zaterdag 10 september 2011

2011 Who will be the leaders of the new world ?

An unbecoming quality of the human being that lies at the root of the fucked up nature of our current world system wherein there exist no true mercy, no true compassion and no true love, is the desire for leadership. On the one hand we desire to be led and on the other hand we desire to lead, like a game of power. We give power, we take power.

This is however no true leadership. We cannot conceive what leadership truly means, because we’ve come to associate the word ‘leader’ and ‘leadership’ with ‘having’ power and we believe that he/she who is the leader, has all the power OVER the rest of us. So we in fact experience leadership as something we desire wherein we compete with others to obtain this 'desirable asset'. we experience leadership as a conflict, a struggle, because obviously we don’t want to feel overpowered by and inferior to another being. So because of our definition/experience of the word ‘leader/leadership’ we automatically don’t accept a leader, because then we would have to define ourselves as ‘the follower’, which is a word that we also experience from the perspective of this power game, wherein we believe that the ‘leader’ has power over the ‘follower’. So, because we actually desire to be led, we do follow, but behind their back we rebel and/or criticize, so that we can still in some way feel powerful within ourselves.

These words and the meaning/energetic experience of the words has been taught to us since childhood. We are taught that you are either one or the other, either a leader or a follower. As a child you are always pushed and forced into the position of ‘the follower’, where everyone looks down on you, seeing you as ‘just a kid’, because you do not yet have the physical or mental capacity to overpower others. And because adults see leadership only as having the ability to overpower others, they will not recognize you as even a real being in this reality, who has something to say and who deserves respect.

So from this experience in/of childhood, children will learn that ‘I only have something to say, and I am only a worthy being, when I can force others to listen to me, when I can overpower another’. And so, the leaders of the world are created, because the future leaders were also children brought up in the same system, based on the same word-definitions. They are thus not created from the principle of leading humanity to establish a system that will support all equally, but from the desire to be heard and feel powerful, according to our definition of what a leader is, which is ‘powerful’.

Though this desire to be powerful and experience oneself in a position of power doesn’t have anything to do with ‘the followers’, the ones who are actually listening to and following what the leader is saying. This desire is purely individualistic and selfish, only considering ‘MY experience’ within reality and not all beings equal and one.

So, therefore, the new leaders of the new world that WILL in fact lead humanity into establishing a system that considers all as one as equal, will be beings that stand AS this principle of oneness and equality as what is best for all. Beings that stand AS true leadership within themselves, not trying to reach or attain/obtain it as a form of power over other beings, not competing or playing mind/power games that only benefit the individual experience.

In order to even see/consider/realize that a leadership like this can exist, we will have to review our very definitions of the words ‘leaders’ and ‘leadership’.

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