vrijdag 30 mei 2008

2008 expression self forgiveness

i forgi vemyself for allowing myself to hold myself back in myself expression when around my mom or my boss out of fear that they might find it abnormal and they might not approve of it
i forgiv emyself for allwoingmsyelf to not realise that i am the only one not approving of something and finding something not normal
i forgive emyself for allowing myself to stick to 'rules of behaviour' and social codes and rules within my expression because that is what everyone does and that is what i ve always done
i forgiv emyself for allowingmyself to fear being a new born expression of me because i fear change because of fear of loss
i am not fear
i cannot lose myself
not within unconditional expression of me within every moment of breath as all as one as equal
whatever happens i am here
i am no system

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