woensdag 11 april 2012

The Greatest Scam of all time: Human Evolution

'Human Evolution' is that which subconsciously drives each one of us to continue 'surviving', to continue struggling away earning money and being positive, nice and friendly to our fellow human beings for the sake of building and maintaining relationships.

We all exist within this idea that 'life is going somewhere' and 'humanity is going somewhere special/important', therefore I have to do my best in this world to contribute to the 'superior gene-pool' of humanity to ensure the 'evolution of Mankind' - which is why we all adapt to the 'standards' and 'norms' that society sets for us in the shape of models and celebrities, why we all dress, act, talk and live our lives in pretty much the same way, because this way we can make sure that we and our family will survive in this world.

So why do we want to SURVIVE? Why is survival our most basic 'instinct' as that which we believe ourselves to be, that which seems so essential for us? The very act of 'surviving' implies that there is a struggle, an effort to be made, to be 'more than' just life here in this moment, to 'live on' into the future - though the reality is that we ARE simply HERE, we simply exist in this moment, as a 'bag of meat/flesh and bones', breathing, this is reality in its pure, actual form. So, then what is 'survival'? Where does it come from and why have we accepted the concept of 'survival', which in itself doesn't actually have anything to do with the physical reality of ourselves as a living, breathing body, to rule our life on earth?

What is interesting is that we will struggle, fight, worry about the future and endure many unpleasant emotional experiences of fear and worry to be able to simply survive, and that we will live out an entire life that was in a way already mapped out as we follow the examples of those that have gone before us, slaving away in and supporting a system that very obviously doesn't actually care about our lives, to then die of a heart attack from the stress build up, kill ourselves, or grow old suffering many pains that are the result of having battered our physical body throughout our life in order to survive. And yet we never seem to stop for a moment and ask ourselves the question of 'what is it all for?', 'why does it have to be this way?' and 'why is life such a struggle?', in fact we just accept this way of existing as 'who we are' and 'what reality is'.

And what keeps us motivated to continue living out our pre-planned life according to the rules of the economic system is this belief that 'it is going somewhere' and that the system is somehow evolving, going higher and getting better, to eventually reach some kind of pinnacle/goal that will in some way be great, wonderful and amazing and then our 'life's purpose' will apparently be fulfilled - even though nobody could tell you where it is exactly that we as humanity are going, or just how the goal we're about to reach will in fact be great, wonderful and amazing, just like we live out our own lives as if we will not some day just be old and worn out and will simply die, having to give up all that we've apparently been 'building up' throughout our lives here on earth.

We seem to be so memorized by the glitter and glamor of our 'progress' within technology and our ever expansive cortex, that are apparently showing us that we are in fact 'growing' and in some way 'evolving' because we're getting more clever, more intricate and complex and overall there's just more of everything and every one (I am only referring to human beings and what the human produces though - because strange but true, this human 'growth and expansion' and that of the planet itself is going in complete opposite directions of each other) on this planet than there used to be. Science is constantly finding out and revealing new explanations for how things function in this world and our society has apparently 'evolved' from the brutal and primitive 'dark ages' to our emancipated, (ideally) non-discriminatory society of today.

'Human Evolution' is used as an excuse to apparently prove that we're 'doing great' and to not question our current way of existing because apparently the human is in some way 'perfecting itself', turning into some kind of 'super-being'. The sudden rise and development of 'spiritual life-styles' and beings seeking enlightenment in some way or another also plays into this idea that this is the 'next step' in human evolution, wherein the human consciousness will 'take a leap' and 'raise its vibrational frequency', a 'shift' will occur and we will move into a new society, a new way of thinking, a new way of living and leave all of what we once were behind as it was 'of lower frequency'. This is all happening and beings are experiencing all of this from the starting point of accepting that whatever the human does and whatever is happening in our society, it is because we are 'evolving', thus 'becoming greater and better'.

So, why did I say in the title that Human Evolution is The Greatest Scam of all time? Have a look at what we base our idea and belief that humanity is evolving on, we base it on a feeling. We have a feeling within ourselves that is constantly telling us in the back of our mind that we have to keep fighting, we cannot give up the stress, worries, anxiety and emotional turmoil, we have to 'keep up appearances', we have to keep smiling, keep staying positive. But if you look closely at this feeling, you'll notice that this feeling is but a feeling that is not at all under-built with common sense, it doesn't say why or how, it's just that feeling. The problem here is that we have allowed ourselves to trust our feelings and not trust common sense, so we trust a feeling that is leading us blindly into living out some life of working (slaving) for a system until you drop dead without even knowing why exactly it has to be this way. We just FEEL like this is what we should be doing.

The fascinating thing is that if we for a moment ask ourselves the question of 'where is the human being really going?' and we look at what is really going on in this world - the reality debunks the feeling in a shocking way. We are destroying the earth and the animal kingdom and somehow we can believe that we are evolving. Our technology and scientific research may have become more complex, but at the same time the majority of the population is dumber than ever - kids are being slowed down in their development with bad nutrition and television and video-games that serve them bullshit stories and that only aim at entertaining the mind instead of supporting and educating it, ultimately creating a mind that is only fixated on entertainment instead of having the ability of working with reality in a respectful and responsible way to come up with solutions that will fix our problems in this world. Our supermarkets are packed with hundreds of various foods from all over the world and tuns of different kinds of processed foods, but at the same time there are millions of human beings that are starving to death. Can we honestly call this 'progress' or 'evolution'?

And isn't the reason why we have 'technological advancement' just a normal result of TIME, wherein it is obvious that whatever we create, will always go 'on top' of everything else that has already been created, wherein knowledge and information will be passed down from generation to generation so that the next generation uses the technology and products that is already here to make new products and technology with? Seriously, we all use electricity and home appliances everyday but we have no clue of where it comes from, how it has been created or how it works exactly - we just use it in the way that our parents and environment have taught us to use it.

And in terms of our society and 'social infrastructure' apparently having evolved, is it truly our minds that have evolved or is it that the way we think, feel and understand within and as our mind is shaped by what we learn from what our society teaches us? And the shape of our society at this moment is the result of revolutions, wars and conflict wherein certain traditions, laws and habits had to be re-assessed in order to 'keep the peace' between various groups within society/the world. Our minds though are still the same as they were so many ages ago, very gullible and easy to be programmed.

Investigate Desteni, where we are not afraid to question all that we have always taken for granted, within the realization that there is something not quite right about this 'human world' and we need to re-assess who we are here in this world.

It is clear that we cannot trust our feelings because 'Human Evolution' is obviously a lie, so it is imperative that we get to a clear understanding of who we really are so that we may stand as trustworthy beings that will bring about a world that is best for all life-forms.

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