woensdag 7 augustus 2013

2013 Man not Prosecuted for Animal Abuse after Blowing up Dog

(Watch the News Report below this Blog Post for context)

 So, here's this news report about a guy in Washington who blew up a dog, for personal entertainment purposes and was oddly enough not charged for animal cruelty and animal abuse. He was charged however for illegal possession of explosives. The reason why the court did not find anything 'animal abusive' about this case, was that the dog, as they stated, 'did not suffer' and so somehow there was no 'animal abuse/cruelty' going on - because, it would be 'cruel' to let the animal suffer before you kill it for no good reason.

It's fascinating now how human beings want to place a 'label' on this case and this man - many people are up in arms because this guy was not charged for 'animal abuse', that he was not labeled by the court as an 'animal abuser' and was not sentenced/prosecuted for 'animal abuse'. They're angry that the court did not accuse the guy for being 'an animal abuser', because now they don't have an excuse to channel all their personal pent up anger and frustrations about the abuse in this world towards this one guy. After all, that's what human beings are constantly looking for, a scape goat, someone to nail to the cross, a 'bad guy' to place all the blame on so we can avoid collective responsibility for all the shit that happens in our human society. No! It has to be the individual! There's just some individuals that are possessed by the Devil and they need to be locked away - the rest of us are Good, god-fearing creatures!!

And, I mean, while all the so called 'animal lovers' out there has got their panties in a knot about how we can or can't label/blame this guy, isn't it interesting that no one seems to notice that when it comes to what is actually best for society and the individual, this whole labeling/blaming/accusing/prosecuting thing is really irrelevant and only shows how humans care more about their ego as their 'right to feel angry and blame another' than about the reality of the situation and actually finding solutions for these such problems so that there will be no more 'dog-blowups', for instance.

Because, even if we could legally accuse this being for committing 'animal cruelty' and accordingly punish him with some time in jail and/or a fine, how would that change anything about the reason why this happened in the first place - why and how it is possible in the first place for a being in our society to get the sick thought in their mind that it might be fun to watch their dog blow up and to actually go and act out this thought in physical reality? The problem here is the mind of the individual, is how the mind of this person was able to develop itself into a very unhealthy organism that is a danger to the world and reality it resides in - and this my dear folks, is a collective problem that concerns all of us, one where we are each equally responsible for the acts that this one individual conducted.

I mean, the way we reacted to this News story with anger and blame and immediately wanting to point our finger at someone, but no real consideration of/for how this was able to happen in the first place - that alone reveals just how little regard and care we have for our fellow beings. How we will not take the time nor make the effort to investigate their life and specifically the events and environmental factors that contributed to the development of a specific mind-set within a being that would eventually motivate them to blow up another life-form.

The problem here is that WE don't care enough about reality and about our society, to educate ourselves about how the human mind develops for instance, and to understand how 'crime' and a 'criminal mind' can come into fruition. We don't Care, we just allow it, we let it happen as we hide behind our self-imposed ignorance - and then, when the tree of life as the individual that grew up in a rotten environment bears its rotten fruit, we use it as an opportunity to place all the responsibility of what is in fact a consequence of a collective problem unto one individual, the so-called 'criminal' --- so we can wash our hands clean of any form of accountability towards this reality.

What a neat little 'justice system' we have --- interesting, how, in the word 'justice', is already programmed our collective decision to never ask any questions or conduct any real investigation into reality so as to avoid facing our collective responsibility for the 'crimes' that rear their heads -- because it 'just-is' what we say it is. A 'murderer' is just a murderer and deserves to be locked away for good, and an 'animal abuser', is just an animal abuser and deserves to be punished in whatever way we see fit. We place our labels on people, so we can 'lock them up' in a box inside our mind where everything 'just-is' what we say it is as how we've labeled it, with the help of our 'just-is' system - so as to ensure that we will never do the necessary investigation and research to understand that all that exist in our world and reality is not at all so separate and 'boxed-up' as we like to believe that it is. We are in fact all connected in All ways and thus All responsible for All things in All ways. Quite the Reality nobody wants to see.

By the way, did I forget to mention that the reason why the court 'decided' to not charge this individual with 'animal cruelty' but to rather go with 'illegal possession of explosives', was because the latter would charge the guy with a higher bail-out, which means the state receives more Money - yeah, so that kind of proves how our entire 'just-is' system is in no way in the service of creating a healthy society, but rather all about making money.

So, if You are someone that really Cares about life, about this world and about this Reality. If you are really dedicated to stop Animal Cruelty - Investigate the Equal Life Foundation and the Desteni Organization, where we do not shy away from finding out how things really work -- because we realize that if we want this world to Change, Common Sense would be that we should Understand how it got this way in the first place. So, Join us!

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