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2013 Miley Cyrus and the Justification of Greed

This is a continuation from my previous blog about Miley Cyrus, "3013 Miley Cyrus "We Can't Stop" Satanic Transformation is Our Creation??!" wherein I shined a light on how we use Celebrities, within the stories that we create about them and how they live their lives, where they will be 'loved' by some and 'hated' by others, and where we all will have an opinion about them in one way or the other -- to in fact entertain ourselves and deliberately give away our power to this apparent 'influential'/'powerful'/'wealthy' individual, so as to divert the attention away from ourselves and our personal responsibility with regards to how we are literally creating everything that exist in this world - including the lives of these 'Celebrities' like Miley Cyrus.

Where, in this blog, to share a perspective on the new Trend that is now taking over our Media Landscape and occupying the minds of the 'Populous' - in the form of the Miley Phenomenon and her new 'transformation', which I have already taken on largly in the previous blog from the perspective of how this 'transformation' that is being obsessed over in the Media, actually has got nothing to do with 'Who' 'Miley Cyrus' is as an Individual but rather about who we are as the Consumers of the Drama that is being displayed in our magazines and Gossip-programs/television-shows and how we as human beings have allowed ourselves to become within and as ourselves, and what we accordingly allow to exist in our world and reality, within and as the lives of our 'Celebs' for instance.

In this article "Was Miley in on the joke? Cyrus calls her controversial VMAs performance a 'strategic hot mess' in new MTV documentary" - where Ms. Cyrus 'explains' her overall frowned-upon half-naked and highly suggestive performance at the MTV Video Music Award show in August, within the words:

'I was born to become who I am right now ... I'm at a point in my career where I can be exactly what I want to be, who I want to be.'

'I have this freedom to do whatever I want, because I'm starting as a new artist now,'

 'Every time I do anything, I want to remember, this is what separates me from everybody else.'

 'You're always going to make people talk, you might as well make them talk for two weeks, rather than two seconds.'

What is interesting within this, if one take into consideration how the human mind works, is how these statements that she made is basically Justifications and Explanations around the main point, which is her Performance, her actions and behavior as what she actually physically lived out within this reality, as that which can be seen by All. How the human mind works within this context is how we will use our Words to talk ourselves and others into believing that our actions were in some way 'just' or 'right', to make ourselves feel 'righteous' about whatever it is that we have done.

I mean, here in the case of Miley Cyrus and her Performance at the MTV Awards, she is now being confronted with much criticism from practically all sides around how her performance was not according to 'moral standards' and how, within that, she was/is not setting a proper example for the children around the world that she is standing as a role model for and thus not taking responsibility for her position as an Artist in this world with regards to the influence that she may have on young people's minds.

And so, just as what happens in every single human beings' mind when it is challenged within its Design/function/existence, she will have all these Statements at the ready, which is like a Wall of Words that she's built up around her Persona that serve to protect and Defend her idea of Righteousness (which is inherent to the Identity-System that exist in each and every single Human Being in this world in the exact same way) - like: "I have the right to do whatever I want, because of this or that reason", "this is how I was born", "this is why I do this or that", etcetera.

This is how we use Reasoning to be able to not actually look at and investigate our actions and thus take responsibility for our actions and who we are as a physical expression here in this world - and to thus, very neatly, brush off any criticism, remarks or comments that comes our way with regards to our expression/actions/behavior and just carry on with whatever it was that we are doing -- because, within ourselves, we don't actually want to see, realize or be confronted with the possibility that 'who we are' may be 'wrong', in terms of how this would mean that in some way or form a punishment will ensue, according to how we have all been programmed during childhood within and as the Punishment-Reward System.
This is though not to say that Miley Cyrus was in fact 'wrong' in what she did and how she acted/behaved nor that the Media and other People criticizing her on that behavior were 'right' - I am sharing this perspective here to expose, show and reveal exactly how it is that we as human beings have created and manifested ourselves within and as our Mind in such a way that we have perfected the ability to completely abdicate any form of personal responsibility towards our own actions and words in this World and Reality -- and how we will accordingly allow these Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, which is actually human beings that stand in a position of Great responsibility towards Humanity, to do exactly the same: Act and Behave in complete and utter Self-Interest, creating a backlash of Consequences that ripples throughout Humanity, and then Justify their actions in the name of 'Free Choice', as the apparent 'freedom' or 'right' to 'Choose' to be Greedy, Selfish, Ignorant, Self-Centered, Abusive, Misleading, Manipulative, Deceptive, etc..

And that is why and how, while we are criticizing, disapproving and condemning Miley's actions, behavior and expression - we aren't actually stopping or preventing it from playing out in any way what so ever --- which implies that we are in fact approving, honoring and applauding what she is doing. Because, what she stands for is our own self-interest, our own greed, ignorance and selfishness that we aren't willing to let go of and that we continue justifying through our words - in exactly the same way as what Miley is doing.

Where then, at the end of the day, the only principle that exists in our World and Reality, according to what we are accepting and allowing to exist, is Self-Interest at the expense of All and Everything that Exist. And where, it's our own words as Sentences that we speak that become the Wall around ourselves in which we have Sentenced ourselves to the Confinement of Ego, and don't even see the Reality around us anymore. I mean, did you know that there are many humans in this world who actually make the statement that the physical reality isn't real and that all that is real is what you create in your mind with your own thoughts and feelings?! That is the extent of how we have isolated ourselves within our Self-Interest, the extent to which we have lost any and all connection with this Real-Live Physical Existence, with each other, with the earth, with nature, with all that is real as all that is HERE, right in front of our very Eyes, every God Damn Day.

Investigate Solutions, Join Desteni - and Cure yourself from the Disease that is Self-Interest. Find your way back to Planet Earth and stand up as a Living Example as a Real Human That Cares for Life.

To be Continued...

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