving all these 'artists' so much attention and money if not because they somehow function as something that adds 'experience' to our lives? Where, it's not about 'who she is' - the 'artist' Miley Cyrus, is just a puppet, a product, held by the strings of our economic system that we control, as the 'consumers', dancing according to the whims and wishes of the Human Mind and all its hidden desires -- it's why they're called 'artists', as they simply master the art of playing the strings of the preprogrammed predictable Nature of the Human Mind, which makes them very wealthy people - after all, if it wasn't for this cunning ability, do you think that people like Miley Cyrus would get all that attention for the things she does with her life? I mean, obviously not, she'd be just another girl, just a person like the rest of us -- like there are so many people with suicidal thoughts, who've been through an abusive childhood, who've had to struggle and go through many traumatic experiences, so many people who live and die silently, without ever being noticed in any way by society.

Whatever we have to say about how Miley Cyrus lives her life, about who she is in the choices that she makes, about what kind of a personality she has, etcetera --- is actually a life and condition that we as consumers have pushed her as 'an artist' in. Where, she's simply learned to use her expression to exploit the predictable human responses as a system of survival. And so, the 'art' that we know in our world today, is not real Art, nor are the 'artists' real Artists that bring something of real Value to life on earth --- the 'art' that they practice is the art of survival, of making money, of using the preprogrammed human condition as the Human Mind as thoughts, feelings and emotions within an Economic System of Competition to their advantage - they are the biggest deceivers and have simply mastered the art of deception. Because Deception is what it takes to be successful in this world.

And then we have the arrogance to blame these 'Celebrities' for being 'Evil' because they're deceiving and exploiting and manipulating us - which, actually, is just another way in which we use those 'famous people' as an excuse for us to create a Drama and divert and channel our attention to something other than actual Reality as Life on Earth. Go check out the multitude of vlogs on Youtube about how artists such as Miley Cyrus are a Creation of the so-called 'Illuminati', who are supposedly trying to 'Mind Control' us and abuse us:
While, we seem to be forgetting who it is that is spending their money on the products that these people sell us in the first place. It's Us!! Because, I mean, Illuminati, Mind Control and Deception or not -- we are the Consumers who so very willfully allow ourselves to be deceived, manipulated, Mind Controlled and distracted and who are so eager to give away our power to the 'Elite'. It's what we've been doing all throughout Human History - always blaming 'those in power' and even 'God' or 'the Devil' for our messed up lives and world, while it's always been us that was looking for a 'savior', for a 'God', for 'something more' than ourselves and for someone to take this world and reality into their hands and be our Leader. And now it's 'the Illuminati' that's the apparent 'Evil Ones' - Please.

We've created so many excuses, so many scapegoats, to be able to convince ourselves that we are in no way responsible for what happens in our life and in this world. When, we are the majority, the consumer, the ones with the 'purchasing power', who, through our actions, decide where the money goes and so how our world is shaped. We have created the 'Elite', the 'Illuminati', the Celebrities and all those rich and famous people that we like to blame so much for apparently abusing us, through our own allowed gullibility -- because, how would it otherwise be possible for a Minority to rule and have power over the Majority, if not through consent of the majority?

And, in all these 'Exposing the Elite/Illuminati' youtube vlogs, they're accusing these Artists of using 'symbolism' and specific 'Codes' within their expression and the images in the Music-video's as a form of 'subliminal messaging' to practice 'Mind control' on the individual watching the video and listening to the music -- while, I mean, does it surprise us that this is going on? I mean, yeah, the human mind responds in a preprogrammed way to specific 'codes' and 'symbolisms', that's pretty much how the program works - there was this guy called Gustav Jung who did a lot of research in this, go check him out, it's like pretty well known and recognized in the psychology community. Everything about our society and the way we interact with each other and see and experience reality in and through our mind is Symbolism, do your Research.

So, obviously, if you want to become very wealthy in this world, you'd have to find a way to use and play into the subconscious symbolism programming of the Human Mind, so that you can control and direct the human without them even being aware of it. And that is just a consequence of the Economic System that we have allowed to exist here - where, this kind of deception and manipulation has become the accepted way of interacting with each other. It isn't just the so-called Illuminati or Elite doing it, we're all doing it to each other and so ourselves all of the time, consciously and/or subconsciously --- because we all need money to survive.

So, fact is that we've never taken responsibility for ourselves and now we don't want to see or realize the extent to which we've given up on ourselves and our capacity and potential to be Great as living beings here on planet Earth - and so we use Celebrities like Miley Cyrus to distract us from this fact in every possible way, where, it's us that is the abusers --- not Disney, not the Illuminati or the Music Industry, it's US.

Investigate Desteni, if you see what is going on here and are ready to take responsibility and stand up in this world and reality as a Really Great Living Being --- and to Create a world that is Best for the Majority, which is LIFE

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Cool exposé Kim, thanks! Time to get real, to get self honest.