vrijdag 30 september 2011

2011 Childhood - The IIllusion

Feeling inferior or powerless or 'less then' towards my parents is nothing but an illusion.

because when I was a child, I was their 'product', they birthed me, so therefore they were already stronger and more powerful and more 'integrated into this reality' then me, because I was a new being that still had to learn all the skills and I had to grow and become strong like my parents who were already 'adults', having already learned all the skills and grown strong over time that they existed here on earth long before I was born.

So, I was by natural physical design weak and powerless towards my parents, it was a physical given as I was in the newborn body of a child, I was weaker towards my parents in every single way, because I was completely new.

As I grew up, my parents started playing 'power games' with me, wherein they would punish me or yell at me or hit me or try to intimidate me in some way to show me that they are more powerful then me, because it was their objective to in this way make me FEEL 'powerless' and 'inferior' and 'weak' towards them, so that they could FEEL powerful. For example, in moments where they told me that I am dumb for not doing something the right way, or for not working hard enough in school, or when they referred to me as 'just' a kid,... (these are examples of emotional/verbal abuse because statements like this are made to make the child out to be 'not as good as the parent' and are made from the starting point of trying to 'bring the child down')

This whole 'feeling powerful' of a parent over a child is in fact completely absurd because they simply ARE more powerful than the child, in every way, as a natural physical given, but the mind is a funny thing as it creates illusions as energetic reactions within self created conflict as friction. So the parents will participate in energetic reactions within and as conflict/fighting towards the child within their desire to FEEL powerful over the child as the 'power game'. They don't seem to notice, realize or accept the physical reality as how things are simply designed wherein they as parents are by nature as a given fact already more powerful and stronger than the child, so there is no fight because within a fight between parent and child, the child will always naturally lose.

They just want to experience the FEELING of power as an energy within themselves, which is in denial of the physical state of things which is just the way things are, and no feeling is required. so they go and abuse the power that they already naturally have over the child to 'prove' their power over the child and to make the child FEEL powerless so that they could then FEEL powerful, because that's how the 'power game' works, for it is a game of energetic reactions based on belief systems.

The child is programmed to automatically participate within the energetic power games of the parents, so they will immediately copy the energetic reaction of the parent and as it was preporgrammed they will react to the reaction of the parent, by for example feeling powerless when the parent feels powerful.

The child will then want to fight back, in an attempt to 'get their power back' that apparently the parents have taken from them in the energetic power game, though herein the child is also already lost within the illusionary realm of the mind as energy because they don't realize that no matter how much they will try to fight and kick and scream towards the parent, the child will always lose, because it is simply a natural fact, a given, because the child is birthed by the parents so the parent naturally hold all the power.

This is in fact where the feeling of being weak and inferior and powerless comes from that made us humans into apathic beings that believe that we are not really capable of anything substantial, because we all allowed ourselves to be fooled by the mind by participating in this power game with our parents when we were kids, by fighting and resisting our parents not realizing that we were inevitably doomed to fail and lose, thus leaving us feeling like losers in a game that was 'rigged' from the beginning because we never realized and accepted the natural physical reality.

If we had actually realized and accepted the physical reality we would have seen that there exist no real fight/battle/struggle in the first place because it is naturally designed that our parents will always win.

Therefore it is important for all of us human beings to realize the physical reality, to start seeing and accepting what is real within common sense instead of playing these mindgames that are all a set up to make us believe and feel that we are weak and powerless because we believed it to be real by denying what is actually real as what is HERE as how reality is designed.

If you are ready to stop the illusion of yourself as the power game of the mind and write yourself to freedom, re birthing yourself as a new being that in fact takes responsibility for life and can start acting in a way that will support the establishment of a New system for a New World, then join Desteni I Process and investigate Equal Money.

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