maandag 6 februari 2012

The consequences of Conscious living

In these times where we are being confronted from many sides with what we human beings are doing to our planet through our system of consumerism, which is pollution to the point of no return, global warming, total disruption of ecosystems that are vital for maintaining the earth's 'balance' that makes life on earth for the human possible, intoxicating the very air we breathe and the water we drink by creating and disposing stuff during which we did not take earth into consideration as to how our endeavor in trying to build our 'glorious human empire' will practically affect our environment, etcetera... - there simultaneously arises an 'awareness' that we must start to 'think about nature' in the things we do, as an attempt to slow down the self-destruction path that we seem to be on at the moment.

when we look at society, we will firstly look at wealthy countries such as most European countries, Canada, Australia, etcetera..., we may notice that this 'awareness' to 'live consciously' and 'think about nature' isn't equally present in all human beings - there are those that go full force and only wear hemp clothing, eat organic, recycle everything, try not to use plastic at all, only shop in specialized 'Nature-shops', have solar panels on their roof, drive a hybrid car (depending on how much money they have) and cannot stop talking about how everybody should live like they do, then you have the ones who simply try to 'be a good citizen' so they do the recycling that their government suggested and think to themselves that 'if everyone lived like me and did their recycling there wouldn't be global warming, and then there are those who couldn't care less what happens to the planet or what anybody has to say about recycling, protecting nature or about 'being a good citizen'.

So, what we can clearly see is that even though it is obvious that a change is needed in the way that we 'communicate' with earth, as the actions that we take towards animal and plant life - there doesn't seem to be a general awareness within all human beings that this is what is needed. In fact only a very small percentage of humans actually live out this awareness of 'taking care of earth' as 'conscious living', and I am still only talking about the wealthy countries because in the countries where most of the population is quite poor and struggling to make a living, there is no 'awareness' of this 'necessity of conscious living' at all as they simply don't have the money to consider 'going green', to buy their products in health shops, get an electric car, have their house properly isolated or buy bio-degradable diapers for their children.

What is fascinating within this is that this very small percentage of humans that 'go green' and 'live consciously' have still not noticed that more than two thirds of the worlds population is not applying this lifestyle and consequently only perpetuating and adding to the global ecological crises that we face - and as the governments of the world aren't planning on giving every living being an unconditional income that would enable them to in fact apply the 'conscious living' for themselves as well, there is just no way that this entire 'going green' mentality is ever going to make any change in this world what so ever. It is plain to see, if one merely looks at reality as what is really going on in this world, that we're basically fucked and that 'conscious living' has not provided the answer/solution for anything at all.

So, obviously the question arises of 'why do these 'consciously living' beings in this world not realize that what they are doing is based on an illusion?', 'why have they not yet realized that this is not the solution, so they should stop what they're doing and find an actual solution?' - or is it that they don't really care about an actual solution for this world? - Is it that this entire 'conscious living' and 'going green' lifestyle is just that --a lifestyle like the latest 'style' in fashion that only serves the Image of Self, and not an actual real live expression sprung from the real awareness that if we do not start supporting earth, we will literally destroy everything here?

If human beings really cared about what happens to nature, to animals and to our fellow human beings, wouldn't we have already figured out that 'changing our lifestyle' is not the solution as these 'lifestyles' are still very much based on our capitalist, consumerist system that we exist in and that is in fact the cause for our disrespectful and abusive way of handling the earth we walk on? If any of us truly cared about earth, we would have stood up within the realization that the capitalist system must be stopped at all costs because it is nothing but an excuse for abuse - yet no one has truly stood up so far, we have all been much too willing to comply to bogus, fairytale solutions like 'going green' and 'conscious living' when, if we were to only take a moment to look at the practical effects, we would see that this is just us making ourselves believe that we are 'making a change' to make ourselves feel good about what we're doing - while what we're really doing is in fact deliberately ignoring the actual reality because the truth is that we don't truly care about this world, nature, animals and our fellow human beings. So, as long as we are able to, we'll just live out this life of pretense, which seems to be fairly easy as it gets supported by our environment as the capitalist system that we exist in.

Though, finally here are these human beings that had the guts to look themselves in the eyes, be honest with themselves and realize that we as humanity simply cannot continue living in this illusion anymore as the consequences are simply too grave. There just has to come a point where we stop and realize that things aren't magically going to fix themselves, as what we seem to secretly be hoping with our 'conscious living', 'going green' and even spirituality - we are going to have to face all that we have allowed to be created through our participation in all the systems that we were born into, that are all based on the capitalist monetary system of inequality, to eventually stop completely and start over with a system that is birthed from a real consideration of ourselves as living beings right here on earth - within the realization that the fact that we exist here on earth and in a way have the complete freedom to do with earth what we please, implies that we are responsible for all life on earth and that we therefore must take that responsibility, because if we don't - well, the results of that is what we face at this point in our 'human evolution'.

Investigate Equal Money, which is the only acceptable solution if we want to ever truly restore Earth's and our own dignity - The Equal Money System presents the real solution that considers changing the actual problem which is the entire monetary system in itself - wherein we will make sure that all human beings have an equal opportunity to live their life in dignity and self-respect and thus have the opportunity to respect Earth as the animal kingdom and nature so that we will eventually be able to truly live in a sustainable way here on Earth without abusing our position of power that we have taken on during our existence here on Earth and instead realize ourselves as the custodians of Earth instead of its Exploiters and Abusers.

Also check out Desteni where you will receive support in realizing who you really are as a self-responsible being that stands one and equal with all life on Earth.

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