zaterdag 24 september 2011

2011 The pity construct – or how helping turned this World into hell

The reason that pity exists, as that which makes us feel the desire within ourselves to ‘care for’ and ‘look after’ someone, indicates that ‘caring for’ and ‘looking after’ is a very conditional experience, because we don’t unconditionally care for all that exist, for existence, in every moment one and equal. We only care for those who are ‘helpless’/’powerless’/’weak’.

This implies that we will wait until beings are in fact in a helpless, powerless and weak position before we start caring about them, until we feel/experience a reaction inside ourselves of 'pity' and ‘notice’ them. Just look at all those people in Africa that we see on the news, that are skin over bones with a pleading/begging look in their eyes saying ‘please, help us!!!’, en then us ‘good citizens’ react immediately and think ‘oh how bad, we must raise money fast to help them because this cannot continue!’

But we never did anything to prevent this situation, we’ve only waited until it was too late. Why? Because we don’t actually really care about another, meaning – we don’t care about the consequences of our own actions in and onto the rest of the world. And so we only notice the shit that we’ve created when it is too late and when for example an entire continent is starving to death.

And then still we do not see that this is our creation because we are not aware of the principle of ‘cause and effect’ within everything we do within the realization that we exist in/on a round planet, wherein everything has an influence/impact on everything, something moves and the rest has to move with it ( so everything we do here, has an impact on the other side of the planet, and this influence has only been enhanced by the global network between countries as the ‘international trade’ and agreements), no, we will then feel ‘pity’, we will want to ‘help’, pinning them only further on/into the ‘hell’ they were already in because we don’t want to do anything about the cause of this problem, we do not want to stop ourselves within the creation and cause of the problem because that is ourselves, and that means that we actually seriously don’t give a shit about another living being.

The whole construct of a baby that looks completely helpless, powerless and weak, that triggers the reaction of pity within us that will then make us want to take care of the baby, plays perfectly into the fact that the human being is in reality a very selfish being, that does not naturally care for/about another, but that needs a certain motivation, like ‘pity’ as an energetic reaction to seeing a certain situation like a baby that is crying, a dog howling, a cat meowing or a human in Africa that is skin over bone with a stomach- and bowel infection, to apparently ‘care’.

If you are ready to start caring for real and to stand as the living ‘caretaker’ of all life equal and one, taking responsibility for your own actions and becoming aware of your own existence, then

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