woensdag 8 februari 2012

2012 Do your Guide Still read the Newspapers?

As so many guides, angels and spiritual beings have given us messages of Hope, Light and Love through channels and psychics with regards to the year 2012 - and even 'mainstream' people like Oprah and Jim Carry start talking about 'the light', 'awareness' and 'eternal bliss' - I suppose it's about time, now that we are the year 2012, that we have a serious look at all these prophecies and predictions about what will/may/could happen in 2012.

The point that is for instance quite fascinating with regards to 'messages of Hope for 2012' is that simultaneously the earth is starting to fall apart extremely rapidly. Ecological and economical disasters are taking over life on earth - and more than ever has the internet as the global network of information confronted us with the lies and deceit that has been done by our governments and by the corporations that we have always trusted with our lives.

Many unpleasant truths about our reality are surfacing and being exposed through people like Michael Moore, David Icke, Michael Tsarion and Alex Jones. It's interesting that when we started getting to grips with just how much we have been destroying the earth and how severe the consequences of our existence here actually are - up comes the message of spirituality with 'the power of now' and 'mindfulness' - all these 'self-made Guru's' start popping out of the ground like mushrooms, telling us to look up towards the light, as there is where our true bliss, happiness, love and peace lies that we are searching for.

We are being offered 'an escape' if you will, a convenient 'way out' of the mess that we face at this point within our reality. And even though it seems as though we are at some sort of 'tipping point' in human 'spiritual evolution' where the human will apparently, according to many prophecies and messages of 'beings of light', go to a higher vibrational density/frequency and eventually 'dissolve into light as energy' - when we have a look at human behavior in terms of beliefs throughout history, we may notice that this 'belief in the light' and 'desire to follow the light' and 'desire to become one with/amalgamate with the light as God as all that is Good' has in fact always been here. We can see it in the artwork of humans, in their lifestyles and religions - humans have always desired to 'be of light', which basically means to want to occupy itself with all that is 'pretty', 'lovely', 'good', 'wonderful', 'magical', 'mysterious', 'shiny' and 'glamorous'.

Spirituality in all its aspects that we find in society today is in essence no different from for instance consumerism or any form of religion - as it is all founded and based on one singular desire, which is the desire of the human to 'possess the light', to experience 'the light' - and some do this through praying and others through meditating, chanting mantra's, playing or listening to music, shopping and spending lots of money, wearing new and clean clothes, having sex, dancing, eating, etcetera...
In fact every and any desire that the human has within anything that it does in this world within itself has got all to do with basically the desire to experience 'the light' as 'energy', as 'ecstasy', 'the divine' - always going and reaching 'higher', far away from this world and its apparent 'lower vibrational frequency'.

And if we have a look within common sense at our reality in relation with this desire that is apparently inherent within human beings - it seems to be evident that it is in fact this very desire to experience 'heaven' as some kind of energetic experience within self, that has caused us to not look at or notice what we are doing here on earth. So we were in fact creating a complete mess, by not paying any attention what so ever to what the consequences would be to our behavior here on earth, to our every action, as we have always been too busy looking for God 'up there', reaching for the light, hoping, waiting, attaining, longing, desiring. And now here we are, at the absolute breaking point of our existence where we are stuck in our own creation that is nothing but the result of ages of neglect of what is really here as earth, nature and the animals - and obviously, what do we do?

We do not take a moment to look around and consider that we may be responsible for what is happening on earth - we do not realize that earth has not always been Hell, as that just is what we humans have made of it through having allowed ourselves to be gullible and ignorant. Nope, what we do is turn towards the light even more resolute - blinding ourselves to the ultimate degree because we have gotten to the point that we simply cannot handle our own reality anymore - the chaos of this reality is driving us mad so we turn to meditation to numb us into silence and apparent 'peacefulness', believing ourselves to be 'one with everything', when how can that be as all we've done is silenced our minds instead of investigated reality and ourselves from the starting point of realizing that this 'chaos' that we experience inside of ourselves, as apparently due to 'the outside world', is our responsibility as what we have allowed to exist through our participation in the human reality of absolute unwillingness to take responsibility for earth, animals and nature and for each other as living beings.

Therefore, why do our 'guides' only offer 'a way out'? Why do our Angels, Guides and Spiritual Masters only tell us what we want to hear, which is to 'just follow the light and you won't have to look at your own creation, at earth' - instead of what we need to hear, which is to 'look at what you have created and take some responsibility, use your 'creative powers' as the living expression of yourself, stand up and create a heaven on earth for real as this is your responsibility as custodian of earth'?

As long as we desire for there to be angels, guides and masters and all other forms of 'magical beings/creatures' that give us lovely messages of hope, love, peace and happiness that we can seemingly lose ourselves in to for a moment escape what is actually really here - then there will be guides, angels and masters telling us exactly what we want to hear, because that is the world of consumerism as what we have created. In consumerism it is all about 'supply' and 'demand', wherein, as long as you have the money to pay for it - anything you 'demand', will be 'supplied', which is also why these guides, angels and masters have never done anything substantial to end poverty and starvation for instance, because they have always been just like us, which is only slaves to a capitalist system that doesn't actually really care about life.

So, don't be blind to what you read in the newspapers and what you see in the world - and realize that just because someone says it is OK to only look into the light and to not consider anything of this world, and just because it makes you feel good, doesn't mean it is the truth. Rather have a look within common sense at yourself and at the world - and consider that there is much that you don't know, much of this world and of yourself that exist and that you are unaware of, which is worth investigating instead of silenced through for instance meditation.

Investigate Desteni to receive support in being able to look at the world without turning a blind eye and to stand up to take responsibility for this existence as all that is here and to direct it to what is best for all life.

And support an Equal Money System as the practical solution for this world, one that considers all life and that does not support ignorance as what the human has always been living as.

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