woensdag 22 februari 2012

2012 A child that died from Leukemia enlightens us about Reality

In this interview "History of the Interdimensional Portal - Part 2", a child comes through that died from leukemia a few years ago at the time the portal opened and the process of stopping the mind started in Heaven.

Listening to this fascinating interview, I very much enjoyed the absolute clarity, sincerity and unconditional nature of the child's expression - which made the 'story' that he was sharing very unique and absolutely interesting.

Having lived a short life full of pain as he suffered from leukemia and died of it, he looks at certain questions about life that, when we have a look at it, are in fact very valid though they have always been brushed off by us 'adults' living in this world as 'childish questions' - such as "why have I come into this world only to be sick - then what is life/reality?". Being confronted with questions like this, we've managed to create all sorts of sugar-coated reasons and excuses to not in fact truly consider this question and ask it towards ourselves, by believing that for instance 'everything in life has a purpose' and 'God works in mysterious ways' that apparently serve to validate and justify the sheer horror that lots of beings go through while existing here on earth for example within experiencing sickness like leukemia.

Listening to him sharing his experience and his observations towards life, I was able to realize that we human beings would actually be quite able to stop all the various atrocities and pain in this reality if we would only look at this question in self-honesty instead of turning away from it by looking for a purpose and reason for the suffering of the world in 'God' and his apparent 'mysterious ways and reasons'. If we would only stop for a moment and look at what is really going on in reality, inside ourselves and inside the world that we exist in - and realize that this is simply not an acceptable way of existing, no matter what kind of 'special purpose or reason' that 'God' may or may not have for all of it.

I loved hearing his story about how he experienced the first moments after he died, what he did and what he saw, and then when he first met the portal - as this opened up a lot of common sense perspectives on reality for myself that I had not considered within my existence here.

As I am in the process of stopping my mind, slowly but surely I am starting to consider another being as myself, wherein I can place myself in their shoes to consider and see that for instance what this child is sharing with us, is not 'just a story', it is real as he is a real being just like me. I am able to understand, while listening to these interviews of beings that share their experience of themselves and heaven through the portal, that there is much about this reality that is not being considered by us human beings at all - there are beings that are suffering unimaginable pains simply because the rest of us isn't willing to realize ourselves as one and equal with them, to place ourselves in their shoes and see what we are actually allowing to exist in this reality.

This interview is definitely a revelation to hear - a child speaking of their experience within dying of leukemia and of how they saw/see the world.

The interview is available for free through Youtube - enjoy!:

The first and third interviews of 'History of the Interdimensional portal' can be found on the Eqafe Online Store:


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