dinsdag 14 februari 2012

2012 The Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift! - The Agreement Course!

Today is Valentine's Day! - Though let us use this day not to waste it on eating chocolates and fancy 'dinners at Tiffany's' that will only create indigestion by tomorrow or buying expensive jewelery, clothes or other luxury products for our partner that will only leave a feeling of regret down the line - regret that in spite of these 'Valentine's Days' that are supposed to boost up our relationships and 'love lives', we never can seem to 'get it right' and the feeling of 'missing something' within the relationship only keeps on growing.

Let's spend this Valentine's Day wisely for a change - with 'wisely' I mean that we have a look at what is really important in the relationship: a short day of excessive spendings and hightened feelings of 'love' and 'romance' that will eventually simply fade away having left nothing truly substantial to the relationship, or to have this day be the beginning of a journey of self-exploration wherein both me and my partner will grow and 'evolve' in fact in our relationship as living beings?

If you said "yes!" to the latter, then the 'DIP - Agreement Course' is for you!

This course is specifically designed to assist and support beings in their re-exploration and re-discovery of themselves within their relationship - and to support partners in a relationship in establishing effective communication (as this is such an important point for any relationship to work!).

This DIP - Agreement Course covers specifically the establishing of Self-change and Self-discovery, conflict resolution, communication skills, intimacy development, self-commitment, exploring masturbation and achieving sexual fulfillment - which has been designed by beings that have walked these points already for/as/with themselves and are now supporting others to walk the same process.

In a way the Agreement Course is in addition/expansion of the regular 'Desteni 'I' Process' Course, though it can definitely be walked in/as itself without doing the regular DIP course - as a point of assistance and support for ones relationship.

So, let's take Valentine's Day to another level and instead of wasting it on fleeting/fading commercialized concepts and products that don't really assist the relationship in the long run, actually take this opportunity today to truly invest in the relationship and make the commitment to make this work in the best way possible to establish a platform where both partners can express and explore themselves freely in mutual respect and understanding!

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