donderdag 9 februari 2012

2012 What is 'Déjà-Vu'? - Investigating the Religion of Science

A 'Déjà-Vu' is that eery, uncanny feeling of 'almost being able to predict what is about to happen' within a situation - wherein one experiences oneself as if in a state of dreaming, where 'reality' seems to become somewhat strange yet at the same time more 'lucid'. Some Déjà-Vu's last for a second or two and are just a vague feeling of familiarity and others can be so clear and long-lasting that one is in fact able to predict what someone is going to say the second before they say it or what will happen the second before it happens - and almost all human beings experience this at one point or another in their life.

Science has tried to come up with an explanation, not wanting to leave anything to be claimed by 'spiritualists' and 'religious people' as apparently 'God's way of communicating with us' or 'a sign that there is 'more' to life than what can be scientifically proven' - so their research has come up with the theory that a Déjà-Vu is an 'anomaly' within the memory wherein our brain automatically constructs a way of interpreting/experiencing a situation based on a past experience, causing us to in fact in that moment exist in our memory, which then makes us experience this 'strange' sensation that 'I have been here before'.

Though, this 'scientific research' is not in fact based on genuine introspection and investigation into the actual inner workings of the mind - as what scientists basically do is look at reality, even their own minds/brains/inner workings, from a distance - poking and prodding around to get some kind of grip/control on 'who they are' and 'what life is', to in a way be able to feel safe and secure and to feel as though they have everything under control - which basically stems from an experience of fear within themselves, a fear of the unknown, fear of 'the unexplainable', fear of 'the great black void' within themselves that cannot be defined, which in essence is fear of death - as death is the one thing that human beings cannot possibly control and it scares the shit out of them.

So they try their best to make life/themselves as much 'under control' as possible through knowledge and information that they store in their minds in an attempt to cover up who they really are as the inner undefined/undefinable experience of self.

So really, how can we expect these 'scientists' that are basing their investigations on the fear of life/death as that which cannot be defined, that which simply 'is', to tell/show us what life is as what is actually real and what the truth is of this reality, while they themselves are in fact too afraid to even look at life, to look within themselves and investigate themselves within the realization that 'I am HERE - therefore I am LIFE'?

How can we honestly believe that we hold the 'answers to life' when these 'answers' in themselves are essentially based on knowledge and information as words that we have simply copied and cloned from our parents and all those that have gone before us - without ever even questioning these basic 'building-blocks' of our very understanding of this reality - therein merely basing all our so-called 'investigation' and 'research' on our 'belief' that what we learned/copied/cloned from our parents was 'the truth'? Therefore, when looking at science in this way - isn't science then not also a 'belief-system', a 'religion', wherein we place our 'good faith' in our parents, educational systems, books, teachers and previous generations as our 'Gods' that have presented us with the ways in which we should 'understand'/'see'/'interpret' reality?

So anyways, back to investigating the Déjà-Vu. Once one starts to investigate ones mind, and peel off the very layers of 'consciousness' through applying the practical tool of Self-forgiveness within self-Honesty, one starts to come to an actual real-live understanding/realization of what for instance the 'phenomenon' of Déjà-Vu really is, or any kind of 'illness'/disease of the mind - and this is accomplished through merely having the guts to look within self as the truth of ourselves that we have always been trying to hide within ourselves.

What a Déjà-Vu is within the context of ourselves as the mind as a pre-programmed, pre-designed program of predictable reactions is but the evidence that indeed we are a program, as an already pre-designed 'plan' that we are simply walking out, within the belief that we are 'unique' and 'special'. Yet, for those that have experienced the Déjà-Vu, you may notice that while the Déjà-Vu is happening, no matter how you react to it, it all seems to be part of it, even the thought of 'holy shit, I'm having a Déjà-Vu' - clearly showing/revealing to us that nothing of what we think, feel or experience within ourselves and about reality is in any way unique or special as it is all 'just happening to us' and 'just part of the program' and we're but 'watching it happen/unfold'. So then, when it has passed we just brush it off, saying 'wow, I just experienced a Déjà-Vu' and continue with our lives in complete ignorance of 'what just happened to us' as we are completely unaware of who we are.

At this point the human being is a system, it is not life/reality - and it is now walking out its pre-programmed path of reactive behavior wherein everything we experience just kind of 'happens to us', and we are in no way even aware of the fact that we are but a program, as we really believe that we are 'unique' and 'special', which is by the way also part of the program.

One should only look at this reality and the way that the human being has managed to fuck up earth, nature and the animal kingdom as that which is actually aware of itself as life - to realize the extent to which the human is not aware of what it is doing and who/what it is at all and consequently does not take any responsibility for its actions here in existence.

Though all hope is not lost for the human to realize itself as life, become aware of who it is and take responsibility for itself as existence - and to then direct existence within the principle of what is best for self as life/existence itself, instead of merely living out a program of destruction as what we are doing at this moment. Through walking a process of applying self-forgiveness within Self-Honesty, we are able to become aware of the system/program/robot that we have allowed ourselves to become and to stop ourselves as this program that is not life - to then birth ourselves as life as the actual reality.

Then we will not need scientists anymore to tell us what is real and who we are - as we will stand/exist as reality itself. So, investigate Desteni where you will receive support to start walking your process out of the program that is the mind and into life.

Also get to know about an Equal Money System - as our opportunity to consider that the capitalist system as the program of destruction that we are currently walking out in this reality, is not 'God' - and realize that change is possible!

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