donderdag 7 november 2013

2013 So you want to know the Truth about Adolf Hitler?

There's this documentary called "Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told!", which supposedly tells the 'true story' behind Nazism and the Second World War. I say 'supposedly' because, even though the writers and producers of this documentary have educated and documented themselves very well and make quite a mindbogglingly strong case against the knowledge and information, that in comparison is very limited and inadequate, that we learn in school about what went down during the Second World War, what Nazism and their persecution of the Jews was all about and who Adolf Hitler was as a person - it still remains a Story that someone is telling us based on 'facts' that someone is handing to us in documents, pictures and other material. Just like the history of our world that we have learnt and memorized during our school years, is also a 'supposed' history - because, it is some story that some people told us about what went on in some time, for some reason, along with all the supposed and apparent 'evidence'.

And so, because of the 'supposed' and 'apparent' nature of the stories about history - I will not be wasting my time on arguing for or against which version of history is correct and which one is incorrect, who is telling the truth and who has been lying all along. What I will address here however is the very underlying condition that exist within each one of us that would make it possible for all these 'supposed' truths in the form of Stories to infiltrate our minds to such an extent that we would put it on a pedestal within our mind as 'the ultimate truth', as 'our reality' - where, for instance, one would very easily be inclined to Believe the version of the truth as presented in this documentary because of all of the 'proof' that is being presented and then go into an experience of 'shock' or 'disbelief' with regards to considering how our trusted history books and thus also every history teacher and consequently the entire schooling system has been manipulating and deceiving us all along by telling us a false version of History.

Where then we will become some kind of advocate for 'the truth', the 'Real' Truth - set out to 'expose' the liars and tell the Real Story behind History to the Masses. Apparently so that everyone will know 'the truth'. Though - what we are not seeing or realizing, in all these emotional responses to this apparent 'exposing of the truth', is how again, it was not in fact ourselves who saw, realized and understood how this world functions and what is really going on behind the curtains of society and our world events - it is, like it was in school with our teachers, just people telling us a story About Reality where we in good faith place our trust in their integrity and honesty with regards to the story that they are telling us --- we Believe the story and then go and react emotionally towards it, within becoming angry with this or that character in the story, feeling sympathetic with this or that character, judging this character as good and that character as evil, etcetera - where the story then becomes a part of ourselves as how we experience ourselves in relation to our understanding and perception of the world and reality we exist in.

I mean, when you consider, as shown in the documentary, how human beings are capable of twisting, manipulating and altering the story of history and have nearly every person in their respective country of influence actually believe that story so completely that it becomes part of who they are and their entire society's way of living. Where, here, it doesn't even matter whether or not this is what actually happened - the point that I am making is that it is possible, that it is very possible that what we believe our history to be is completely false, that we have in fact been deceived and duped into believing in specific versions of 'the truth' about our own history, for the soul purpose of serving specific hidden agenda's of people that control the means and the media to hijack the minds of massive groups of human beings in such a way.

Because, if we have been deceived, duped and manipulated into trusting, believing and following specific preprogrammed knowledge and information in this way once - surely it is very likely to happen again. Meaning that, no matter what version of 'the truth' about History and Reality we are being told, as long as we do not take responsibility for and direct our tendency to believe, trust and follow another person's Story without actually investigating reality for ourselves and see what is Here Directly from within ourselves, we are in fact allowing ourselves to be Brainwashed. Where then, the concept of 'truth' isn't even really valid - when our perception and experience of what is 'truth' is based on the Stories that we choose to Believe in and not our own insight into reality that doesn't require another person to tell us about it.

And so, it is this condition that has been conditioned within ourselves, that is in fact the root of all lies and deception - the fact that we would allow ourselves to trust and have faith in what other people tell us rather than trusting our own investigation into the reality that is Here.

Why do I say that this Condition has been 'Conditioned' within ourselves? Because, it should have been the Schooling System and the Family System/Structure to teach us and support us to develop the skill of self-trust, the skill of Questioning and Investigating all things - of Respecting ourselves, being Honest with ourselves and taking Responsibility for ourselves and our reality. Instead, the Schooling and Family System Conditioned us to never question anything, and to always blindly follow, believe and trust anything and everything that we are being told by others - and thus helped manifest the current Human Condition of absolute Powerlessness towards what is busy happening in our world and reality due to a lack of real insight and understanding of how things really work.

And so, what happens - when we for instance watch documentaries such as "Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told!", and we feel shocked and angry that maybe everything we have ever been told by the ones that we trusted the most has been a Lie --- we go into Confusion, because now: Who or what is it that we can really trust? It has all been a lie, so what do we do now? And then all we are left with is a sense of powerlessness, anger and despair. All of which does not serve us in any way in our practical day to day living/existence in this physical reality. If anything, these emotions will prompt us into making decisions and doing things that cause us to marginalize and/or isolate ourselves from society and our environment and so sabotage ourselves from dealing with the reality that is Here in a real and practical way.

Because, as we are busy reacting emotionally to the Story that we were told and the apparent 'Injustice' of it all - we are missing out on the physical reality that is moving in every moment right here under our very noses, that has got nothing to do with the Stories that we believe around and about it -- and we lose track of what is actually Real, which is our every day physical reality and living, and Not the Stories and emotional experiences that we have attached to it within our mind.

Where thus, the responsibility for reshaping and restructuring our world to be and become a reality that is Best for all living beings - lies for a great deal within the schooling system, the teachers, and the parents --- to change their starting point from conditioning Children to blindly abdicate their power to trusting and believing in stories, towards supporting them to Developing Self-Trust and an Investigative and Explorative Inner Being that will enable them to direct their environment in ways that are based on Real Insight and Understanding of How Reality actually Functions and exists. So that we may become a living understanding of our own history, rather than having to be told who we are in relation to What our History is. So that, within this, History may become a practical tool as a point where we may actually learn from the mistakes that were made so as to design create ourselves according to what is Best for All Life on Earth.

Investigate the Equal Life Foundation that stand for an unconditional investigation of All things from the perspective of creating viable and sustainable solutions for our World -- And support a Living Income Guaranteed - to help establish an economic platform through which all may have access to proper education and Living Conditions.

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